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WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 07/15/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 07/15/2020
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 07/15/2020
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 07/15/2020

Open thank you for joining us..

Mississippi's covid numbers continue to grow, and so does the stress on the state's hospitals.

One thousand 99 people are in the hospital with a suspected or confirmed case of covid-19.

The number of people in icu and on ventilators has also increased to a new record level.

Yesterday, there were eight icu beds available in the golden triangle.

The mississippi state department of health reports one thousand 25 new cases today and 18 deaths.

In our area, lafayette county has 27 of those new cases.

Lee has 22, monroe 19, lowndes 16, tishomingo 14, and oktibbeha 12.

Wipe to gfx one of those new cases is the mayor of oxford..

Robyn tannehill made that announcement this afternoon during a live stream meeting of the board of aldermen.

The mayor says she has no symptoms and feels fine.

Tannehill is planning to isolate at home for the next 14 days.

The latest numbers are adding fuel to the face mask debate// just last week when governor tate reeves made face masks mandatory for 13 counties... and the mississippi state medical association says that's not enough... bobby martinez talks with a doctor from that organization who says the entire state should require face coverings.

He joins us live in the studio// joey, there is is a division between people on board wearing face masks and those who are not..

And dr. emily landrum says research has shown that masks do help prevent the spread of this disease... "masks do decrease the transmission."

Wearing one out in public is something dr. emily landrum is hoping will soon be mandatory for the entire state..

Sot - emily landrum - family medicine doctor - starkville "they are going to protect people getting it from others more than it's going to protect the wearer.

So if i have a mask on that is preventing me from spreading any potential coronavirus particles that i may have."

In recent days covid cases have continued to climb.

Wednesday the mississippi department of health reports 1,025 new cases along with 18 deaths..

And to landrum, just three simple tactics can help the numbers start to go down.

"doing masking for everyone, continuing the other things that we know.

The washing hands and keeping good social distancing practice those three things are going to be the biggest influences that can help decrease our numbers."

And for those who disagree with wearing a face mask..

Landrum is hoping they'll soon have a change of heart..

"i think that the biggest messages that there's no evidence to suggest that wearing a mask is harmful.

And we need to continue practicing those three tenants.

I really hope that as a society we can stick to that and come together and do it."

The mississippi state department of health website says social distancing is another way to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Vo off top masks won't be required in lowndes county, just yet.

As of right now, lowndes county does not require residents to wear a face covering when outside the columbus city limits// during this morning's meeting, supervisors voted to table the issue until the next board meeting.

Supervisors want to discuss whether they will require all businesses in the county or just county operated buildings to abide a mandate.

They say they also want their decision to work well with what the city of columbus is doing.

Right now, columbus requires anyone in public to wear a mask.

Supervisors next meet on august third.

Wipe to vo alabama governor kay ivey is ordering all alabamians to wear a mask in public.

The mandate begins tomorrow at 5 pm and will continue through july 31st.

Face coverings will be required when you are within six feet of people, outdoors with ten or more people, and in an indoor space open to the public.

The order does carry a five hundred dollar fine or jail time.

However, ivey says she is not asking law enforcement to seek out people wearing a mask.

Businesses are required to take reasonable steps to enforce the order.

State health officials report that 30 hospitals in the state have limited to no icu space.

Wipe to vo gfx beginning next week, you will have to wear a face covering when shopping at walmart.

The retailer made the announcement today.

The rule will also apply at sam's club stores.

Walmart will have what it calls "health ambassadors" near the entrance of its stores to remind shoppers of the requirement.

Stores will reportedly provide masks to shoppers who don't have one.

Late this afternoon, kroger announced it will require customers to wear masks next week.

In a post on twitter, the company said the policy will go into effect july 22nd.

The store's associates are already wearing masks.

Other national chains have mask mandates in place, including starbucks and best buy.

First look stinger first look summary: the dead of summer is here and that means today's meeting of the lowndes county board of supervisors draws a crowd inside and out.

Protesters once again gather outside the courthouse.

They have rallied every week since district 1 supervisor harry sanders made racist remarks to a local newspaper reporter.

Inside the board room, area residents, including some from sanders' district, were allowed to voice their concerns.

And they all had the same message// "harry sanders, your time is up, and it is time for you to go.

We need to unify columbus.

That cannot take place when you're sitting across the table from two african american who you despise."

"it just puts such a negative light on our community, and it's a shame.

It's a shame."

One after the other, lowndes county residents approached the podium in wednesday's meeting.

One voice belongs to retired school teacher rebecca bailey.

"his racist attitude, it's gone too far.

It's gone too far in division and that's not what we need in columbus."

Bailey lives in the district 1.

She says the comments will no doubt have an affect on the local school district.

"in caledonia school district, they've recieved and "a" rating.

They've worked hard.

We're going to have people, i really believe, that won't want to live in district 1."

Other residents expressed their concerns with the economic and social impact of sanders' comments.

"economically and socially, his words hurt our county.

What more important is what he believes is wrong.

You've got right and wrong in this world, and what he believes is wrong."

Unity was also a concern and a common word used among those in attendance today.

"it's important for us to work as one because no matter what, we are one community."

Each person ended their speach, with a direct message to sanders.

"as long as you are here, you are like a cancer.

It doesn't matter if you're board president or you just slide across the table, the cancer needs to be removed."

"he's not a board member to do what's best for harry sanders.

He's a board member to do what's best for lowndes county.

Him staying on the board at making such inflamatory and racist comments does nothing but hurt lowndes county."

Supervisors jeff smith and leroy brooks both abstained from voting on all other county business today.

Reporting in columbus, cash matlock, wcbi news.

Top gfx vo off top the commission that will choose the design of mississippi's next flag is shaping up..

Governor tate reeves, lt.

Governor delbert hosemann, and house speaker phillip gunn are allowed to select three representatives each.

Gunn chose oxford mayor robyn tannehill, mississippi gulf coast community college president dr. mary graham, and tj taylor from gunn's staff.

Hosemann tapped former mississippi supreme court justice reuben anderson, vicksburg attorney j.

Mack varner, and former teacher sherri carr bevis to serve on the commission.

Reeves has not announced his selections..

Submissions will be taken until august 13th for the flag design.

The commission will choose the design and must submit its recommendation no later than september 14th to lawmakers and to reeves.

"in god we trust" must be on the flag and it cannot include the confederate battle flag.

Voters will give an up or down vote on the design in november.

Stinger "two area sheriff's speak out about prison reform legislation.

We'll have that story coming up on wcbi news" a pair of bills that supporters say could have reduced overcrowding in state prisons is vetoed by governor tate reeves.

Allie martin has reaction from two local sheriffs who say the prison reform bills catered to the offenders and did not have input from law enforcement or crime victims. while the proposals were championed by prison reform advocates, the legislation was strongly opposed by sheriffs and police chiefs statewide, who said it did not adequately address the public's safety, or victims' rights.

"it's a sad thing when you have somebody who has proven, their past record is they don't want to do right, the serve time for a violent crime, they get out , you hope they reform, but they don't and you got to go look at a family member and try and explain how they got out early."

Chickasaw county sheriff james meyers says he has experienced that situation more times than he would like to remember.

It is one of many reasons the sheriff was opposed to recent legislation senate bill 2123 would have allowed people convicted of nonviolent offenses to become eligible for parole when they served 25 percent of their sentence.

Inmates convicted of most violent offenses would be eligible for parole when they served fifty percent of their sentence.

House bill 658 would have allowed up to three felony convictions to be expunged for some nonviolent crimes.

Sheriff meyers believes true prison reform must include sentences that actually punish repeat offenders.

"somebody gets a ten year, or fifteen, twenty year sentence, that's not necessarily what that means, they go down to doc, calculate their time, i've seen ten year sentences where folks get out in eighteen months."

Lee county sheriff jim johnson said criminal justice reform from two years ago was responsible for the early release of gary scott mcdonald.

He is in the lee county jail, charged in the baldwyn murder of coner noel kyle.

Sheriff johnson says mcdonald , a repeat offender with multiple felony convictions, could have seen early release under the proposed legislation.

"this murder he committed, if the 2123 had have passed, it would fell under the limelight, of this individual being convicted and possibly having opportunity to be out after serving fifty percent of his time, that is totally unacceptable, what is this saying to this young lady's family, the community, the community was terrorized for over a week."

Prison reform advocates promise they will be back next legislative session.

Both sheriff johnson and sheriff meyers say they hope law enforcement has a seat at the table.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news sheriff meyers said each criminal case should be looked at on an individual basis, with first time offenders having more opportunities for alternative sentences and other methods of rehabilitation.

Stinger wx open summary: unsettled weather will remain in place through tuesday night with scattered rain and storm chances.

A cold front will sweep out the rain and humidity by mid morning wednesday leaving us with sunny and warm weather for the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.

Monday night: areas of showers will continue but gradually diminish in size and scope.

The threat of an isolated tornado should gradually end during the evening hours but we'll just have to monitor radar trends.

Look for a mild night with lows in the mid 70s.

Breezy se winds between 10 and 25 mph.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy with showers lingering first thing in the day.

A mix of sun and clouds is expected to develop as time goes on but that could lead to a few more showers or storms. highs are going to push 90?

With higher heat indices at times.

Winds ssw 10-20 mph.

Tuesday night: a cold front may spark a line of showers and storms after midnight.

While we can't rule out a few isolated strong storms most spots will not experience anything too rough.

Lows will be in the low to mid 70s.

Wednesday: any rain chance should move east by mid morning allowing sunnier and less humid conditions to build in on the heels of westerly winds.

Highs top out in the mid 80s.

Wednesday night: clear and refreshing.

Lows in the low 60s.

Thursday-monday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy, warm, and dry.

Highs in the upper 80s to around 90 with overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 60s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app summary: the dead of summer is here and that means more heat and humidity for use to endure.

Highs each day into next week will be in the mid 90s with heat indices as high as 110.

Spotty storms will remain possible each day so hope for a short lived cool down if one can stinger alabama week continues on the high school football tour.

More on pickens county open alabama week continues as we take a look at pickens county.

The tornados had another impressive season finishing 11- 3 but falling short of winning that gold trophy.

Now, the tornados enter the season in hopes of getting over the hump.

Pickens county is stop number 24 on the tour.

The pickens county tornados enter the 2020 season looking to continue causing a stir!

The tornados are coming off back to back state semi final appearances and are hungry for more.

Head coach michael williams is eager to do so with a new group.

"as a coach, this is the year that you go into it and have to do a lot more coaching and teaching than you had to do the last couple years.

For me, it's exciting!"

"those guys left a legacy to just keep it going and try to pull it out this year."

The tornados will try to fill the shoes left behind by quarterback aljaron edwards, wide receiver tadarien mcintosh and alabama crimson tide lineman jah-marien latham.

Players the team knows they can't replace but look to build on what they started.

"they understand what we have to do to be better.

You can't replace a jah-marien latham.

You have to be able to get a couple of guys to do what he did and make them understand that what we're doing now is going to be a bit different than what we did the past couple years."

"they alwasy tried to keep it real.

They gave it all they got in everything they do and never gave up, so we just got to keep doing what they do."

A couple players who will play a big part in pickens county success are senior linebacker and returning tackles leader kj byrd and junior quarterback javion belle.

"we're very excited about the things javion can do on the field.

It's just about puttin him in the position to be successful and put some players around him that understand the game.

Be able to exploit his skills a little more than we did last year."

"they don't know what we have because they used to seeing the same people every year.

They sleeping on us, but we will wake them up like always."

As the tornados look to not only continue their winning ways, but to get over the hump, they're aware that it's going to take more hard work and dedication than ever!

"i don't want people to get complacent and think that's just the norm.

Pickens county, we got a lot to be proud of what we done the last 4 years.

This year it's all about building on what those guys did, what we done collectively as a group, and just try to get over that hump and actually bring a championship back to pickens county."

"we got to finish.

We always make it far, but we don't finish.

Just running at practice, running through the lines and finish every rep at practice and help us go over that leap."

With pickens county on the high school football tour.

Chris bolton wcbi sports.

Here's a look at the upcoming stops for any stops that you may have missed along the way you can always check out our website,

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