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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 21, 2020 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 21, 2020 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - July 21, 2020 (Part 2)

Music promoters are increasingly turning to drive-in concerts to entertain audiences during the pandemic.

And Ford is bringing back its popular Bronco model.

Concerts, tours, and music festivals around the world have been called off over fears of spreading the coronavirus.

Now, music promoters and venues are experimenting with ánewá ways to provide live entertainment, in a socially- distanced way.

As mark strassmann shows us, you don't even have to leave your car.

:26- :32 andrew mcmahon / singer- songwriter 1:00-1:04 tom see /president, live nation venues 1:26-1:29 jordan harding /gm, city national grove of anaheim we're calling that the "honk"-or it may be the only way live music has an encore in covid- america.

Mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta.

Alright you guys gonna gonna crank up your stereos a little bit?

We wanna get loud out there now?!

Singer-songwriter andrew mcmahon had never seen a concert like the one he headlined last weekend in anaheim, california.

Where are you now... this sold-out, drive-in show was his first live performance in months - since covid-19 took center-stage.

I think looking out at this sea of cars, you know, rather than a bunch of people crammed in tight is a -- is a new visual.

You know, i was laughing that when people got excited during the show // there were horns honking and stuff& quick nats of horns honking i think people are missing being in a space and feeling connected.

Socially-distanced entertainment.

It's one solution for an industry hit by the virus and fighting to survive.

Music the world's biggest promoter of live events is live nation.

Its opening drive-in series last weekend featured country music star brad paisley.

Live nation's head of venues told us the 'new normal' of concerts could one day include rapid testing of fans.

That would be ideal because then i think individuals would be- you know feel safer and feel like they would enjoy the experience knowing the entirety of the venue was tested.

Statues at the gate... at mcmahon's three-night show outside the city national grove in anaheim, each car had an assigned parking space.

Off to one side: a tailgate zone.

Outside that zone, everyone wore face masks.

At the bathroom there was a temperature check.

Jordan harding is the venue's general manager.

We've done the best we can but we acknowledge there is some risk involved.

To minimize that risk, fans could use a mobile app to order food, drinks, and merch - all delivered right to their parking spot.

We literally parked our car and we have our blocked off space so i feel pretty safe.

"we wouldn't go t a concert indoors right now, so this is perfect."

Like rock music, fans have to prove they can adapt.

We're calling that the "honk"-or it may be the only way live music has an encore in covid- america.

Mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta.

If you want to go for a drive, you may consider the newest vehicle from ford.

It's actually a blast from the past.

The bronco is back for 20-21.

Back in 19-65 it was the first truck to be dubbed a "spor utility vehicle."

But its comeback almost ádidn'tá happen.

Kris van cleave has that story.

Ford material the ford bronco rides again& cbs shot a moment robert parker has been waiting 24 years to see.

He's owned 12 broncos so far&and can't wait to park a 2021 model next to the classic 1972 he's restoring rp : when i think about bronco i think about-- you know, my bucket list, things i've always wanted to do, places i've always wanted to see ford handout the bronco a totally new concept in transportation when ford introduced the 1966 bronco it was unlike anything on the road or off it& the bronco is a roadster wide open, all fun and adventure & its original code name-goat--go over any terrian.

And bronco was the first vehicle dubbed an suv.

Library of congress handout video it's inspiration traces to world war two and the ford built "general purpose or g-p.

Jeeps designed to go wherever troops needed to& ford hanout when coming in for a landing bronco can take it.

Over its 31 year production run, through five "generations, ford sold 1.1 million&broncos cbs and loc photo including pope john paul the second's pope mobile&during his 1979 visit to the u-s and the truck drove right into pop culture.

Speeding through 1200 movies&.

Hudson moore/ "bronco" clip- hour web use/no excerpting "rollin in my bronco" re hot chili peppers' "by the way kelly clarkson's "my life woul suck without you" colbie caillat "bubbly and rollin' into more than 200 songs& but the bronco is perhaps best known for this imfamous 1994 slow speed chase across southern california.

Murder suspect oj simpson hiding in the back of a white ford bronco as police pursued and an estimated 95 million watched it live.

Ford handout but by 1996 the hulking 2-door suv was falling out favor as folks wanted four doors.

Handout photo from grueber production ended just as mark grueber was starting at ford cbs shot mg: this is what i would think about every day when i wake up and every night when i go to bed that, you know, how are we going to bring the bronco back?

"photograph bria widdis for bloomberg businessweek" he wasn't alone.

A group of ford employees around the world known as the bronco underground worked on their own time for more than twenty years to get ford to saddle up mg: our management would sometimes even tell us you know, hey, we've heard that before, don't even say the b word anymore.

They came close three times&only to see the idea sent to the stables.

Mg: that's not where the market's going.

We're not going to do a bronco.

So stop talking about the bronco.

áá ford handout they didn't...and three years ago...a public change of heart.

"i'm pleased t announce we're bringing back the bronco!

And work started on bringing back not just the iconic two-door bronco, but a bigger four door, and a smaller suv called the bronco sport.

We were the first allowed to take a ride--with some adult supervision from ford rolling in the new 2021 bronco has a lot of the same feel as a classic bronco, you can take the doors off, you can take the roof off, part of the roof off and of course its designed to drive over or through just about anything kvc: do you feel pressure not to screw this up?

Dp: it's always on my mind about don't screw it up// getting it right falls to dave pericak , ford's director of icons ford handout every millimeter of this car has been fought over.

Every feature has been discussed a million times// cbs shot the report card is gonna be there every day when people are using it.

Driving it.

Ford handout and they're going to let us know because they love the car.

Cbs shot & hudson moore music-- 48 hour web access it won't be in dealerships until the spring, but robert parker is already making room in the driveway.

For cbs this morning saturday, kris van cleave washington.

We'll be right back to wrap things th that and more on the next midmorning.

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