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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Lee and Hayley Show Fri. 7-24-20

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Lee and Hayley Show Fri. 7-24-20
Lee and Hayley Show Fri. 7-24-20
The Lee and Hayley Show live at 4pm on ABC 36

C1 3 lee cruse >> welcome to the lee and ailey show brought by the kentucky lottery lee cruise along with haley harmon ... and will ... always try ... to ... our ... is michelle l my ... sweet poverty no cooking out here in lexington.

Carol shea available ron ... aquino ... had no idea what this fascination was ... i get it now ... you'll see my transformation ... in the in the piece, but i teaming rock the right eye that i never did that before and i just do what why would anybody do it when you are on some heat and have a cookie ... which is better than the raw cookie dough or the cooking eas to ... cook ... under the home and ... having anybody ... under bank logo in the middle is really getting it ... scraped this is really an out ... like the little test will ... try and ... three or four what happened when he knowingly your your killing us all ... you had ... can you see what you've done ... okay i'll sing of something one of my favorite ... this is from ... my 19 ... 91 my 1921 ... album here we go ... she is on the thank you thank you for is huge and vaudeville that my loved ... well where we i know your time and my cookies are ... still under yes ... : would you rather have that or fried bologna ... that includes ... all day long ... you want to ... benji ... in 20 ... talking ... salty normally salty and not ... get back and forth sleep thoughtlessly ... healthy active ... i do like do the combo the students on the mix ... i'm always assaulting a ..

I contacted in ... the other day i'm going to try what was it ... you have any favorite thing in the world is popcorn ... extremely better for me the advantage of her day is tick- tock going away i hear that i'll be glad when it ... by rigid and by ... tired here about tick-tock ... we can't live life less is done through a tick ... tock video anyway so what happened on the she was ... what's wrong with you is popcor like orval redenbacher ... and the really battery went and while it ... down there ... and ... or reese's pieces in the bottom of the bowl ... of popcorn on ... that accident now chop it a little bit ... so then when you're eating it ... it melts the candy coating of a imminent ... it appeared in ... the ... what do you in ... the ... all my love ... i just did move his ... for the m&ms and the thing just shy, and mel nelson and they just taste good together ... how we make in the ways the first five minutes ... the deck on movie sit next to me ... driving me insane why why does this gotta make all his, ... kitchen did he bring over here to concoct some gourmet meal can't you just enjoy the movie pensacola people is set next to ... your chair is ... many of the guy who like hear someone opening a candy bar wrapper and is likely to share exactly right ... the paint box and just sit there $50 and well anytime if you want a special screening with the imax or something like that are the xd you got me an extra ticket at the premium tickets we already $30 and the c1 3 not a man out on the street thi is a home is gone leaving the home ... in any way and then and then you by your pop ... corn or whatever that's going to cost $12 you ... write ... here's something related ... we okay the good news i'm just okay ... i got it just made them he is going to ... lenny ... is pop pop to become more ... now i was here's a anyway and now they got a negligible ... in the rank is what is that you back another $10 ... right ... way or the one ... you can't have a person to set up in my pocket it's his bag with you as if is to in your now what you'd understand mike's resumption to a guy was doing all is and now look over ... good lord is got a colostomy bag ... and ... casey my hair ... and we 11 and when i went to th trinity ... about honestly ... now on ... neil and well by ... where ... went ... to japan ... on the underwear ... now so silerville in the middle of the game and a little out coming out is into his note ... glass kaylee ... what ... an anatomical date for this ... i ... don't google veiny pack flask ... i found an array of ... drink ... is female friday we get to ... thank you ... for your affirmation today ... is actually ... female today ... are all in agreement ... break out the fanny and celebrate ... their already ... paid for trying to get as many as 95 child played ... i will surprise no one well i figured it out and allows the rule is broadway i didn't useful to hold the script ... so ... you have a twisted ... in the top of's through the but anyway you that way the home to bob here someplace and having a reach over and as late as nine ... that you bring some intelligible ... what he told me ... dear tanya ... i should have but i didn't know not only do not share it then when my turn was to begin you would be yelling the entire tim may agree with me correct our viewership bonhomie i will ... these people know what they're c1 3 the ... will you leave your post about ... and something to it is the worst ... short weeks coming up ... is the ... worst night watchman we ... right ...again ... talking a lot ... back ... .

During your ... the future i will be more ... considerate ... what ... the ... sure ... structurally ... right yet it looks ... tickets leaking right now actually ... will ... got issues ... that deftly doesn't seem to be working ... flawlessly well ... cool i'm being sarcastic oh ... begins working perfectly ... yes but the bad ziploc spokes close so good ... identify those ... who bought these was a figure it out don't know where you got that ... kelsey is electing ... to and now a 21 ... when you ... probably ... in for ... i we are often extreme and played again about ... making our members pop in again ... will do a guitar we have to have some real classic ... punishment over the loop ... well ... jail where he was go do that ... and present of ... your ... you guys are doing great by the way so many of you have already sent it ... teachers of your ... ads for our dog days of summer competition with kicking off ... x week here on the show ... that certificate, in case you missed it next week were awarding gift cards to ... 1910s ... lexington suicidal pastor peopl are pictures of ... i correct in my head all the time ... we will fix the winners so send in the most adorable photo you have of your ... talent is what you've been up t this over with those guys ... got a potbelly pig in the competition as well i saw the ... guy yarn on ... .com ... my very ... i was downhearted ... any time that i ... voicing ... world ... from view and wilder and when ... so much pictures ... picture over time ... that ... is what it away ... there is ... c1 3 ... and and the great available dog ... love ... again i'm in a ... any further ... when they just want to say we d we do a ... you are ... today at one ... line shall allow in hamburg and delicious salad that we someone audit i just ... hate let's go to quick her the door ... we ... watching ... really i ... had a ... the maybe ... a big but we rent a place in today ... in some case saluted me ... like five or six okay nobody ... like ... a ... do ... i made adopted ... currently we did that we ... as well ... first friend light ... like going ... in the ... national ... day ... in the herald story ... is ... our ... cousins on the shower as me but this ... when you participate in gorgeous grandmother and just ... said she did ... now you didn't rigid ... i'll remember bridget as take any pictures of the region ... in ... the picture for this is our producer bridget ... all ... you ... can ... get down all bridget ... angel i know the status of his ... blake in the blanks ... now you claim ... blake and another way ... 19 and the doctor ... very nearly nearly ... i mean is unlike is ... the last one hmo is that ... is a clinical really like you d not ... okay ... like about you but i lock it earlier to noah's office ... to whatever script and ... there's this on a screen in ... plaza created for my cousin like you pictures of him ... yesterday in the middle i would like i'm that ... for christmas one year i had always pictures of them on my computer that taking my camera and then i thought ... i would just re-create the lord of the rings poster ... like and how blake of the blakes ... blake ship ... blake and ... i just put his face over every ... day i printed it ups on a big poster frame and got it ... framed ... nice for him ... and then yes ... you're drinking back off ... brands that lock ... i had a picture of me and him both doing ... well, you okay denied the last 45 second ... as they watch this ... that noah is when it life ... monty the is realized and it life but i put on television i had done ... right now when we come back kaylee and i hit the road on he way to know me know ... right here in lexington state c1 3 and hayley show... lh lotto tag: brought to you by the kentucky lottery.

--today on the show... we go to no baked cookie dough in lexington to learn how they make their delicious no baked cookie dough.

--it's fan mail friday --and hot goss if you watched us yesterday, you saw us play one of my favorite games from childhood -- we played bop it.

Looks like we're gonna have to play it again.

That's because one of our viewers -- twitter user "the voice#21" sent us this photo after the show yesterday.

Lh bk+ img:bop it extreme.png appparently there is a bop it extreme.

It has more than just twist it, bop it, pull it.

Adding spin it and flick it you all are on the ball!!

So many of you have already sent in pictures of your pets for our "dog days of summer competition," which we're kicking off next week here on the show.

Keep them coming.

In case you missed it -- next week we are awarding gift cards to lexington's "most valuable pets."

We will pick several winners -- so send in the most adorable photo you have of your pet and telling us what you've been up to this summer with them.

Send those to us via email -- to "ideas at lee and hayley dot com."

And you can win a gift card to help you get all th's take a look ate of the phol from viewer eveyn wilder lh bk+ g days of su first friends.

And sometimes ththem today with natr producer bridgetmegan cantillanons.jpg and noah sent us photo bk+ img:noah c1 3 okay.

So what's today's mission.

Where are we going?

So today's mission is to see how long it takes before you tell me that you hate my lipstick.

It's cinematic.

I will say that for you, fans of the joker to know what a fantastic movie it was.


She missed it.

Lee went on a rant the other day about how he thinks bright lipstick on women, including traditional bright red is ugly and he hates it.

So now i will wear it at all times.

No, i put it on this word.

Cause sometimes i like to wear a bright lip.

Not very often.

I usually we're kind of a nude kind of watch that's when you look your best, you look great.

There's what god gave you right there.

And if you think you can do better than that guy, you're an idiot.

So now i'm an idiot.

I don't think i can do better than god.

Well then why are you putting the war paint on so thick the organ with you?

It was like going into battle every day.

And i always win, except for sometimes when my luck runs out, like the very same day that assign me by this company.

Even i know that wasn't it?


Was it?

It was it's off my album.


God, why?

That's what all the people that bought.

It said you had to run an album right now and it was the story of your life.

What would it be?

Tom boy, this hurts.

Mine would be called shave alone.

Why do you think that's funny?

It wasn't funny.

When you made the joke the other day, it's not funny today.

What is wrong with you?

Best part of that what's audience didn't see was the baby.

Seth is setting off camera and what?

I said it, he starts giggling and i started giggling as he's doing right now, don't encourage his poor humor.

No and i don't think we ever really fleshed out exactly why you thought they should have been named shaven.

I said it was one of the names tossed out there.

I didn't see it.


And who, the person who tossed it out?


Why did they toss it out?

Why did they say here's an idea?

Well, if you must know, god bless him.

His name is harry and he has a list and you're making fun of it.

If there were more gummies in here out, eat them.

You don't even care about this goodie box from our friends at y actually use some the other day when i was there.

Why did you use so many eye patches are used.

One of them.

I told you, oh, am i not allowed to use my box of eye patches?

Taking my eye to the fact that you wouldn't use them?

Are you going to use these clean aaf makeup lights on my cause?

I like to meet cleaners.

Are you going to wear this shirt?

I'll wear that shirt.

You know what?

Just take, just take it all.

Will you just take my wallet?

My wife, my identity through where we're going this because i do not understand the fascination with eating cookie dough today.

We're going to know baked cookie.

I don't like to eat cookie dough.

No, ma'am i love to eat cookie dough.

Oh my gosh.

Rock cookie it out.

Even before they got hip to the fact that you shouldn't eat it raw.

Like when i was a kid.

Oh my gosh.

It's so good.

I used to, that was my favorite thing about when my mom would make homemade cookies, looking out the bowl or even we buy the break and bake.

I break a couple of those suckers off when nobody was looking and just eat them, not you.

And i'd actually did it last night.

Are you in pain?

Do you want me to drive?

Maybe let's do a march.

Brother's fire grill.

I'm in the middle of curl in my lashes so long.

Everybody shouldn't have to sit back, look off with clothes.

There's my favorite chinese place, asian women, because their fault.

It's not just what goes in, what comes out.

We're making cookie dough next.

C1 3 because one of these days we're going to find the right one for us.

Last week, week we thought we'd try baking, but our producers sent us to a odd sort of bakery, -- right here in lexington -- where they get about halfway through making a cookie and just call it a day.

It's called no-baked cookie dough.

Check it out.

Don't go anywhere.

We've got your friday fan mail coming up c1 3 got to get it perfect.


And do you have a song that you sing?


- cookie dough.

Check it out.

Hannah, what would you like today?

What should we get you?

What flavor is your fancy?

I would like the s-mores, you know, summertime.

S'mores, that sounds good.

Oh yeah.

Reminds me of when i was a young man at a campsite.

Care to elaborate?

Well my parents left me there and it was the longest summer as i was raised by poodles.

I'm a liberal scooper, that's what they know me as.

All right, now flop it in.

Oh wow.


Man that looks good.

That is- you know what, i'd give her a little more.

Oh okay.

It's on me, hannah.

Can i also get some of the brownie batter?

You sure can.

Are you going through a breakup?

I love this, that we're ordering multiples.

What's his name?

Let's trash him.

I'm not, i'm taking them to visit somebody.


A new love, that's right, give him hell, hannah.

He doesn't deserve you.

These three?

All right.

All right.

That is $300.

Yup, so it looks like we did a really good job.

All right, so go ahead and c1 3 dump the chocolate chips in.

Now the chocolate?


C1 3 oh wow.

Oh that sounds like- a tsunami of chocolate.


What does it sound like lee?

Well, i mean- no, it's filmed.

I wanted to do the kidney stone joke, but no.

Go ahead and hit the power button.

Green button.

All right, clear.

Stop it.

Stop the... stop it.

What have you done patrick?

And- that's it?

That's it.

That's all it takes.

That was so fast.

Now look at it.

Next up, we just- don't.

Reach in there- oh you just reach in there?


Oh that's got to be satisfying.

Oh wow.


Oh, i want to do that.

Yeah, go ahead.

Oh, this feels good.

Oh wow.

You're going to love this.


This is right up your alley.

Oh my god.

Look at those biceps.

I know that's why- takes a lot of strength.

It does.

I don't want to say i'm an inspiration to people, but at the same time.

Well, i can say you're not.

When you're this- i'm not going to lie, this is the part that takes the longest because i sit back here and i- got to get it perfect.


And do you have a song that you sing?


- - too soon.


I feel like i need to taste the confetti sugar- okay.

And then... oh yeah, i guess i got to try those.

C1 3 lee's on a diet and so he's trying not to eat sweets.

Oh my gosh, i think i may like that better than the chocolate chip.

What was it?

Confetti sugar.

Oh you'd hate it.

It's terrible.

I wouldn't... you know what, let me try the s'mores.

Oh interesting.

What are we doing?

I'm just going to try it.

It's a tiny spoon.

It's so tiny.

It's going to go straight to your hips.

Welcome home l.b.'s.

Just kidding it's a tiny one.


His dance, i love it.

So good, makes you dance.

Man that's good.

Haven't had sugar forever.


All right let me try the cookie monster.

Oh okay.

So this one it has chocolate chips, m&m's and oreos in it.


It's good.

Well- i know, how's that for an endorsement?

Want me to be in your commercials?

It's good.

Red velvet.



It's good.

Yeah that's... okay.

Have you had red velvet yet?


All right, i'll try red velvet.

Red velvet is my favorite.


Did you think it was pretty good?

Pretty accurate to red velvet?


It was, it was like cake.

No baked.

Some of them i love, others i will eat them.

This was a great day at work.

No bake cookie dough, lexington definitely has the lee and hayley approval, and the best part is there's no crazy sugar rush or drop, at least in our... my experience.

Lee, go to the car.


Don't go anywhere.

We've got your friday fan mail coming up c1 3 is with us while we were there karen make ar's ... you ... offering ... thousand ... 190 and get in the morning in the morning ... read ... shop ever, ... your desires felt very ... nation ... are offering ... on the patient or what was your favorite red velvet ... down to ... check don't go anywhere we got your friday fan mail, right of c1 3 break.

It's friday once again, so we're breaking out the friday fan mail box c1 3 questions.

And mailbox to answer your burning question arlene ... page ... here in friday mailbox ... the way of the questions are burning please ... your review and i'll start with this one ... this from jessica brewer says m 11-year-old son kayden once ... to know what each of our favorite sports are ... about ... i left about you left fall ... a women's beach volleyball ... is that guys probably know i don't know i love all obviously ... a basketball fan because i was ... born and bred here ... but i'm a big ... fan as well ... so ... i carefully choose one ... else and i've always ... is ... i'm i watch it though that you will trevor morgan ... trevor morgan ... trevor once after we run the 40 yard ... not as fast as no ... doubt but also how i shout we actually ran the one ... we find ourselves in soccer, lack ... rapidly sell at a reynolds road rapidly sell at a reynolds rd., reynolds on ... a slope and i know and brought that the estimate from anything written for the anatomist ... and ... arsenic 48 ... we stopped and got drinks ... okay ... i ... illicit jennifer skaggs if you can only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would be ... may ... i don't know i love steak ... would have to be steak i assume ... my favorite so would be good while you can have them right right you can go from potato tomato veggie chili ... well ... when you reach your rapidly approaching old age ... and show where ... jennifer coolidge is and she's married to the botanical smith situation that she was a gold digger to is made of aerial ... and ... they literally don't think she's in just raise money and it ... careful because they like ... their doing interview and she's like ... thanks and ... read together you know the age difference is ... we both like to ... transgenic ... and talk ... and not talk for hours ... she's very nice lady by the way ... it was she was a comedy of probably another long ago ... and you know who she was pal around with what she was here ... are dentist ... you they all got together and went out after the show but yes ... but that ... what ... simply ... great ... i say yes i say green ... alta green sure ... the seat we these are stupid was rigged this ostriches lay the largest eggs in the world what ... what lays the second largest yo think ... i think the producer of the show plays a large hard drive this i a latex segment ... and is a within the ... who can sound the most like and how ... probably i ... will translate your ... visit ... screen ... natural spring.

I don't like ... i can love ... walk ... and willing to feature like a lot of people live with you don't ... see ... and this is which one of you ca reach the high ... is in no probably is he so tall and attract ... question that's a statement ... how can ... can you read ... that nolan 1 ... i've never been on camera one person you ... very ... very ... tall ... read as i yeah ... mary met wendy while doing your off ... time ... and gym lately ... as you know we talk a lot about our but why don't now mom you know what you working out ... we both work out a lot more than we get we went to ... where just doing it to you you need affirmation from a lot of other people ... when you go to your place is you gotta be in a group i have to b alone where one nobody can see me cry and to just punish myself ... all a jeff baxter which do you prefer flying or a long road trip ... to your destination across the country ... is a great question i have a question that i ... car trips in ... the alley through greatly growing up through ... car trip and we can with baby like now we drove to vacation every year and it was ... part of the vacation and sometimes you want to get to th destination lickety-split ... and that's where i say at the is in ... ozark on recommend ... (denise) my husband has lung cancer from smoking.

To'e if his cancer has spread.

He may be the one getting the test, but we both live with the results.

[announcer] you can quit.

For free help, call 1-800-quit now.

C1 3 as for hot guy dating ... targeting a lot and i knew that she and her boyfriend ... eric are ... a lot ... in his agreement ... that has never felt ... so unconditionally loved ... to start a family life ... and let ever my baby ... in a whirlwind round ... so happy for her and he with th overdose ... and she nearly lost her life ... not that long ago ... and she ... and she's really ... happy for her and going understand you know you ... on my hot rotation for a very long time a big question i did ... artist and overcome so much ... years but now it appears i've got a letter go ... that's right ... she's moved on from me engaged is the reason you to get ... your right and that you ... are dave franco says he's preparing to play vanilla ice i a movie about the yard ... guys is called to the extreme ... after the rapper's 1990 album by that name franco says he's been getting information for the rol by talking with ... and allies ... with real name is rob van winkle ... the actors as he plans to approach the project like he did ... the disaster artist in 2070 ... franco says he wants to make the film funny and heartfelt with the character ... who seems real because obviously ... he isn't ... on a saturday franco is the hottest franco ... james ... really ... interesting ... about the ... holiday ... course and arrive home and not ... in california with ... bert arrive ... on the fourth of july according to santa barbara county sheriff's office in ... the stolen items were described value jewelry and ... watch as authorities we was targeted because of her is ... inhabited by the celebrity couple this is related to other celebrity home ... burglary ... the kitchen ... in the canadian metal band unleash the archers to elbow ... a bit is dropping august 21 as definite ... fantasy element ... five fans who preorder the album will when the chance to play through the album story is a round of ... dungeons & dragons with the ban members ... over video chat ... you can order the disc and enter the contest at the napalm records website ... rolling my ... 20 sided die in hollywood ... i'm david daniel think you know what ... hi ron i know that i don't ... originally from.

You know bridget is covering for know what we almost bought that what what about my you know we i change my name out the ... are y flag:instagram@ddlovato lh l3:demi lovato engaged!

People are sending their love to the singer after she announced the news on instagram, -- demi shared their engagement photos with the caption: "i've never felt so unconditionally loved by someone in my life... i'm ecstatic to start a family and life with you.

I love you forever my baby."

Dave franco says he's preparing to play vanilla ice in a movie about the artist.

Lh courtesy play vanilla ice in a movie about the artist.

Lh courtesy flag:cnn lh l3:dave franco set to play vanilla ice in biopic it's called "to the extreme" ... after the rapper's 19-90 album by that name.

Franco says he's been getting information for the role by talking with vanilla ice ... whose real name is rob van winkle.

The actor says he plans to approach the project like he did "the disaster artist" in 20-17.

Franco says he wants to make the film funny and heartfelt with a character who seem "real."

Ell fourth of july, according to th office.

Lh courtesy flag:c on jy what was stolen... alue jewelry and watches."

Ad because of the couple's cigating if this is related to ian metal band "unleash the arch 21st, has a de fantasygeons and dragons with a metal bandance to play th the album'sragons" with the band members ovtest at the s c1 3 thanks for watching!

Lh credits: lee and hayley, llc 2020 find us at: got an idea for lee and hayley?


Email ... --we try to get lee's reward points from express --we learn how to play pickleball --dog days of summer is happening all week so send in your pet photos l3: coming up white lexington sets new virus case record now at five...lexington sets a new one-day

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