Humans May Have Settled Americas 33,000 Years Ago

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Humans May Have Settled Americas 33,000 Years Ago

Humans May Have Settled Americas 33,000 Years Ago

ZACATECAS, MEXICO— Prehistoric humans may have settled in Chiquihuite Cave of Central Mexico 33,000 years ago, according to a study in Nature.

This means the first settlers crossed the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska far earlier during the Ice Age than previously thought.

Researchers unearthed objects that appeared to be stone tools and radiocarbon dating of bone, charcoal and detritus indicates that the stone chips were embedded in a layer between 31,000 to 33,000 years old.

Citing a co-author, Science News reports the limestone pieces were probably crude tools and not naturally formed.

Limestone is a harder material to utilize for toolmaking than jasper, which was used by the Clovis culture who settled in the continent 10,000 about years ago.

The new theory suggests the first settlers of the Americas did not trek inland through Canada as formerly thought, because the passage would be too narrow and had too few edible animals and plants.

Instead, they probably journeyed down the West Pacific Coast.

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