Oldest living Marine not letting pandemic stop his birthday celebration

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Oldest living Marine not letting pandemic stop his birthday celebration
Major Bill White is 105, the oldest living Marine.

Letting the coronavirus stop his celebration.

Adrienne moore reports.

I think "nats of parade" at 105 -- he is the oldest living marine.

So... how's he feel about it?

Source: sjg ashley-question- dance-july31 09:54:53-56 <"feels just as good as it did at 104."

"major bill's" positive spirit-- just one of many reasons there's so much love and fanfare -- outside his stockton assisted living facility.

Sjg-10_ve_bda_ 2020073_192324 tony walker/ communications director, the oaks at inglewood 02:52-03:08 "he was in shanghai before wwii and the japanese invasion and all that.56 58iwo jima got hit - blown up with a grenade.

Recovered from that.

Spent a total of 30 years in the marine corps.

Just an amazing guy."

For his family members-- who haven't been able to visit much because of coronavirus -- this celebration... is nothing short of remarkable.

Sjg-10_ve_bda_ 2020073_192324 mary huston/ bill's daughter 05:27-37 "it's very heartwarming and very and it just&.

Does get to you that there are so many people that love him and appreciate him for his service."

Source: operation vday sot 7 ((i think it's about 3 seconds.

Sorry - can't tell with internet down!)) "nats of bill singing" we first met "major bill" back in february -- when he stole hearts... asking for a few valentine's day greetings.

In what eventually became known as "operation valentine's day" -- he brought in more than half-a- million cards and gifts from around the world -- including a special note from nasa and president trump.

Y drive video of parade "nats of parade" back at the drive- by festivities -- major bill is embracing this birthday milestone -- and is already looking forward to the next big celebration.

Source: sjg ashley-question- dance-july31 09;55:13-19 "right now i'm trying for 106.

Ashley: 106?

I think that's a good goal.

Bill: one at a time."

Major bill in the oldest marine alive a nice surprise

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