kim simon gofundme

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kim simon gofundme
kim simon gofundme


Anyone who was old enough to remember it will never forget the murder of kimberly simon, in 1985.

Her body was found in a wooded area, off of mohawk street, in whitesboro.

But the shockwaves went far beyond the village.

Her friends will never forget....and.....neve r stop fighting to bring her killer or killers to justice.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris tells us what they're doing now.

Thirty five years ago, whitesboro high school student, kimberly simon, didn't make it to a football game at the middle school .

None .

None 9:10 "i think kim got in a vehicle and went to a different location and i think she got raped.

As with any young femalwho's beinsexually ay killed her" oneida county district attorney, scott mc namara, believes people know who savagely assaulted and murdered kim simon 2:46 "i've interviewed one of them myself and i wouldn't consider her, the person that i interviewed, i sure wouldn't want her to have witnessed something bad that happened to my family because she doesn't seem like a person that cares about anybody but herself, so, that's kind of where we're stuck" part of whitesboro's class of '87 refuses to give up trying to unearth that information.

They've started a website to keep her memory alive and encourage people to say what they know.

And, now-a go fund me page, to pay for ads and a stronger social media presence.

46:19 "there are some advertising costs involved.

Even though people think it should be a public service announcement, that kind of thing, we want it to run when poeple are awake and can see it in prime time so we're willing to fundraise to get that word out there.

We just...we know that someone knows" there have been amazing advances in science since simon was murdered, in 1985, but since that's when the murder happened, it's the evidence of that time investigators have to deal with 21:48 "we have a slide that was collected from kim's autopsy" 22:21 "we had other ones and we've tried to unseal that and destroyed the slide and we have one left" 22:33 "right now we continue to wait for the technology because we're hoping that that slide has preserved the dna" until science catches up with its younger self.....simons friends raise money to pry open the information that will lead investigators to the person they want to test...and compare with that sample 49:52 "and to think that it was resolved and to have it all dredged up again is probably the worst think i could imagine for this family.

They deserve closure, she deserves justice and we all want to see it and that's why we're coming together and we're not gonna stop til we find out who's responsible .we're not givin' up"> now time for a first look at your

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