Neighbors react to Lafayette double homicide

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Neighbors react to Lafayette double homicide

Neighbors react to Lafayette double homicide

When police got there at about 11:14 p.m.

Tuesday, 19-year-old Alberto Vanmeter and 37-year-old Joshua Ungersma were found shot dead.

With people in the north side neighborhood where it happened.

That includes a person who says he witnessed one of the shootings.

I patrick gibson "i heard like four gunshots.

'pow, pow, pow'."

That's when patrick gibson says he went outside his home at the corner of hart and 16th streets.

Patrick gibson "i would never just expect to see it like right there in my face."

He says he'll never forget what he saw while standing in his yard.

Patrick gibson "no less than like 10 minutes later, the lady just came up and picked up the gun and just put it to his head.

Just 'pop', and he just dropped."

Nat sound gibson says it looked like a robbery gone wrong.

When police got there at about 11:14 tuesday night, 19- year-old alberto vanmeter and 37- year-old joshua ungersma were found shot dead.

Deputy coroner carrie costello says ungersma was a delivery driver for domino's pizza in lafayette.

Police would not confirm if that had anything to do with the investigation.

A 17-year-old girl has been arrested in connection to what happened.

Patrick gibson "the girl was like crying hysterically.

Her brother or whoever he was to her just got killed."

Sam-stand up while some of the people we spoke with say this is a relatively quiet neighborhood, some say they're ready to pack up and leave after what happened.

Kevin osborn "my wife and i have already started looking at property in another city.

We've just had enough."

Osborn lives across the alley from where the shooting happened.

He says the sound of gunfire is not unusual.

Kevin osborn "this is the third night in two weeks that we've heard gun shots in this neighborhood.

So it's not the friendly neighborhood everybody believes it is."

Gibson says he's not surprised by what happened.

He just never thought he'd be a witness.

Patrick gibson "just shocked.

What else can you expect?

It was a crazy night."

News 18 stopped by the domino's pizza on greenbush.

That's the nearest location to the crime.

No one was there to comment.

The 17-year-old arrested faces robbery and murder charges.

She's set to make her first court appearance tomorrow.

The state department of health says 721 more

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