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Monday, January 18, 2021

The Girl Scouts annual Nut and Candy sale is going on now. Help make a difference in a girl's life.

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The Girl Scouts annual Nut and Candy sale is going on now.  Help make a difference in a girl's life.
The Girl Scouts annual Nut and Candy sale is going on now. Help make a difference in a girl's life.

The Girl Scouts annual Nut and Candy sale is going on now.

Help make a difference in a girl's life.

Get always really good to put tile on but i will save this time for work worn with a blue take-out audit rug work for a full broadcasting mark warren iraq were supposed to say something more.

I know vanguard where going to shift gears here little bit talk about her friends from the girl scouts of the southern appalachians during estelle's madison foster madison is the philanthropy relations manager madison good morning to you ... good morning.

I'm doing very well.

Typically only hear about girl scouts trying to really ge out in front of the public during girl scout cookie season.

You guys are changing that and part because of the pandemic which is a lot going on was in you and currently we are promoting our fall product program and program in the 90 program in the 99 and candy fundraiser that helps the girls earn money to go towards uniform patches camp activity in another troop activity.

They want to get how bad has the covert outbreak of the damper o what girl scout you try to ... first we were obviously like every else.

How are we to do it did hit us.

And as you know, the community than interest in working fundraiser for the girl, but ultimately we got creative.

I we decided to be innovative and not let that slow us down and where trying to promote our fall product brand which their delicious and i cannot say you these are addicting.

There should bring some bring some of those down there.

Let's try again at its core, among other things, were the values that th girl scouts instills is the value of having a good business and what you all are doing, whether it's with the cookies o with the fall products program is currently reinforcing right yet and what is needed to keep running program or the fall product program.

These girls learn fine essentials ills whenever they tell product, goalsetting, money management decision-making, business ethics and people skills you have those in order to use the tell you i've seen a number of girl scouts would be been out with your mom's or dads or whatever selling the cookies in front of a retailer and it is amazing the ease that they'll come up to a total stranger go hi am so and so can i interest you in some girl scout.

That's not easy whe you're seven eight 910 denzel and it will comment character and he already that is very important for our girls are winning the future women entrepreneurs and leaders need to learn early in life ... and hopefully from the financia and things you guys are good come out better with more money girl scout coffers after having gone through all this if you like to get involved and donate but maybe don't necessarily want the nuts don't want the ca beard what cookies to help out so very simple and that we encourage people to visit our website girl scout esa work and click the donate on.

Obviously, any little bit help.

They the one thing that is very important.

I'll find day in chattanooga in your area.

It doesn't go off you know where your money.

Sure, that is something vitally important important for those of us who care and who donate on a regula basis and to take that little step further.

You're also less things have dramatically changed the need of some volunteer time ... we will still monitor on tears and we do have in person or virtual recruitment event that we, and volunteers are always welcome and are in person event are obviously, we do.

I have go it.

Got it.

I think what you guys are doing is amazing madison so you so much for joining us.

Hopefully we'll see you here in the studio over the coming weeks.

We thank you for joining us right out more by checking out their website whic is girl scout csa girl scout csa.or rich mozingo


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