Fellinopolis Documentary movie
Fellinopolis Documentary movie

Fellinopolis Documentary movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: Fellini's charisma, art, the great game and the world that populated his movies, filmed from a hidden room, emerge from the past after 40 years.

For Fellini's centenary we have the exceptional opportunity to observe "through the keyhole" the master at work and discover new aspects of man and the background of his creative activity.

The eye that filmed Fellini in his personal and creative intimacy, which captured all the elements of his great game, his lies, his inventions, is that one of Ferruccio Castronuovo, the only one allowed to shoot and document his sets.

Under the maestro's request, between '76 and '86, Ferruccio made the backstages, which were called "special", of Federico Fellini's films, Casanova, City of women, And the ship goes on and Ginger and Fred.

Ferruccio, hidden behind the scenes, captured with his inquisitive eye, the profile without censorship and without veils, nor pudos, a spontaneous Fellini, different from the mundane and mediatic that everyone knows.

Fellini trusted and gave Ferruccio "carte blanche", offering himself and not feeling observed.

A world apart, an imaginary city populated by unique characters, which had a life of its own, a Fellinopolis.

With this premise, the exceptional Oscar-winning interviewees who have collaborated with maestro Fellini, tell their work and life experience, giving back a story" from inside" the sets.

This creates a virtual stage between the past and the present, narrating Fellini through his backstage, re-emerging from the past almost 40 years ago.

An animation by Luca Siano vimeo.com/lucawosiano, Graphic / Motion Designer, will visualize the anecdotes and stories of the interviewees.

Directd by Silvia Giulietti