Child Slayer Diane Downs’ Daughter Becky Babcock Pleads To Find Birth Father

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Child Slayer Diane Downs’ Daughter Becky Babcock Pleads To Find Birth Father

Child Slayer Diane Downs’ Daughter Becky Babcock Pleads To Find Birth Father

Infamous child murderer Diane Downs’ daughter Becky Babcock is hoping to find her birth father.

"I know my biological mother's half of the story," Babcock told daytime talker Dr. Oz.

"I know that, that part of me comes from a monster," she said, referring to her mother, who was convicted of murdering her daughter in addition to attempting to murder her other two children in May 1983.

As far as Babcock’s reasoning for wanting to locate her birth father is that she is "hoping the other part of me comes from a decent human being." AMERICAN MURDER STORY: 11 TRUE CRIME SCANDALS THAT SHOCKED THE NATION On a warm May night in 1983, Downs drove to the emergency room in Springfield, Ore.

Her three children — 8-year-old Christie, 7-year-old Cheryl and 3-year-old Danny — were in the car at the time and were found with gunshot wounds.

Cheryl was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital, with Christie and Danny seriously wounded.

[caption id="attachment_1002218960" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Sony Pictures Television[/caption] When Downs' told her story to authorities, it sounded suspicious.

At first, the former postal worker said she stopped to pick up a hitchhiker with her three kids in the car.

It was then, according to Downs, a shaggy-haired man shot her three kids, then shot her in the arm and tried to gain control of her vehicle.

Detectives started to notice holes in Downs’ retelling of the events that took place.

Notably, she had time to wrap her arm before arriving at the hospital.

Detectives also noted that Downs was giddy and not upset while reliving the tale of what happened that awful night.


SHOCKING DETAILS EMERGE IN DEATH OF JIMI HENDRIX IN REELZ DOC While searching Downs’ apartment for evidence, authorities found love letters to a new flame, which they considered a possible motive as her new love interest didn’t want children.

After awakening from a coma — she suffered a stroke from her injuries — Christie told the authorities that she didn’t remember a man in the car shooting her and her siblings.

Eventually, Christie testified against her mother at trial, and she identified Downs as the person who shot her.

Downs was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years for her crimes.

While on trial, Downs announced she was pregnant again, hoping to garner some sympathy.

Shortly after her conviction, Downs gave birth to a baby girl, Babcock, who was adopted shortly after.

Three of her children, including Babcock, are still alive today.


5 FACTS ABOUT RUSSIA'S 'SECRET FIRST LADY' WHO WENT MISSING Christie and Danny were adopted by the Oregon prosecutor who tried Downs, while Christie is married with a family of her own and still lives in Oregon.

Daniel works with computers and is paralyzed from the waist down due from the horrific shootings.

Babcock told ABC News in 2019 that she had an idyllic childhood, despite everything that happened with her mother.

She said her adoptive parents wanted her "to prosper, to learn and to grow." "I had a great family, a great life ... It was honestly picture perfect," she added.

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