Rural Maks

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Rural Maks

Raising the death toll to 89.

There is growing concern among health experts that the next hot spots for the virus won't be in cities and urban centers...but in rural areas.

In part, because people who live there are often higher-risk because of poor health and a lack of health care.

Another experts say many people who live in the country don't wear masks, socially distance or practice other health safety measures.

We were in magoffin county today...where we talked to the mayor of salyersville about how things are going in that community.

"well we have quite a few people that do where there mask religiously but then we have the set that decides they not going to wear them and it's very difficult to make them wear the mask.

It's hard for the businesses because for people that come in for them for the boys to try and tell them to wear a mask most of them business i really can't get them to do that."

The mayor will continue to encourage everyone in the community to follow the health safety guidelines.

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