Archaeologists help wildfire victims find cremains of loved ones

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Archaeologists help wildfire victims find cremains of loved ones

Archaeologists help wildfire victims find cremains of loved ones

On Friday, October 23, Archaeologists helped wildfire victims find cremains of their ones that were lost during the Almeda Fire.

Southern Oregon University and Alta Heritage Foundation archaeologists have team up to help the area until Sunday, October 25.

Recovery teams. he joins us now live in phoenix, brett what can you tell us about these recovery teams?

Alta heritage foundation and s-o-u archaeologists have been working all day on sites like these to help find the cremains of loved ones that were lost during the almeda fire.

And results are already paying off.

Nat sound <"there's your mama(laughter)...."

Vo: southern oregon and alta hertiage archaelogists have been searching through the rumble of homes affected by the almeda fire in the hope to find the cremains or urns like this of their loved ones.

[take :chelsea] çáááchelseaáááñ sot: "as archaeologists this is total within our wheelhouse to take a site that sued to be something else to and re imagine it or help pick apart the pieces so i think we really have a lot to offer and this is just one of the ways that we can help."

Vo: four different teams of archaeologists,volunteers, and dog handlers are set to excavate around 30 homes and help oregonians who want find thier loved one remains that where lost during the evacuation of the almeda fire.

[take :alex] çáááalexáááñ sot: "these people need our help and we recognize that."

(no lower third) sot: "there are other things that are keep sakes and cremains are one of those things they are not replaceable."

Vo: the unique skill sets that archaeologists have allow them to be able to help people get closure where they may not have been able to before.

[take :paula] çááápaulaáááñ sot: "i feel that it is extremely important and i felt that kind of the archaeology tool kit that we have through education is a great mixer foundation for us to help these people affected by fires.

Um we're able to assist in a way that people don't normally think about."

Vo: with more fires than ever happening in oregon this year,chelsea believes that it is time for resources like this to become established.

Sot: "these fires as much as we hate to admit it are probably not going to be as rare as they sued to e going forward.

So what can we do to help build infrastcutre to make out communities more resilant to help support folks who are victims of these catostohphic events and to kind of help people rebuild."

S-o-u archaeologists do plan on helping other people find cremains in the area after this weekend

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