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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Riding on the bus

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Riding on the bus
Riding on the bus

After the bus crash in Meigs County, do parents still trust school buses?

Parents today in the community tell us they do.

Parents have another tough decision in 20-20 with how to send their kids to school.

This, after tuesday's bus crash that killed driver lisa dillard, and a seven year old girl.

Is riding on a school bus safe?

News 12's brian armstrong spoke with some parents from meigs county about their kids' travel plans.

It has been two days since the bus crash that resulted in the death of school bus driver lisa dillard and a 7 year old girl.

We spoke to several parents in meigs county about if they were willing to have th wit kids ride the bus again... , and all the parents i spoke to yes they are i think the bus drivers are well trained and can react to any situation if given ample time but they just didn't have the time.

She just didn't have the time to respond but yes i will put my kids back on the bus.

That was just an accident that's all it was they happen every day.

Cubby johnson says he trust the bus drivers because they are trained for that, it's the other people if the road that worries him.

What scares me is the other people around because you got a watch out for everybody around you you can't ever tell what they're gonna do.

Michele smith says her daughter will ride the bus home from school tomorrow for the first time since the accident.

It scares me it does but it also is life and i hate it but but you know it does scare me a little bit.

Gravitt says it was an awful accident but he is proud of how the bus drivers, school and town have responded which makes it so he's not scared to put his daughter on a school bus again.

I grew up here this is my hometown in our school system are the greatest my little girl loves it.

Other people in the community are hosting a memorial ride this weekend to show love and support to those who have been impacted by the crash.

It will start this saturday at 9:45 at the bradley square mall and they will drive to the piggly wiggly in decatur.

Both motorcycles and vehicles are welcome to


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