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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Dr. Brian McDonough on Justin Turner and celebration

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Dr. Brian McDonough on Justin Turner and celebration
Dr. Brian McDonough on Justin Turner and celebration
Dr. McDonough is almost angry about Justin Turner.

This afternoon major league baseball is criticizing los angeles dodgers third baseman justin turner for breaking isolation and celebrating a world series title with his team despite testing positive for coronavirus.

Turner was removed after the 7th inning of the title?

"* clinching victory over the tampa bay rays tuesday night.

Later, m?

*- l?

"*b commissioner rob manfred revealed turner's positive test saying he had been isolated to prevent spread.

Kimt news 3's george mallet is here and says the medical community is also upset about turner's behavior.

Amy, and katie it had been weeks since i talked with my friend, cbs radio medical contributor dr. brian mcdonough.

Dr. mcdonough, though, is also a clinician and treats covid?

"*19 patients every day at st.

Francis hospital.

I don't think it is an overstatement to say the good doctor was steamed when he saw turner running around on the field with his teammates.

Doc it had been 32 years since the los angeles dodgers won the world series?




Week's celebration was overshadowed when veteran third baseman justin turner joined his teammates in celebration?




"* d just learned that he'd tested positive for the coronavirus.

There is no way to sugarcoat this.

There is no nice way of saying it, so i won't try.

In my opinion justinturner is an example of everything that's wrong in our battle against covid.

Cbs medical contributor and family medicine clinician dr. brian mcdonough was stunned by what happened.

Major league baseball told him you could other people at risk, other people could die as a result of this, get out of here.

He didn't.

He chose to stay.

In fact his general manager again showing the failures of education with this thing said he has the right to celebrate he's been a big part of this team.

I don't think people understand, we have 226,700 people who have died and it's rising.

Turner had indeed been told to leave the field in the seventh inning after getting word of the positive test.

His return happened right in front of commissioner of baseball rob manfred.

The move raises questions about how the league allowed such a public contradiction of its strict coronavirus protocols.

Dr. mcdonough joined experts in epidimiology in criticizing what happened... in fact the good doctor is fairly enraged.

The fact that a baseball player who won the world series has the need to run around, take his mask off and expose everyone else on that field whether they're photographer s or players or coaches and then people leave that environment and go to their families and then they go into society over the next i always want to point out that dr. mcdonough is just that?




"* a doctor weigh in on politics.

As if to emphasize that point, i got an email from the doctor this morning.

He said?



"* q here?



"* people need t understand it ( covid?

"*19 ) is not political?



"* but uncaring?



"* unfeeling that is an opportunist.

I'll tell you something amy and katie?




"* you wan physician mad?

Be on live television blatantly ignoring the universal advice offered by family doctors, epidimiologists and scientists alike.

The positive test and turner's on?

"* field celebration delayed travel plans for both the dodgers and the rays according to mlb.

The dodgers and their families were tested tuesday night and again wednesday morning.

Those who tested positive both


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