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Saturday, July 2, 2022

GA Early Voting

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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GA Early Voting
GA Early Voting

On the last day of early voting in Georgia, Senate candidate David Perdue came to our corner of the state to encourage voter turnout.

An end today in georgia.

Secretary of state brad raffensberger says that this has been a record year for early voting.

News 12's danielle moss talked to georgia voters about why this election is so important.

Dan stand-"according to the georgia secretary of state, as of today at noon, more than 3 million georgians have already cast their ballots.

That's about 2 million people in person and 1 million people by absentee.

But some candidates are still on the campaign trail."

Nats-"welcome to perdue country!"

Georgia senator david perdue and us agriculture secretary sonny perdue made a stop in fort oglethorpe today to talk to constituents.

Perdue says that he is pleased with georgia's 71 percent increase in voter turnout for this year.

Senator david perdue/ georgia-"this is a democracy!

We have the right to vote and i'm excited there's more people that have voted this far into the race than at any other time.

I think that it's a fantastic thing."

He also had a message for those that have not voted yet.

Senator david perdue/ georgia-"it's our responsibility, not just a right, a responsibility, get out and vote.

Democrat, republican or whatever, if you are concerned about your kids or grandkids or yourself, you got one opportunity to do that and that's to vote, vote by tuesday."

Voters in walker county came out today for various reasons.

Nancy kelley/voter-"it is important fofr people to come out and vote because it depends on the future of our kids and our families."

Carla wright/voter-"me and her, this is her first year voting, and we think we need a change.

So, we think that this year is really important to get our vote in."

Early voting ended in walker county at 5 today.

President trump will be headlining a rally in rome and sunday.

Election day is tuesday.

In walker county, danielle moss news

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