taylor and howie

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taylor and howie
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- joining me live in studio is- political analyst howie morgan.- howie has worked nationwide on- campaigns with- presidential contenders governo- mike huckabee,- governor rick perry and u.s.- senator rick santorum.- howie, thanks for joining us, - what are your thoughts on - what we are seeing in the - presidential race tonight?- - - - - if you go to my place page election

You'll see it.

I called the corporate rewrite that traumas as a large estate south and some don't.

He had with guess what the little florida.

I have now north carolina siena had everything he needed to win ... wxxv >> .

He's doing what he needs the right now arizona is just not being counted right behind that state.

So isolating these that state ... and then 20 days because is constant ... , michigan, pennsylvania, where the process ballots it takes actually days will happen.

So we got some time to get back ... in may friday the file result ... .

What happens in pennsylvania could be the key absolute.

It could be right about the very end.

Well one state.

I don't exactly have a chance in wisconsin or michigan but pennsylvania is definitely looking at buying something you love

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