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Saturday, February 27, 2021


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Your storm team 12 right now forecast.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

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Thanks for joining us for news 12 at 11.

Joe biden's presidency starts on inauguration day but with a pandemic and battered economy, he's trying to get a head start on addressing the nation's challenges.

Cbs news correspondent michael george is in wilmington, delaware with more.

The day after his victory speech, president-elect joe biden attended church and stopped by the gravesite of his son beau.

''the people of this nation have spoken.

They've delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory.'' at saturday night's rally, biden said he plans to form a covid task force, as new cases in the u-s continue to reach record heights.

''they're going to take the-- the biden covid plan after a round of sunday golf, president trump tweeted about the election outcome.

''since when does the lamestream media call who our next president will be?

We have all learned a lot in the last two weeks!

Https: trump's attorney rudy giuliani says lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results will be filed this week.

On sunday the trump campaign held a news conference in las vegas, alleging issues with nevada ballots.

''this campaign has not laid our eyes on a ballot signature, excuse me envelope signature and a voter roll signature on a single one.'' so far, president trump has offered no evidence of his claims of voter fraud.

Here in wilmington delaware, where the president elect is known as "uncle joe", many told us they've seen first-hand the qualities he'll bring to the white house.

''it's just so nice to see the community coming together behind someone who's going to hopefully do so much good for all of us.'' and with its hometown hero heading to the white house, this city of just over 70 thousand is about to get an even bigger place on the political map.

Michael george/cbs news/wilmington, delaware.

Senior white house officials tell cbs news the president will concede when all legal options are exhausted and when the final numbers reflect a biden win.

The senate is heating up in georgia.

News 12's winston reed spoke with republican and democratic party members about the importance of the runoff election.

The race for senate seats is not over in georgia.

The campaign trail for david purdue, jon ossoff, kelly leoffler and raphaeal warnock extends to janurary 2021.

"who would have ever thought that georgia would basically be the center of the political universe right now.

Basically deciding whether or not the u.s. senate is going to be controlled by the democrats or the republicans."

Georgia's district 1 state representative colton moore says previous voters for shane hazel could spill over onto senator david purdue's ticket.

"when it comes to the ossoff/ purdue race i voted for shane hazel the libetarian.

I think there's going to be a lot more folks like me who end up coming out for purdue."

Stacy abrams believes that the runoff election in janurary will mirror the democratic turnout at the polls on super tuesday.

"one we got jon ossoff and rapheal wornack at the top of these tickets -working together to make certain that voters come back.

Number two we will have the investment and the resources that have never followed our runoffs in georgia."

"there will be hundreds of millions of dollars spent in georgia on both sides for this election coming up."

State senator jeff mullis is also hoping for a record number turnout.

"that will be a problem for both sides.

Main elections people show up but runoffs -special elections- you don't always have the same kind of attitude, temperment, or people coming out to vote.

So, we're going to have to make sure we get everbody coming out to vote on the right side -the republican side to re-elect david purdue and kelly leoffler."

The last time georgia was a blue state was 1992.

The idea of the senate flipping ignites local residents like nathan gibson of the walker ignites local residents like nathan gibson of the walker county democrats.

"if the senate gets flipped -oh golly- i think it's vitally important and i think that we have a really good chance of doing it.

Georgia's blue but it's not dark blue so we know what we got to do."

Reporting in north georgia, winston reed news 12 now.

The deadline to register to vote is december 7th.

Early voting begins december 14th to december 31.

The runoff will be held on january 5th, election workers have been re-scanning thousands of ballots in the atlanta area.

Saturday - the head of elections in fulton county said some ballots were not captured in friday night's results... and a smaller number were not scanned at all.

Ballots included ones from overseas and domestic military that arrived by friday night's deadline.

So for safety, about 5- thousand ballots were re-scanned.

""are you concerned that something like this could open you up to a lawsuit from the trump campaign?"

"no, because we, i mean, our numbers are balanced.

So, this is one of those things that you want to make sure you do and that's why you have time between election day and certification for labor to the process."

Democratic and republican officials were both notified of the initial discrepancy, and the re-scan was watched by observers from both parties.

Chattanooga police are investigating a shooting that happend early this morning.

According to c-p-d, the incident happened on airpark drive.

One woman is suffering form life-threatening injuries.

We will keep you updated as we find out more information.

The hamilton county juvenile court has reported three cases of covid-19 in their main division on east third street.

According to judge rob philyaw, two of the three individuals are directly involved in courtroom hearings.

The judge says that many hearings will need to be rescheduled and staff will be contacting attorney's.

The jusge warns that those who appeared in courtroom 2 during the week of october 26th and courtroom 3 on november 3rd should be aware of possible exposure.

A spike in covid cases is causing the chattanooga mayor to close city buildings once again starting tomorrow.

Officials are suspending access to the city annex, city hall and city services at the development resource center.

Libraries will be closed but still utilizing curbside service.

"i know that is frustrating for some of our employees and i'm sure members of the public that we've been closed then open then closed again and that we've gone through this process.

But, that's the nature of the virus and the nature of what we're seeing."

The city will continue to operate virtually.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm team 12 forecast.

Ad lib here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Us employers hired 638,000 workers in october and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.9%.

When we return, we'll take at the unemployment report.

Now, from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 forecast.

Bekah bidsall >> divided by the epb fiber optics with a network occur and look on the service analysis will we do a cold and approaching in the next couple days that will bring some more moisture ahead of us now lots cooler out over in the west but what were to be dealing with the next two days is going to be some tropical moisture as we have high-pressure system off t the east of the coin assert to bring that in order to do so taking a look right now a tropical storm eat as you can see the center of circulation is provider is bringing tropica storm or swings to areas like the florida keys miami this is going to be continuing into the next day or so bringing lots of storm surge lots of flash flooding to the region right now maxims the team wins these out to 65 mph moving west northwest at 14 miles west northwest at 1 mph and a little bit of return so as you can be starts to move over to the west and then a short right turn as a strength and strengthens to a category one hurricane had to the florid coast once again this will likely be between thursday and our friday taking a look at our super guys were mostly sunny an quiet and warm for a monday and as we have that high-pressure system off the east is going to start to bring some tropical moisture are way because that were to be seen rain chances start to pop up for the tennis valley the whole valley does have a decent chance to see that this will be greatly increasing as we have a cold front that's going be bringing even more rai are waste to wednesday is going to be bringing the heaviest rain not only that stability is going to be a little bit higher so we can be if you under storms with the system as well notice it asserts to make landfall between thursday thursday afternoon and early friday now the remnant david i will be think far south of us that we could be seeing a few gusty winds but not going to be seeing the heaviest impacts with eta that pushes out by early thursday for the tennessee valley were to be nice and dry sunny for friday afternoon before next cold rain comes into the late weekend the railways were to be looking at a little bit over an inch from mainly th valley could see specially towards blue ridge andrews lj seen an inch and a half possibly 2 inches but this is only one model system and network owing to be watching current temperatures across three rios dixie five in jackson 70 into into the left and 66 in union city morning lows are to be pretty mild likely in the mid- 50s and low 60s 56 six acted in chattanooga and 59 in dunlap to be a pretty quiet day is a c for north alabama nor georgia counties those areas look like they're going to be seen the most cloud cover for the day as you can be around 3 pm we're going to be a sunny 78 so it's gonna be pretty warm fall day for us as we going to the 9 pm hour 66660 and only dropping like me to make 60s as are low and that we can the more rain chances popping up for the afternoon they went us for your from the epb fiber optics weather center here is your 70 forecast mostly sunny warm for your monday highs just shy of 800 overnight lows in the low 60s tuesday was rain cancels will start to increase as we get the moisture i made at a cold front wednesday could bring us him thunderstorm that is also veterans day highs very warm years of any degrees this all clears out by her as the afternoon writing saturday to be nice and sunny danielle things a much hiring in october.

Nancy chen has a look at the latest snapshot of the labor bettermarket.

Shaun wilson has waited tables for 17 years... but with chicago once again banning indoor dining, he joins the millions of americans without a steady paycheck.

Thu0375 i took satisfaction.

I took a certain amount of pride in being able to provide for my kids, and now that's in question.

As the coronavirus surges across the nation, job growth slowed in october, with employers adding 638- thousand jobs.

And while the unemployment rate dropped from 7.9 to 6.9 percent, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says the recovery has slowed.

1:12 we lost 22 million jobs between march and april.

Since then we've gained back more than half of them.

One bright spot in the labor picture could be in retail.

Companies are preparing for a surge in internet shopping as we head closer to the holidays.

Amazon has been adding jobs throughout the pandemic and is now hiring 100-thousand new workers.

03:28 we know that the pandemic has hit our local communities very hard so we're proud to offer thousands of jobs to our local communities where people can provide for their families target and walmart are also staffing up for the holidays... as well as both ups and fedex, which are preparing to ship billions of packages around the world.

But as we head into the holidays, many americans are facing hardship.

More than 3 and a half million have been jobless for more than 6 months.

Nc, cbs news, new york alex trebek passed away today after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

When news 12 returns, we'll take a look at his life and legacy, stay with us, there's more news 12 after the break.

"you're watching news 12 at 11.

Your news now."

Alex trebek, the beloved host of "jeopardy!"

For more than three decades, has died at the age of 80 after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

He died at home early sunday with family and friends at his side, according to a statement from the sony studio.

Cbs news correspondent chris martinez has more on the life of the legendary tv game show host from los angeles.

Alex trebek alex trebek became the host of jeopardy in 1984, when merv griffin hired him for the revival of the popular t-v quiz show.

Jeopardy soon became a daily ritual for millions.even on the silver screen.

''of course, there's 27 minutes to 'jeopardy.'

Over the years...with trebek as its ever present host...the show where answers are always in the form of a question... ...won multiple daytime emmys, and it gave game shows a new and brainy edge.

"america is a very competitive society: i can throw the ball farther than you, i can run faster than you, i can do better on jeopardy than you.

Oh yeah?

Let's find out."

Trebek started his career in a reporter with the canadian broadcasting corporation.

The ontario native made his american t-v debut in 1973, as emcee of ''the wizard of odds''.

In 2017, trebek suffered a setback when he hit his head and underwent surgery.

Then in march of 2019, trebek told fans around the world that he had stage four pancreatic cancer.

But trebek promised he would not give up.

"the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but i'm going to fight this."

As he was receiving treatment for cancer, trebek spoke with jane pauley on cbs sunday morning.

''for 35 years, i've enjoyed the success of the show but i've never really thought about the impact the show was having on american viewers, and i've become part of their lives.'' trebek hosted more than seven thousand episodes of jeopardy.

Chris martinez, cbs news.

Time for sports... "now from the news 12 sports desk."

The talk all week leading up to the titans game against the bears was tennessee's defense.

Could the boys in blue get it together as the worst third down defense in the league?

Not having defensive end jadeveon clowney in the lineup this week wasn't going to help.

Best medicine for a questionable defense?

Solid offense, kind of like this.

Receiver aj brown in double coverage, hauling in the 40 yard touchdown.

Deserves a celebration.

Safest thing to hug in a pandemic?

The goal post i guess.

7-0 titans.

=== third quarter.

Bears quarterback nick foles dumps it over to running back david montgomery.

He it over to running back david montgomery.

He just dumps it right to titans new cornerback desmond king.

Move over derrick henry, there's a new king in town.

63 yard scoop and score is one way to make a first impression.

17-0 titans.

=== quarterback ryan tannehill seals the game with this.

2 yard touchdown to tight end jonnu smith.

Titans win 24-17 titans win 24-17 ryan tannehill: "they were playing fast.

They were playing free, making 3 and outs early in the game, kept us in it.

Offense wasn't doing our jobs, wasn't moving the ball, but defense was playing solid defense, team defense.

They were swarming.

Really just giving up nothing.

Really proud of those guys and how they played today."

Let's head south, atlanta hosting denver.

Falcons have been in need of some divine help recently.

This 51-yard prayer answered by receiver olamide zaccheaus.

10-0 falcons.

=== keep it coming.

Next quarter, quarterback matt ryan slings it.

9-yard touchdown to receiver brandon powell.

17-3 falcons.

=== falcons fans say, 'more please!

We don't trust you!'

More is easy when receiver julio jones is wide open.

27-6 falcons.

=== broncos try the fourth quarter comeback.

Safety ricardo allen says 'not this time!'

Nice 19 yard return to set up the big guns.

=== running back todd gurley powers in for the 21 point lead.

Atlanta finally holding on to a lead and winning at home.

Final: falcons 34, broncos 27 ricardo allen: "i'm loving it.

Going in to a bye week, winning at home, finally starting to put it together as a team.

I'm feeling good, man.

I'm feeling really good."

Raheem morris: "the elation in that locker room, what it means to this city, what it means to this team.

The dirty birds are back."

Instead of fourth quarter issues like the falcons, the tennessee vols have third quarter issues.

In the last four games, teams have outscored the vols 61-7 in the third quarter alone.

Saturday, arkansas erased the vols 13 point lead almost immediately -- putting up a quick 24 points to secure the win.

Vols coach jeremy pruitt says the third quarter problems boil down to penalties and turnovers.

Jeremy pruitt: "it's been an unusual year for some of these guys.

That's why i'm not discouraged.

I know we've got guys that's got good character, got good ability, and maybe we haven't played our best, maybe we haven't coached our best.

But i believe in these guys and we'll get it fixed."

An era comes to an upsetting end for the ram train at tyner.

Longtime coach wayne turner told the team friday that he is resigning after the playoff loss at trousdale county.

In 30 years, turner led the rams to be a regular powerhouse in class 2a.

The rams won 16 region titles, 32 playoff games and made it to the state championship three times under coach t's guidance.

Turner's tyner team even became the first public school in hamilton county to win a state championship -- that was 1997.

Former mr. football finalist jeremiah batiste says he was didn't believe the news at first -- adding that coach t treated him like one of his own kids, and he was heartbroken.

Senior running back jeremiah sawyer says turner is like a father to him, always having his door open to talk about football or just life in general.

He says the team broke down in tears when they heard the news friday.

Hard to imagine tyner football without wayne turner.

0-4 brad keselowski, joey logano, denny hamlin and chase elliott battling it out for the championship === final race for jimmie johnson.

=== final race for jimmie johnson.

=== 13-29 stage 2...brad keselowski makes a nice move to pass chase elliott to win stage 2 of the race === 29-39 43 laps to go ...elliott passes logano for the late lead === 39-58 final lap...elliott holds on for the victory!!

We'll be right back with a final holds on for the victory!!

We'll be right back with a final look at the forecast!

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