World's First 'Flying Car' Airport to be Built Near Orlando
World's First 'Flying Car' Airport to be Built Near Orlando

LAKE NONA, FLORIDA — The town of Lake Nona in Florida is one of the most tech friendly towns in the US, featuring green architecture and high-tech city planning.

Now the city council has announced another attention-grabbing project: Lake Nona plans to build the world's first "flying car" taxi hub.

Dubbed a "vertiport", the project will be the US's first regional hub for high-speed, electric vertical takeoff and landing — or eVTOL — aircraft.

The hub will be designed around an eVTOL craft that looks a bit like a flying car.

The craft is currently being developed by German aviation company Lilium.

According to its developers, the electric-powered aircraft will be capable of taking off vertically from the vertiport, and reaching a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

The vertiport is scheduled to be completed in 2025 and will enable passengers to bypass Florida's notoriously congested highways, according to the city council.