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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Two organizations work together for an event called 'Change for Change'

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Two organizations work together for an event called 'Change for Change'
Two organizations work together for an event called 'Change for Change'


(WTHI) - Black Friday and Cyber Monday has many of you opening your wallets to snag the best deals for the holiday season.

In need.

It's giving tuesday, and non profit groups all over the country are asking for donations.

Here in the wabash valley two local groups have teamed up for a creative way to ask for help..

Chief photojournalist mike latta has more on how you at home can make a difference.

[take pkg outcue: soc duration:1:21] nat//// change rattling fsa counselng and team of mercy have joined forces at the corner of 11th and wabash all day today.

"here we are in the freezing cold today but that's okay because we love what we do and we want to make a difference wether it's cold weather or warm weather."

They are teaming up for giving tuesday, a national campaign to raise funds for non profits around the world.

Nat/// have a blessed day "so on this day we thought what a better way to collaborate and show the community real unity and real community with partenering with one of our biggest partners."

Just like this fundraising idea, the two groups work together often, and during a pandemic they say they need funds and you at home to help now...more than ever.

"when we have survivors or individuals that have suicidal ideations or have attempts, we will refer them to fsa counciling."

"right now it's extremely important, mental health is declining, domestic abuse is on the rise, suicide is definitely on the rise.

So we are out here trying to raise funds so we can provide great services to our community which is the entire wabash valley from both organizations."

Two groups asking for pocket change to help change the community.

Nat/// horn honk in terre haute mike latta, news 10.

If you missed the organizations today... you can always go to the our website at click on the link

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