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Saturday, March 6, 2021

010621 11 mon

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010621 11 mon
010621 11 mon
010621 11 mon

11... mh pkg: you better believe most c1 3 people in georgia know that they're not just picking a couple of senators what georgia's runoff election tuesday means for kentucky...and the bluegrass has its own political power struggle set to start tomorrow. lexington's new fire chief says he'll lead through the challenging time he's taking over.

And...touchdown terry says he'll use that extra year of eligibility...but not at kentucky.

Good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

In our top story at 11... governor andy beshear says he's not okay..

With the vaccination rollout in kentucky..

And the state is now ramping up efforts to get more people vaccinated faster.

The goal is to administer 90 percent of all vaccine doses received in the commonwealth within seven days of arrival.

That now could include giving the vaccine to more people, in different phases ahead of schedule.

The state..

Revealved its full phase vaccine rolllout this afternoon.

It shows the break down of when everyone could get vaccinated after long term care facilities and health care workers in phase 1- a....and first responders and teachers in phase 1-b.

The next phase would be... 1-c for people older than 60...or younger, if they have a high risk condition.

According to the state..

To help pick up the pace..

While shots are being administered, if there are more doses left in a week, then people in the next phase could also get vaccinated, "42:13 "there are going to be times when different folks who are given the vaccinations rather they have cancelations rather something happens where these phases give clear guidance of omg i don't have enough of 1b scheduled you can go to 1c and then that next week your back to 1b and everybody else you scheduled."

42:35 --butted-- l3: coronavirus in kentucky white dr. steven stack ky department for public health 39:50 "the goal is to try to make sure that when a vaccine is delivered to the commonwealth of kentucky we distribute all of it, and administer all of it into peope who want to receive it every week it comes in as quickly as efficiently as safely as possible."

40:05 l3: coronavirus in kentucky white state introduces new plan to vaccinate faster according to the state..

More steps will be taken in the next few weeks.

So far more than 60-thousand vaccine doses have already been administered in kentucky.

Fs img txt bullets:no coronavirus in kentucky office of governor andy beshear coronavirus kyfs-graphic.j ... in the meantime, governor beshear says there were..

2,319 new cases of covid-19 reported today.

The highest announced on a monday.

The total is now..


And the positivity rate is 11 point 2 percent.

Governor beshear says 26 more people have died fromthe virus.

The total number of covid-19 related deaths is now..


Ots image:left deadly crash accident.jpg two women have died, after a crash, in pulaski county.

According to the coroner.... it happned..

Around 6:30 tonight... on u-s 27 at kentuckyy 70 in eubank.

The coroner says the victims were 55-year-old barbara haste and 58-year old diane haste according to the coroner..

A prelimanry investigation shows..

The two..

Were pulling onto u-s 27 off of kentucy 70, when they collided with another car.

The coroner says the driver of the other vehicle, was taken to lake cumberland regional hospital in somerset with what appeared to be non- life threatening injuries.

According to investigators..

The crash temporarily closed the southbound lanes of us 27.

A gas station was evacuated today, after a gas line leak in lexington's hamburg area.

L3: abc 36 news white gas station evacuated after gas line hit sir barton way, lexington according to the fire department..

It happened just before the meijer gas station on sir barton way, near man o war boulevard.

The fire department says a worker hit a gas line, and the gas station was evacuated, and nearby roads closed, while crews repaired the line.

Our country's top leaders are in georgia tonight...trying to sway voters in a run-off election that will decide what party controls the senate.

L3: abc 36 news white georgia run-off could change senate majority president trump hosting a rally tonight to support the two incumbent republicans and president elect joe biden and vice- president elect kamala harris are showing their support for the democrats.

While kentucky's elections are over...senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is in jeopardy of losing the majority...and it all comes down to the run-off in georgia... meanwhile...kentuc ky's general assembly is likely to battle the governor's power...when it starts its shortened session tomorrow.

Abc 36's monica harkins talked with abc 36 political analyst dr. stephen voss about the delicate balances that could be broken in a few days.

Some of 2020 is still following us into 20-21...there's a run-off in georgia for both senate seats....and it's not just a change for's a change for the entire country.

"you better believe most people in georgia know that they're not just picking a couple of senators, they're picking which political party will control the us senate for likely two years."

I talked with our political analyst stephen voss about what this means for kentucky's newly re-elected senator mitch mcconnell.

"the georgia senate elections will decide whether mitch mcconnell enters the next congress as majority leader, or minority leader, which is to say whether he controls much of the agenda in the senate, or whether instead he's the loyal opposition."

An official change of power to a democratic senate would require both democrat georgia senators to win....creating a split senate 50 red - 50 blue.

Voss says whatever happens...the margin still isn't big.

"it will be a truly difficult balancing act to try to lead the senate, no matter which party runs it."

Meanwhile in kentucky's capitol...another power balance is also on the line..with the start of the general assembly tuesday.

"the republicans unhappy with democratic governor beshear are going to feel tempted to change the rules to, to strip some powers away from the governor, " throughout the pandemic, republican leaders have been critical of the governor's executive orders to battle covid-19 also saying they weren't included on decisions they felt they should have been.

"usually state institutions don't change very much until you get a situation, such as the one we have now, where one party gets such overwhelming power in the legislature that they can actually make some of those changes that they've been wishing or they had but but couldn't implement for decades."

The governor has said he had to act quickly to save lives...expect him to veto any legislation that limits power...but republicans have the numbers in both chambers to override vetoes.

In lexington monica harkins abc 36 news.

### kentucky's dontaie allen was named s- e-c freshman of the week.

He wasn't the only freshman who came up big against mississippi state though.

Devin askew came away with 11 points, but more importantly...a game and career high 7 assists.

Askew's first three games versus his last three games are completely a good way.

He's nearly doubled his assist numbers and cut his turnovers in half.

He began the season as a starter, but after struggling askew was taken out of the point guard role.

He admits...he needed that to happen.

Terry wilson is going, but darian kinnard is c1 3 staying...we'll talk about both.

Also high school basketball has returned to the bluegrass.

Highlights from games in our area later in sports.

Still ahead, a big drug bust during a traffic stop in anderson county... and the suspect says he got the drugs from someone in lexington.

And also ahead..

The search for another suspect in a laurel county murder.

The latest on the investigation coming up.

Almanac here's today's almanac for lexington.

Weather reopen weather toss at the desk.

Main weather ad-libbing after weather.

The search is on for a man who's been missing for two months in been missing for more than two months in laurel county.

Full mug:missing man search laurel county sheriff's office arron hall aaron hall.jpg <none> <none> <none> according to the sheriff's office..

38- year-old arron hall was last seen october 27th... on roy black road..

Nine miles north of london.

If you know where he could be now, contact the laurel county sheriff's office.

Ots image:left suspect search amber alert.jpg a third suspect is now wanted in connection to last month's murder in laurel county.

According to the sheriff's office..deputies are looking for 28- year-old freddy scalf junior, from east bernstadt.

Investigators say he could look like any of these previous mugshots.

He's wanted in connection to the murder of jeremy caldwell, who was found dead, accross from a business parking lot... on highway 490, on december 20.

<none> <none> two other suspects have previoulsy been arrested in the case.... robert gray and ashley lewis.

Ots image:right drug trafficking arrest arrested.jpg in anderson county... crystal meth and other drugs.... found during a traffic stop in lawrenceburg on sunday.

Police are calling it one of the largest drug busts in the department's history.

Charged in the case, is 32-year -old denero evans.

According to the anderson news..

Evans was arrested, after he was pulled over around three in the morning near the corner of bluebird court and jenny lillard road.

During the search of the car, police say they found marijuana, three brick-like packages of crystal meth, a plastic bag containing crack cocaine, a reported stolen gun and $10- thousand dollars in cash.

According to the anderson news, evans told police he picked up the drugs from a guy in lexington, and was taking them to a hotel in frankfort in exchange for $3- thousand dollars.

Stilll ahead..

Like father like son..

A speacial swearing in ceremony for lexington's new fire chief.

And traveling in 20- 21 during the pandemic..

A look at 21 places to dream of visiting...and even make plans for..

Coming up.

Lexington's new fire chi the city held the swearing-in ceremony this morning for jason wells.

Mayor linda gorton announced wells' promotion to fire chief last month.

There was a special moment at today's ceremony.... as gorton presented wells with his new badge and wells' father... jim.... who served with the lexington fire department for 27 years... pinned it on his son.

Jason wells has served with the department for 25 years... and says he knows he is taking over at a challenging time.

L3: abc 36 news white chief jason wells lexington fire department jason wells: in these times where devisiveness sometimes seems more common than unity, i ask you to rmember our mission is service and we accomplish it together, united we serve.

Wells takes over immediately for chief kristin chilton, who is retiring.

His promotion comes as the lexington fire department will celebrate 150 years.

With covid-19 and quarantines -- 2020 tested us all -- but if you're itching to get out in the new year, when it's safe -- we have the 21 best places to travel in 2021.

But as mandy gaither reports..

If you do plan to travel -- make sure to research entry restrictions and covid-19 guidelines before you head out.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- it's not the best time to travel yet -- but as more people get vaccinated from covid-19 -- you may find yourself dreaming of a getaway -- the 21 places to visit in 2021 starts in antarctica.

Where a december 4th solar eclipse will darken the continent -- and entice travelers.

Canada is next -- with its beauty, it's a good time to enjoy the outdoors.

Disney parks are next -- the star wars attractions were barely open a year when the pandemic struck -- or try something new in dubai -- this year it's home to the first world expo to be held in the middle east.

Egypt is also enticing -- with the expectedopening of the new grand egyptian museum.

France is always a favorite -- with its cuisine, world-class art exhibitions and more try ghana -- the country's hip arts and fashion scene makes it appealing.

Greece is marking 200 years of independence.

And grenada is a winner with its lush rainforests and beaches -- hawaii is always a dream -- with its beauty, breaktaking sunrises and sunsets.

In italy you may be able to revel in the sights without the extensive crowds.

And, in japan, they're hoping to host the postponed summer olympics in july.

Who wouldn't be in the mood formaldives -- or mexico?

New zealand is always appealing with its breath- taking landscapes.

New york city's waterfront, parks and museums may be experienced without the usual crowds.

In singapore -- even the airport is worth the trip -- and spain is always a gem -- thailandrecently reopened to most international tourists.

In the united kingdom -- brexit may make travel more affordable.

And finally -- uruguay -- with its coastline and pristine beaches.

For consumer watch, i'm mandy gaither.

With the season now over, many football cats are deciding on their future.

C1 3 two big announcements today...we will break them down.

And after a delay, high school basketball tipped off tonight around the state.

Highlights from area games coming up in sports.

Junior offensive tackle da c1 3 monday...he will return for his senior season.

Kinnard says his feedback from the n-f-l was second to third round.

Coming back...he believes he can be a lottery pick.

Landon young and drake jackson made it official...theyre gone.

That's 76 starts lost..

Kinnard's 25 consecutive starts will be nice to have back...he also announced guard luke fortner will return as well.

While kinnard saw the writing on the wall to come was a conversation he had with is former teammate josh allen that pushed him toward that final decision.

We all knew his career was over at kentucky...but we didn't know what was next.

Now we do.

C1 3 u-k quarterback terry wilson announcing via his instagram he will use his extra year of eligibity elsewhere...he plans to transfer.

Wilson was 17 and 8 as a starter.

Quinton bohanna and brandon eichols also making their departures official monday...those two headed to the n-f-l draft.

To the hardwood now..

Kentucky high school basketball tipping off monday night.

Over in franklin county..

Brooklynn miles and the flyers picked up right where they left of last year.


Gets the easy lay-in.


It's 11..


Getting the bucket..

And the foul.

That would make it 22-10.

Next possession down for the flyers..

It's the tennessee commit again..

This time from outside.

Franklin county wins easy..


Daryl moberly in his first game at douglass taking on harrison county.

Allison wallace to kasia parks for three.

She knocks it down.

Kara hines from about the free throw line.

Bank is open...she scores this time wallace gonna do it on her own.

Hits the pull-up jumper.

Elizabeth allison all alone.

The three is good.

Douglass wins this one 45 to 42.

Let's go to paris now..

Greyhounds honoring jekobi wells prior to the game.

The 23 second moment of silence..

Representing the number he wore for paris.

Greyhounds were taking on reigning region champs grc..

This one got ugly early..

Jared wellman knocks down the three.

Then on the inbounds..

It's wellman again..

Plus the foul.

He finished with 19.

Greyhounds would get on the board a few plays later..

With this layup in transition..

But this one was all grc..

Jeron morton..

Gets the layup..

Then steals the inbound..

And will get another bucket.

He had a team-high 23.

L3 score: high school sports white <none> paris 28 <none> george rogers clark 89 final cardinals didn't get to play in rupp last year...that road starts again.

They win..

89-28 and we'll end it here in lexington.

L-c-a hosting western hills.

Western hills' zach semones off the inbound.

Knocks down the jumper.

He had 15.

On the other end...jeffrey selby can tote the rock on the football field...he can also knockdown threes.

He finished with 6.

More from l-c-a.

A little ball movement...tyler hall pulls from the corner.

He had a team-high 14.

Eric gabbard showing off the footwork.

The drop step...he scores.

He had 14.

L-c-a begins their season with a win over western hills...67 to 60.


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