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Monday, May 10, 2021


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President trump's removal, saying he incited supporters to storm the nation's capitol on wednesday.

Senators chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are talking about impeachment, and, invoking the 25th amendment.

And, a former local congressman and political scientist are weighing in, too.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

With two weeks left in the trump presidency, any movement in this regard would largely be symbolic.

But one former congressman says, that matters, too.

Presumptive senate majority leader, chuck schumer, wants vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office, following wednesday's riots in the nation's capitol where schumer says the president incited an insurrection against the united states.

New york senator, kirsten gillibrand, says she's all for invoking the 25th or impeachment, but doesn't expect either will happen .

None .

None 6:46 "i will support all of them.

However, i do not think the cabinet has the guts or spine to use the 25th amendment; i do not think believe republican senators have the guts or spine to impeach and convict the president" :15 "watching the scenes unfold yesterday was painful not onnly because i saw some people that i served with, my colleagues, lying on the floor, basically" former congressman michael arcuri forged a friendship with then congressman mike pence when he was in congress, back in 2008.

3:53 we had a very good relationship.

We traveled to afghanistan and iraq together" and i have a great deal of respect for him and i saw what he did yesterday and i had no doubt he was going to do therigy his thoughts tthe vice esident.

He ss it's notenough td wait 2 weeks 1:57 "not because i personally think he's gonna do anything to hurt the country in the next 13 days....but i think it's more because we need to set an example.

We need to sh the worlthat whate preach iswhat wea conversation with another world leader drove this point home for arcuri 4:59 "the president of ethiopia said you have the dacity as aricans object to r electionswhen you n flida and we all st stood there not knowg what toay, becaushe was rit" local political science professor, luke perry, agrees with arcuri 7:38 "i think one thing that most americans don't appreciate is the extent to which the re the worldlooks ate gillibrand, he's doubtful the 25th amendment will be invoked, or, that congress will move to impeach the president 4:37 "those processes tend to take some time and need a consistent amount of support to be realized and i'm doubtful that's gonna happen" > arcuri hasn't spoken to pence since he left office 15 years ago, but says he might reach out about this.

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