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Monday, March 1, 2021

Cuomo reaches out to Pfizer

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Cuomo reaches out to Pfizer
Cuomo reaches out to Pfizer


Andrew Cuomo is looking for New York to purchase Pfizer vaccines directly from the company.

If new york state can buy pfizer's covid-19 vaccine directly ...rather than getting it from the federal government.

"pfizer is technically not bound by any federal agreement because they did not get engaged with what the federal government called operation warp speed where they gave money to drug companies, to expedite the vacne.

Pfizeris a h it."

Pfizer says quote: "we appreciate governor cuomo's kind words and the pride he expressed in his letter that pfizer is a new york-headquartered company.

Pfizer is open to collaborating with hhs on a distribution model that gives as many americans as possible access to our vaccine as quickly as possible.

However, before we can sell directly to state governments, hhs would need to approve that proposal based on the emergency use authorization granted to pfizer by the fda."

Going county by county with the newest


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