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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Chattanooga Lookouts single game tickets are on sale NOW. Find about Used Car Saturdays & more!

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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The Chattanooga Lookouts single game tickets are on sale NOW.  Find about Used Car Saturdays & more!
The Chattanooga Lookouts single game tickets are on sale NOW. Find about Used Car Saturdays & more!

The Chattanooga Lookouts single game tickets are on sale NOW.

Find about Used Car Saturdays & more!

It's jack check out the mask.

I love you and see if it was for all of but this is a facemask with the chattanooga lookouts want what makes this mask so unusual.

Our next guest is wearing one of these as well because he is with jim lookouts is her friend dan coffee dan, good to see you citizenship has been way too long.

It really hasn't.

By the way, this is a killer mask.

It's incredible, then gave us to me.

We were doing a live shot with her friend dixie or from the ballpark talking about very first concert last year so for the mass, make sure that this one stays with them & t store actually made a sale today and going out there 34 days until the first game for the brand-new season.

It's been what what the 21 months or so says and i 18 months it's been a long time way to live there.

You guys are anxious to see season.

I'm anxious for the first pitch will be doing a little bit differently in broad strokes for fan safety and for player safety and for lookouts steps lesson today.

Our tickets are o sale for the first 18 games during the opening up our ticke sales in phases.

Phase 1 is refers 18 and during that phase were to be little socially distant so our tickets are available and you have pot style seating price is just a little bit more and distance of the ballpark short of are you going to encourage folks to wear thei masks during those first 18 games may be beyond her years, kind of evaluated yet) evaluate but we organize fans to wear their mast, the first eight you probably a pretty smart idea, and of the pot style seating as you have seen, if you watched any of the grapefruit league games or even some of the god o the broadcast there, and encouraging social distancing a well ... promotions probably more than any other team in the league.

The chattanooga lookouts have led everyone in baseball oriented promotions during season.

I'm looking at some of the things that are new witnesses and ocean to the other great promotions.

You guys are doing thirsty thursday.

Tell me about that one dollar drink specials.

I mean, can you get one dollar every thursday.

Every thursday food city is helping you.

Without going to give thos folks a big shout out to see what else do we have you got a lot of buy one get one free deals is forced tickets are show your friends and i current is they get buy one get one free ticket i military appreciation day.

This is a big deal.

This medical aid is just one of our favorite things to do and it is so much trust in our country and be able to give them a lookouts ticket nothing for us.

He has one doing it, and he gets people into the bowl path, whic is always a good good and probably one of the biggest things you guys, don going back years is used-car night life.

You've changed around it.

How well we were thinking of giving away 112 used cars on one night that's cool.

Why not do it every single saturday syringe away when used car night news car every single saturday night sponsored by deviancy, well that's good about the port without doubt, what's the criteria for winning mortgages go in a nutshell what you have to do other than show show up be 18 years or older and with the area and to open trotta when he is gone and that's it.

You just another pretty cool promotions.

We just don't have time to go into the but i hope you'll come back and join us tickets early on sale byron cell right now lookouts lookouts

I am again is forsaken the family out enjoyin the day or night at the wall part you can be the value and the price the opening day celebration is coming up on may the on may 1 pitch is at its 50 and the lookouts are playing a rocket city trash pandas rocket city trash that we could also him up.

I i get your tickets now and again this is for the first day game right you want to get them to think so much for joining us will be joining us.

Our morning show and over the coming weeks as well to keep us posted on what's happening.