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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Child abuse reports are down

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Child abuse reports are down
Child abuse reports are down
Reports are down in both Minnesota and Iowa during the pandemic.

Thank you.

New for you on daybreak.

Reports of child abuse and neglect in both minnesota and iowa have dropped significantly the past year.

That has some officials worried it's because the pandemic is preventing kids from being in the public eye.

Kimt news 3's madelyne watkins checked in with the olmsted county child and family services and joins us live.

Madelyne, what are you learning?/// brooke.

I'm learning that child and family services has about 700 families it serves per year.

And during the past year... staff is seeing about a 20% decline in reports.

I'm learning a big reason for the drop is because schools aren't meeting in?

"* person every day, children aren't out in the public eye as often and child protection agencies haven't been able to make their usual rounds of check ins.

The program manager, tiffany kacir, tells me the county's child and family services department has made it a top priority to continue interacting with families and children.

She says it's important to consider the stress a lot of parents have been under "many of us know that this sometimes can impact how parents can be the best parents they want to be.

So finding ways to support those around you, to help relieve the burden, give back or give a break, offer to provide some child care temporarily or run an errand for a parent.

That will help build safety networks for kids in our community."

She says school staff is their main source of child protection reports.

So once students are back in?

"*person for school... more reports could come in.

Live in rochester.

Madelyne watkins kimt thank you madelyne.

Today marks the first day of child abuse prevention month.

She says prevention is the most effective way


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