My Tattoo Addiction Left Me Blind | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
My Tattoo Addiction Left Me Blind | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A 26-YEAR OLD who is so obsessed with tattoos that they decided to tattoo their eyeballs pink, has been left with permanent damage to their eyes.

Despite this, the tattoo fan has no regrets and is ready to get more ink.

Sarah Sabbath from El Paso, Texas got her first tattoo aged just 14, but by her early 20s she was covered from head to toe in ink.

Growing up, Sarah was bullied for her bushy eyebrows and crooked teeth, which meant as a youngster Sarah lacked confidence with her appearance.

However, Sarah feels more herself now than she ever did without tattoos and attributes each tattoo that she has had as a step along her passage in self discovery.

Describing her aesthetic as modern art, influenced by rock fashion, thug lifestyle and Latina culture, where Sarah draws inspiration from is vast and varied.

Whilst Sarah loves the look she has created and believes “my tattoos made me a stronger person”, they are not always well received.

Often when people see Sarah’s tattoos they assume she is a “criminal or doesn’t have an education”.

Unfazed by her critics, Sarah says: “Not everyone has the balls to express themselves as I do.

My tattoos are my way of life and I’ll never stop getting them".

This for some might seem reckless, especially as three years ago, Sarah decided to have her eyeballs tattooed pink, which left her temporarily blind and can still give her trouble to this day.

However, Sarah’s response is that she doesn’t regret getting her eyes done and would do the same again given the opportunity.

We catch up with Sarah today, as she gets another tattoo.