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Monday, November 29, 2021

Vaccines for Children

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Vaccines for Children
Vaccines for Children
Rising rates of infection


I'm george mallet.

And i'm amy fleming./// first tonight: the race to vaccinate as many people as possible before covid variants spread is on ?

"* and children are next in line to receive a vaccine.

Kimt news three's jessica bringe joins us live from rochester with how soon mayo clinic says a vaccine for children could be expected.


George ?

"* mayo clinic says there's an increase in the number of children becoming infected..

Rising from around 2?

"* percent in the spring of last year to nearly 18?

"*percet right now.

There are pfizer and moderna covid vaccine trials underway for children 6 months to eleven years of age..

Results are expected to be released by the end of this year with a vaccine approval estimated by 2022.

However, many parents may question whether the vaccine will be safe..

Or if there are long?

"*term effects children my face?

Pediatric and critical care specialist dr. joseph poterucha says given pfizer's data over the past months in adults ?

"* it will likely reflect the same it's been now 9 months we've been seeing good safety data, no concerns with the autoimmune process or delayed immunization reaction so we know that it's safe.

Really we're seeing a shift in the attitude of hesitancy.

Pfizer has released data from its vaccine trial for ages 12?

"*15 years old..

With the hope of fda approval before kids return to school in the fall.

Live in rochester jessica bringe kimt news three.

Thank you jessica.

Mayo clinic says around 300 children around the country have died

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