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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tracking the Tropics | July 2, evening update

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Tracking the Tropics | July 2, evening update
Tracking the Tropics | July 2, evening update
ABC Action News is tracking Hurricane Elsa.

This is an abc action newsupdate sponsored by handymdoing everybody maybe seeDennis phillips.

We are trand we are tracking hurric85 miles an hour.

This thiwest at 30 miles an hour.close to triple the forwarsystems in this part of thusually storms weekend goinot Elsa.

She's gotten evewe think it is going to ruany kind of additional devthat's the case.

And eventOnce it does we think it wto a tropical storm.

And tis where or if does it impflorida?

It's human natureat the middle line here anBut the way I see it, thismuch the entire state Hastropical storm conditionsis a tropical storm, we're60 mile an hour winds.

It'would be stronger right notropical storm force windssurge would be an issue alTell you what the models hmore to the west of least for central florithat's the case for us.

Thlikely be a better spot fohandyman roofing is the onto make for roof leaks, refor your home.

Are three ghas already taken care ofneighbors call today fromflorida to be immediatelyspecialist.

Many man knows

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