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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Cleveland weather

Credit: WEWS NewsChannel5
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Cleveland weather
Cleveland weather
Cleveland weather from News 5

This power of five weatherby Akron Children's Hospita cloudy start to your Wedhave fallen but it's veryand eastern communities.

Mdealing with the clouds aspushing away from us as weis gonna move in for a persome nice conditions as weof your week.

A bit breezycooler than yesterday.

Weeighties yesterday today,lower humidity though, sonice out there.

You priorichange and it's not gonnamuch out on the lake todayhigher wave small craft adaddition to that, there isstatement because of the rcurrents.

We could see wav2 to 4 ft with a northerlyknots.

Water temperature iat this point, as we moveof the week, as I mentionequiet, isolated showers arand also sunday because yohere, a front is approachithat will still have someweekend but certainly wanton sunday.

A better chanceshowers and storms. Hot tethough into about the middand sunday.

Next week we'l

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