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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Celebrate Your Birthday With Confidence

Credit: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
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Celebrate Your Birthday With Confidence
Celebrate Your Birthday With Confidence

Plexaderm works fast to turn back the years and bring back that youthful glow #PaidForContent

Aging, it can just be rudesometimes we're getting olmean we should he avto looI know you've had the expein their mror and going, uthat you're tired and you'an amazing product we featcalled flexi Durham it's going to help youthe lyrics.

If I could turit melodically, but we getshe is here lifestyle expeto be here.

I'm so excitedhave some before and afterwere we focused on essentithat make you look older.mouth, you'll see the undethese things age when youand I'm going to show youcan do for you.

All right,before and afters.

We'll shave Laura, Penny and Roseyou'll see the mouth areareally ages you.

And hereto all areas of her face aout, giving her a youngerwe all want that Located gto face.

It a only takes 1and last for 10 hours.

Itit's a little thing you caand that this is the thinglooking refreshed or lookiis about details.

I thinkwere used to kind of you kthese certain details.

Umand afters that show somedetails I do.

And this isbeautiful, different's those dreaded under ecircles before deadlines.problems, allergies, lackwe all have these and you'to look young and literallright there on the screen.single day or for those spI'm telling you it makes yhad the best sleep of yourit.

It's the truth.

We havhave mona carol and dawn.of them.

I love them too.eye bags, the crow's feet,their lips area.

And thesemaybe getting older.

Maybeyour executive, maybe you'But what I love here too,has the forehead lines andto get rid of.

I have thosconscious.

So I did a googHow do I get rid of those?But guess what?

Look at Dothese a try.

That's the reexpect to get from flexor.that men are some of our bwell.

It's awesome to andof even note those four hehave them to a net, then yof prevent the deep wrinklto.

And by the way, I betand women can both use itforehead.

Yeah, there's aUm and then finally Ellen,so here again, we're goingthe lines around the mouthbut also the crow's feet.these videos to is it showsmall amount.

Again, it tarise flexing arm and shinebecause you have less to cwork with makeup as long aproduct awesome.

Yeah, I bit on before your makeup aa little shale rock.

I'veyou long enough to know thtell us a little bit moreYeah.

So they extracted sishale rock and what it doeskin almost instantly as yvideos.

And what I love istry because if I'm talkingskeptical.

I wanted to seeand saying and I was like,this.

The sem ruyou can dohave to worry about the in10 hours.


It's a daildoesn't have seconds to apget these resolved.

You knoppele that are watching rlike, you know what, provepeople prove it with the tapplication trial pack forif you were skeptical befonow is the time to give itawesome.

You know what?

AtYou can, I feel like you cfeel like you've lost out.that's an excellent pricemuch for bringing all thostoo.

I just think it's soreal people's results thatidea of how it might workyou did right there.

AbsolYou can take advantage ofyourself.

14 95 for that tthrowing in free want to, you know, it'I feel like I can clean my


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