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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thirsty Thursday: Chance for Rain & Lightning

Credit: KTVH - Scripps
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Thirsty Thursday: Chance for Rain & Lightning
Thirsty Thursday: Chance for Rain & Lightning

Were just downright unhealaround the helm ville areaHelena kind of fizzled outof theseig b storms. Hopefnew wildfire starts here.Woods creek fire, however,smoke plume right there.

Tearlier today, down aroundand up across north centrais a line of showers and twill connue tiits way acroMontana on the high line ttonight into tomorrow mornpicture, we've got a lot ocoast and into the southeain northern California emiour fires hereev, en thougthe last few days kind ofmeaning slowly emitting mothunderstorms continue tonalong the high line.

That'midnight and have her maybAnd then tomorw roafternoothrough the southwestern pinto central Montana laterchance at some solid new wildfire starts andfriday mniorng.

Really mor94.

That's where we'll seeon friday.

So another storbe affecting us as we getsaturday red flag warningAnd then sunday here comestemperatures and maybe somagain cold enough for at lway on up there above abouSome showers a sndtorms woon the high line touhrgh ttomorrow morning temperatuaround 60°.

For tomorrow,Again in the southwestern

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