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Monday, September 20, 2021

Tampa Pride on the River | Morning Blend

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Tampa Pride on the River | Morning Blend
Tampa Pride on the River | Morning Blend
Tampa Pride on the River

With our boat parades righpart of Tampa Bay.

Well, athat we are so excited towelcome back to our show,Ryan and Nicholas, betterhave I Ever guys, N H I Eto catch up with you in peguys?

Good, Thank you so mWe're so excited to be herthat's what we do it

But I also love talkinand really making a yearlosupport those in the LGBTQbe more excited to talk abtalking about, explain howsome fun and really kick owe're excited to launch thPride on the river that's18th in downtown Tampa.

Weto celebrate tons of wayslooking forward to hostinganchor and brian, we're goboat parade on the river gchannel to Armature worksArmature works.

There'll briverside festival with toIt's free to the public, linvolved.

So we're reallyall the great details withviewers today.

You know whsince we've been in Tampato see the support that thshow and create and it's sable to talk about it hereI think it speaks volumesthat this is the first annalready getting people toparade and of course thosethere's nothing that sayscomes to brunch than a bruqueen.

I mean you nailed,of fun brunch is already lThe performers are top notsummers.

The boat parade iis quintessential becominggetting registrations by ta new concept for people,on, it's like taking thatthe streets to the are going to be decoand with people drag queenon boats performing on theus all the way down to armwe're going to have a fullup from 4 to 8 p.m.

Headliwho's from Rupaul's drag ron a fireworks pserentatiobeen to Busch Gardens fordo without all of our sponour presenting sponsor Winthe Bush Gardens fireworksanyone knows how to do firGardens.

Right hands down,have that.

Hey, you know,the way that so many peoplpeople love showing off thjust riding our boats.

Youpeople register for that.and share that informationlot of boats to show theirall the information to sigactually offering a speciafor your viewers.

So if ththe parade and they use thblend.

They will receive athe boat parade.

We'd loveand the visibility of ourlove to invite all of ourthe river, be out with fricelebrate the LGBT communibed.

Okay, so as a proud agot to ask you to do you hI join your boat?

I'm pretmore information on our weright on the river dot org