5G Alert! Boeing and Airbus Raise 5G Safety Alarm
5G Alert! Boeing and Airbus Raise 5G Safety Alarm

WASHINGTON — The bosses of the world’s two giant airplane manufacturers say the January 5 launch of 5G phone technology services could have serious safety implications for airplane interference.

The BBC reported on Tuesday, December 21 that the top executives of Boeing and Airbus have called on the U.S. government to halt the launch of 5G phone services in the U.S. Two of the biggest phone companies in America, Verizon and AT&T are scheduled to switch on their 5G networks on January 5.

The Boeing and Airbus executives say there is unsettling evidence that C-Band spectrum 5G wireless radiation could interfere with sensitive aircraft equipment like radio altitude meters.

These high-tech devices are very important to guide the pilots and onboard computers, especially at night and in misty or stormy weather, when visibility is almost zero.

The chief executive of United Airlines, Scott Kirby, says if the FAA’s new 5G directives come into effect, airline pilots would not be able to use their radio altitude meters at around 40 of the biggest airports in America.

The airplane makers made their plea in a joint letter that cited researchers who found that, if 5G rules had been in effect in 2019, about 345,000 passenger flights and 5,400 cargo flights would have faced delays, diversions or cancellations.

The American wireless industry group CTIA says 5G technology is safe and it accused the aircraft makers of fear-mongering and fact distortion.

In a blog post cited by the BBC, the CTIA’s chief executive said “pushing back deployment one year would subtract $50 billion in economic growth, just as our nation recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic.”