The Raw Deal (21 September 2022) with Paul from CA and Mike Sledge
The Raw Deal (21 September 2022) with Paul from CA and Mike Sledge

GOP hard line on migrants changing the focus heading into the November midterms for the better.

Biden's attack on MAGA supporters backfires, where the public is more concerned about the "socialist left" than the "radical right".

Even Gavin Newsom's attacks on DeSantis are blowing back against him and the Democrats.

Most of the show was dedicated to taking a close look at Miles Mathis' attack on Jim Fetzer over Sandy Hook, where he claims that Jim and his petition before the US Supreme Court are "fake", where he fails to separate the legal cases involving Alex Jones--where Jim sought to intervene to make the point that there has been no judicial determination of whether anybody died at Sandy Hook--and Jim's own case, where he was found liable of defamation by a Summary Judgment, where in WI the judge can--on the basis of his own subjective opinion-excluded evidence as "unreasonable" and resolve disputed facts without invoking a jury to decide them.

This has led to his submission to SCOTUS, which coincidentally received a boost (of which he learned just before show time) when Justice Gorsuch send his Motion to Stay to all of the members of the court, which (by itself) demonstrates that Miles Mathis has it wrong--in this case, on every score: he does not know the facts of the case, he does not know the law, and he does not know how the US Supreme Court conducts its business.

Check out his irresponsible attack ( and compare it with my Petition and Motion to Stay (which you can access from the SCOTUS docket).

Thanks to Paul and Mike for an excellent discussion and show.