Feeling Weak? Eat These Foods to Feel Stronger
Feeling Weak? Eat These Foods to Feel Stronger

Feeling Weak?, Eat These Foods, to Feel Stronger.

It's imperative to be mindful of the changes our bodies go through and how to act accordingly.

Humans naturally begin to lose bone density as they age.


Fortunately, a proper balanced diet can help you age gracefully.


Salmon, Salmon is full of several nutrients that promote bone health.

Salmon is rich in protein, which is key to producing bone tissue.

, Elizabeth Ward, MS RDN Author, via Eat This, Not That.

The fat contained in salmon helps your body to absorb vitamin D, a crucial bone nutrient.


Kale, One cup of chopped kale has nearly 15% of the suggested daily calcium intake.

Experts say women and men over 50 should consume 1000 to 1200 milligrams of calcium a day.

Kale also contains Vitamin K, a vital component of bone tissue.


Beans, Beans have a wide-ranging amount of positive health effects.

Beans are a strong source of plant-based calcium, magnesium and potassium.

One cup of white beans offers 191 milligrams of calcium.


Eggs, Starting the day with some eggs is an easy and time-honored way to maintain quality bone health.

Eggs are a rare food that naturally provides vitamin D—which is needed to help absorb calcium from the intestinal tract.

, Holly Klamer, MS RDN MyChrohnsAndColitisTeam, via Eat This, Not That.

Don't skip the yolk, it contains K2, a vitamin that delivers calcium to your bones.

Eat Well and Live Long!