Something Big Is Coming Down The Pike – The Flipside
Something Big Is Coming Down The Pike – The Flipside

In our last show I talked about certain news sources that are publishing stories that make it seem like salvation will be coming to mankind in the way of something called, “The Great Awakening.” According to this awakening philosophy there are forces within the governments of the world that want to wrestle power away from the World Economic Forum and the Illuminati.

They often cite the Bible’s mention of a Year of Jubilee in which all debts will be forgiven, stolen monies restored and the destruction of bad people.

They also cite New Age sources and use a variety of New Age phrases, melding Yahweh’s Word with the writings and philosophies of just about every other world religion.

So, what is this movement all about?

Is any of this babble for real?

Will such a “salvation,” really lead to the Beast System mentioned in Revelation and Daniel?

Are many people being set up for disappointment or worse; a brainwashing that will cause them to accept Anti-Messiah when he arrives?

We’ll look at the flip side of what could easily become melded with its antithesis to form the end of days final human kingdom on Earth.