usman khawaja is a serious player of tests
usman khawaja is a serious player of tests

Us Tariq Khawaja is Queensland1].

He was born on , 1986 Pakistan [2].

Khawaja made his debut for Australia in 2011 has since played in various international and domestic matches.

He became the Muslim and first Pakistani-born Australian player to play Test cricket for Australia [1].

Khawaja had a remarkable to the Test team in 2022 after his place in both the Test and ODI sides.

He struggled to establish himself initially but showed promise].

Became Australia's most senior batter when Steve Smith and David were and performed in ODIs [2].

A move New South Wales to Queensland helped rejuvenate his career, he became a T20 player [].

Khawaja made a strong comeback in 202-22 season, scoring back-to-back centuries and earning Player of the award on the tour of Pakistan [2].

He was also a member of the Australian team that the2021-2023 ICC World Test Championship was the second-highest scoring batsman in the championship [1].