And Just In Time For Cold and Flu Season, Our Next Pandemic?
And Just In Time For Cold and Flu Season, Our Next Pandemic?

Many years ago, George Santayana penned a phrase that most of us are familiar with, when he wrote “Those who cannot remember history are condemn to repeat it.” While the same idea is found in the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, we see that George was penning a truism that people often forget.

Perhaps, in our day we should pen something similar and also often true, “Those who refuse to acknowledge history are planning to repeat it.” Those who subscribe by the revised version often count on the general public to live out the first and original version because in their estimation, and often proved out, people are basically dumb.

Our listener’s are not dumb, they are the opposite of dumb.

Our listeners are ever seeking the truth about every matter and we do not rest until we have that truth.

We ooze with discernment and very little gets by us.

In most cases, when authoritarians tell us to go left we go right, when they tell us to look down we look up and when they tell us that right is wrong, we cast off their folly and we teach others to do the same.

With the cold and flu season approaching fast, the Elite are planning a new pandemic, a new season of masks and social distancing.

They want to force us into our homes and keep us from our worship places.

We, however remember the past five years and what they did to us and if they thought that we were rebellious then, they’ll really hate us now because nothing that they say will cause us to submit to them, nothing that they do will force us to bow our knees and nothing that that they want from us will they get.

Tonight, let’s look at this new plan for the demise of Americans and all truth lovers around the world.

Let’s nip this in the bud right off, bowing to no earthly person, only to Almighty God, Yahweh our King.

The program will start at 3PM Pacific this Thursday.

Hope to see you there.