FrazzleDrip Testimony - debunking the complicit MSM narrative (related info & links in description)
FrazzleDrip Testimony - debunking the complicit MSM narrative (related info & links in description)

(Note: Going through my archive of censored videos.

I know the FrazzleDrip video is real.

Gene Decode viewed portions and it has been known to be on Anthony Weiner's laptop and on the black web.

Icons states his friend has seen it and if I recall correctly, Gene has been on the Spiritual Raw channel where I think Gene gave them a glimpse of the video as well.

So, pretty sure it is real just as the complicit MSM (denying it exists as well as Pizzagate) is covering for these demonic satanic psychopaths.

I have personally seen a portion of cartel execution video where a young man was being tortured that had his face cut off as well as his hands and he was still being interrogated by a group of cartel sadists.

This was years before any knowledge of this adrenochrome stuff or these satanic sacrifice rituals by the elite.

God allowed me to endure a lifetime demonic attachment where I went down some rabbit holes and curious related research.

Seeing the depravity of these psychopaths and then recently learning the level done to innocent children is just too much to bare.

I believe God prepared me to believe evil can exist at this level and thus recognize early the underlying deeds, patterns and schemes of our governments and the elite running the world.

When Red-Pilled at this level, you have no issue believing it and wanting to warn others, especially the fact our governments/Vatican actual want us dead (Covid Genocide) while preying against our children in systematic secret.

Thank God I am totally free of that demonic attachment and I believe I am called to warn others and secondly, living my life at this time to witness the fall of this evil disgusting cabal, to witness all the crimes of the cabal and to collectively heal with the rest of humanity once justice has been rendered.