FDA Warns These Cinnamon Brands Could Contain Lead
FDA Warns These Cinnamon Brands Could Contain Lead

FDA Warns These , Cinnamon Brands , Could Contain Lead.

NPR reports that the Food and Drug Administration has issued an advisory that several brands of cinnamon could potentially contain lead.

The six brands impacted by the advisory are: , La Fiesta, Marcum, MK, Swad, Supreme Tradition and El Chilar.


These brands are commonly on sale at discount stores and were found to contain between 2.03 and 3.4 parts per million of lead.

The FDA said that while no illnesses have been linked to the products, it has recommended a voluntary recall of the cinnamon brands.

It is important to note that the lead levels found in the ground cinnamon products listed above are significantly lower than lead levels in cinnamon in the recalled apple sauce pouches removed from the market this past fall, FDA statement, via NPR.

The FDA added that the impacted products , "could be unsafe for prolonged use.".

NPR reports that long-term lead exposure in children can lead to slower development, brain and nervous system damage, as well as behavioral and learning problems. According to the CDC, while adults can experience similar impacts, higher amounts of exposure are necessary.

The FDA said that "historically, lead chromate has been illegally added to certain spices" to increase their weight and enhance their color, "which increases the monetary value of the adulterated spices." .

FDA's leading hypothesis remains that this was likely an act of economically motivated adulteration, FDA statement, via NPR