First Black cardinal seeks common ground with Biden [Video]

First Black cardinal seeks common ground with Biden

Wilton Gregory, the archbishop of Washington, DC who this week will become the first African American cardinal, said on Tuesday (November 24) that he want to find common ground with the incoming U.S...

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Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins dies at 93 [Video]

Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins dies at 93

[NFA] David Dinkins, who served as New York City's first and only African American mayor during the 1990s, died on Monday at the age of 93, police said. This report produced by Yahaira Jacquez.

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Kamala Harris becomes first Black woman, South Asian elected Vice President [Video]

Kamala Harris becomes first Black woman, South Asian elected Vice President

Kamala Harris is making history as the first Black woman elected vice president of the United States, shattering barriers that have kept men — almost all of them white — entrenched at the highest..

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Al Roker Shares he Has been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer [Video]

Al Roker Shares he Has been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Al Roker shared Friday on "Today" that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The beloved TV weatherman will undergo surgery for the condition. Roker said it was discovered after a routine medical..

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Philadelphia police to boost presence following shooting [Video]

Philadelphia police to boost presence following shooting

[NFA] Philadelphia will deploy additional police officers and has asked surrounding regions for law enforcement support as it braces for further unrest on Tuesday sparked by the police killing of a..

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Pope names first African-American as new cardinal [Video]

Pope names first African-American as new cardinal

Pope Francis named 13 new Roman Catholic cardinals on Sunday (October 25) including Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington D.C., who will become the first African-American to hold the rank. Ciara Lee..

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Final debate a chance for Trump to reset race [Video]

Final debate a chance for Trump to reset race

[NFA] Thursday night's face-off may be one of Republican President Donald Trump's last opportunities to sway voters ahead of an election in which polls show him trailing Democratic challenger Joe..

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Howard alumni eager to see Harris in first debate [Video]

Howard alumni eager to see Harris in first debate

[NFA] Fellow Howard University alumnae beam with pride as they discuss Senator Kamala Harris and her historic rise in American politics as she prepares for a high-stakes debate against Vice President..

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Howard alum eager to see Harris in first debate [Video]

Howard alum eager to see Harris in first debate

[NFA] Fellow Howard University alumnae beam with pride as they discuss Senator Kamala Harris and her historic rise in American politics as she prepares for a high-stakes debate against Vice President..

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Trump strategy data leak targets Joe Biden [Video]

Trump strategy data leak targets Joe Biden

Last night Channel 4 News revealed Donald Trump's strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting for Hillary Clinton. Tonight, how white voters are being targeted to be terrified of Joe..

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Overlooked No More: Eleanor Flexner, Pioneering Feminist in an Anti-Feminist Age

“Century of Struggle,” her 1959 history of the women’s rights movement, uncovered previously ignored narratives, like the contributions of African-American women. - Published

Twitter suspends fake pro-Trump African-American accounts

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Twitter Inc on Tuesday said it had suspended a number of accounts that claimed to be owned by Black supporters of President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign, saying the accounts broke its..
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Lindsey Graham in debate forum: Black people can go anywhere in South Carolina if they're 'not liberal'

"I can say without any doubt, you can be an African American and go to the Senate, you just have to share the values of our state," Graham said. - Published

How the outlawed practice of redlining is still hurting Black Americans

"I think you see it in every city in America," Atlanta councilman Amir Farokhi said. "This is where the basis of segregated neighborhoods remains to this day."
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Black Voters weigh Harris' VP debate debut

African American voters on both sides of the political isle are weighing in on Sen. Kamala Harris debate debut, as she made history as the first Black woman to stand on a vice presidential debate.. - Published

'I Won't Be Used as a Guinea Pig for White People'

Mistrust of vaccines runs deep in African-American communities. Against formidable odds, Father Paul Abernathy and his teams are trying to convince residents of Pittsburgh’s historic Black.. - Published

The Trump-Biden Debate And Reassessing Why Clinton Lost In 2016

the trump-biden debate and reassessing why clinton lost in 2016
Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Many observers dismissed the role of race in 2016 by arguing that President Barack Obama’s voters could not have had unfavorable views of racial..
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Trump debate comment pushing Black Americans, others to vote

trump debate comment pushing black americans, others to vote
DETROIT (AP) — When President Donald Trump refused to outright condemn white nationalists in this week's presidential debate and urged his supporters to monitor polling sites, Portia Roberson was..
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Obama and the 2008 general election

60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft followed the first African-American presidential nominee as he took on Senator John McCain
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Black voters 'frustrated' by Trump debate comments

Some African American voters find it frustrating and exhausting that President Donald Trump did not condemn white supremacist groups and their role in violence in some US cities this summer. (Sept... - Published

California to study and recommend reparations for Black Americans

The reparations would not be limited to slavery, but the law requires the task force to give special consideration for Black people who are descendants of slaves.
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Biden says Trump is racist during debate

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden made their pitches to win over Black voters in the election, with Biden mockingly questioning: "This man is a savior of African Americans," he asked... - Published

Breonna Taylor's heartbreaking death exposes a chasm between law and justice

We shouldn't be screaming 'racism' when an African American prosecutor investigates a police incident and determines it was a tragedy but not a crime. - Published

Trump 2016 campaign allegedly tried to deter Black voters, report says

Brad Parscale's name is in the spotlight for another reason after Channel 4 News released a report detailing an alleged Trump campaign strategy to deter Black Americans from voting in 2016. Jason Kint,..
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Black businesses tap "resiliency funds" amid COVID

"Resiliency funds" are helping Black-owned business stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, continuing a long tradition of mutual aid within African American communities with limited access to.. - Published

Trump used Facebook to suppress the Black vote in battleground states during 2016 election, report says

Report: Trump's 2016 campaign sought to deter Black Americans in battleground states from voting by targeting them with negative Clinton Facebook ads. - Published

Did Kamala Harris’ family move to Jamaica to engage in the slave trade? No

did kamala harris’ family move to jamaica to engage in the slave trade? no
CLAIM: “My family came to Jamaica from India to exploit the black African slaves we bought like cattle. Now I pretend to be African American to exploit them for votes,” says a caption with a 2017..
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The election scenario that should terrify everyone -- especially Black America

the election scenario that should terrify everyone -- especially black america
(CNN)As Election Day draws closer, commentators are issuing apocalyptic warnings about potential coups, street violence and President Trump not conceding if he loses. But there's another frightening..
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'Power Book II' focuses on 'the journey of African-American youth'

"Power Book II: Ghost" showrunner Courtney A. Kemp says the 'Power" sequel focuses on "the journey of African-American youth in our country…in an academic setting" while the original series was set.. - Published

Donald Trump launches blistering attack on the Black Lives Matter movement

donald trump launches blistering attack on the black lives matter movement
Donald Trump launched a blistering attack on the Black Lives Matter movement as he courted African American voters in Atlanta. “It is...
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Study: US economy lost $16 trillion due to discrimination against Blacks

study: us economy lost $16 trillion due to discrimination against blacks
As it turns out, racism is expensive, a new study shows Ongoing protests sparked by the death of George Floyd have reignited a national discussion around the systemic racial discrimination in the..
WorldNews - Published

Why so many Black Americans vote the same way, despite diverse views

A recent article in the New York Times Magazine titled "How the Black vote became a monolith" looks at the history of Black voters aligning their support behind one party or another. Theodore Roosevelt..
CBS News - Published

Gunman Who Shot 2 Policemen in Louisville Charged With 16 Criminal Counts

gunman who shot 2 policemen in louisville charged with 16 criminal counts
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Riots broke out in Louisville on Wednesday after the state attorney general announced that no criminal charges will be filed against the police officers involved in the death of..
WorldNews - Published

"There is not equal justice," Ibram X. Kendi says after Breonna Taylor decision

Leading antiracist scholar and CBS News contributor Ibram X. Kendi joins "CBS This Morning" to react to a grand jury choosing not to indict any police officers for the killing of Breonna Taylor. He..
CBS News - Published

Black physicians group to vet safety of COVID-19 vaccines

The National Medical Association says African Americans don't trust the government when it comes to deadly virus.
CBS News - Published

Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin form new NASCAR team, hire Bubba Wallace as driver

NBA legend Michael Jordan becomes first Black majority owner of a full-time NASCAR Cup Series team since Hall of Famer Wendell Scott in the 1970s. - Published

The titan of Black media, John H. Johnson, shaped how African Americans got the news

Black media like Jet magazine made me aware of national news coverage. Today, the media landscape has changed drastically for African Americans. - Published

Kamala Harris urges Black Americans to vote: ‘It’s up to us.’ - Published

It's National Black Voter Day. Here's what to you need to know.

The inaugural National Black Voter Day is designed to educate African Americans on how to register to vote, make a plan and encourage others to vote. - Published

Christian Cooper addresses systemic bias in new comic book

In "It's a Bird," a Black teen bird watcher sees African Americans who have been killed by police through an old pair of binoculars.
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Black voter confronts Trump on "MAGA" slogan

"When has America been great for African Americans in the ghetto of America?" Pastor Carl Day asked.
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Kanye West Insists on Black Ownership of Music Masters in New Rant

Kanye West isn't easing up off his push for Black ownership in enterprise, or his gripes about not getting a chance to own the masters to his songs. Ye was going off again early Wednesday about.. - Published

Black churches accuse Donald Trump election ad of inciting 'white terrorism'

black churches accuse donald trump election ad of inciting 'white terrorism'
Leaders call for removal of ad depicting worshippers as ‘thugs’ Video pairs Biden at prayer with scenes of street violence Black American church leaders have accused Donald Trump of inciting..
WorldNews - Published

Trump called him ‘my African American’ and upended his life

trump called him ‘my african american’ and upended his life
Gregory Cheadle lost his girlfriend, friends and his party after he was infamously tethered to Donald Trump at a rally Gregory Cheadle couldn’t resist the urge to crack a joke at a rally in Redding,..
WorldNews - Published

Juneteenth is officially a holiday in New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy announced that every third Friday in June will be a state and public holiday to "celebrate the end of the physical chains which once held Black Americans down."
CBS News - Published

Regina King introduces 'One Night in Miami' to Oscars race at TIFF premiere

Regina King enters the Hollywood awards race with "One Night in Miami" at a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The Oscar-winning actor's directorial debut tells a fictional account of four.. - Published

James Jackson, Who Changed the Study of Black America, Dies at 76

Rather than focus on interracial comparisons, his National Survey of Black Americans explored the complexities within the Black population. - Published

Minorities underrepresented in vaccine trials, despite being hit hardest

A new study on COVID-19 research and clinical trials found that African Americans are underrepresented, despite being disproportionately affected by the virus.
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Black Police Chiefs, Feeling Squeezed, Face Criticism on All Sides

As police departments are scrutinized for racist policing practices, African-American chiefs find themselves caught between skeptical residents and officers. - Published

Why black Americans are more likely to be vegan

African Americans are almost three times as likely to be vegan than white Americans.
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In encounters with Black leaders, Trump has chosen photo ops over substance.

The president claims he is a champion of Black Americans. But those who have tried to work with him tell a different story. - Published

Ice Cube Focused on Black Agenda in Election, Says Biden and Trump Reached Out

Ice Cube has a list of demands to help Black Americans that he feels needs to addressed in order to get his vote ... and says both sides of the aisle want to, at least, hear what he's got to say. We.. - Published

Amtrak service cuts interrupt North-South connection for Black Americans

Amtrak's temporary service cuts will affect numerous majority-Black communities along routes in southern states. - Published

Trailblazing journalist Dorothy Butler Gilliam on "The Takeout" — 12/27/19

Author and trailblazing journalist Dorothy Butler Gilliam talks about being the first African American woman journalist hired by the Washington Post, and her book "Trailblazer," on this week's episode..
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Dallas Police Chief Resigns in Wake of Policing Protests

The chief, U. Reneé Hall, faced eroding support on the City Council stemming from the department’s handling of public protests over African-Americans and policing. - Published

Trains made the Great Migration possible. They remain a connection for Black Americans.

Some of the most prominent Black Americans are the descendants of sleeping-car porters, who led the way North on the rails for many families. - Published

What is behind the unequal threat of Covid

Covid-19 is already the third-leading cause of death for African Americans this year. Why?
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GWU Professor Who Lied About Being Black Had Family in the Dark

A university professor who posed as a Black woman for years had her own family completely in the dark about her double life ... and now, they're utterly ashamed. Jessica Krug -- who says she publicly.. - Published

A White professor says she has been pretending to be Black for her entire professional career

a white professor says she has been pretending to be black for her entire professional career
(CNN)A professor of African and Latin American studies who portrayed herself as Black has now revealed she has been lying. Jessica A. Krug, an associate professor at George Washington University, has..
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