Ancient Roman city near modern Naples, Italy

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Pompeii: Ancient Roman city near modern Naples, Italy
Pompeii was an ancient city located in what is now the comune of Pompei near Naples in the Campania region of Italy. Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and many villas in the surrounding area, was buried under 4 to 6 m of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.


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Bodies of man and his slave unearthed from ashes at Pompeii

bodies of man and his slave unearthed from ashes at pompeii
Skeletal remains of what are believed to have been a rich man and his male slave attempting to escape death from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius nearly 2000 years ago have been discovered in Pompeii,..
New Zealand Herald - Published Also reported by •WorldNews

Pompeii excavation unearths well-preserved bodies of two men

Archaeologists have discovered the bodies of two men who died during so-called second pyroclastic flow, after the initial eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
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Tourist returns stolen artifacts to Pompeii after experiencing bad luck

A Canadian woman returned artifacts she stole from Pompeii back to its original home 15 years later after the tourist said she experienced bad luck. - Published

The day Vesuvius blew its top

What happened the day a massive volcanic eruption buried a city and its scrolls? And why was Herculaneum impacted differently than Pompeii?
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Archaeologists Uncover Sorcerer's Treasure Trove In Pompeii

archaeologists uncover sorcerer's treasure trove in pompeii
The Archaeological Park of Pompeii announced researchers found a "sorcerer's treasure trove" of artifacts including mirrors, glass beads, and what appeared to be good luck charms on Monday, according..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •BBC News

Dan Smith reflects on the "happy accident" of Bastille's success

The singer and songwriter behind the 2014 hit "Pompeii" opens up about his introverted younger years and new album "Doom Days"
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