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Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine founded in 1933. Newsweek was a widely distributed newsweekly through the 20th century, with many notable editors-in-chief throughout the years. Newsweek was acquired by The Washington Post Company in 1961, under whose ownership it remained until 2010. Between 2008 and 2012, Newsweek experienced financial difficulties, leading to the cessation of print publication and a transition to all-digital format at the end of 2012. The print edition then relaunched in March 2014 under different ownership.


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Twitter’s photo algorithm has been cropping out Black people

twitter’s photo algorithm has been cropping out black people
Twitter's chief design officer acknowledged over the weekend that the algorithm the company uses to automatically crop photos can unintentionally prioritize white faces over Black ones. Newsweek..
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Julia Reed, Chronicler of Politics, Food and the South, Dies at 59

In Ms. Reed’s writing for Newsweek, Vogue and other publications, her canvas included the follies of the powerful and the pleasures of Southern food. - Published

Jury deliberations begin in Weinstein trial, defense ordered not to speak to press

jury deliberations begin in weinstein trial, defense ordered not to speak to press
After hearing from 35 witnesses over more than two weeks of testimony, the New York City jury in Harvey Weinstein's rape and sexual assault case have begun deliberating. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge..
WorldNews - Published

How Strong Is Iran's Military? These Are the Islamic Republic's Missiles and Other Weapons

how strong is iran's military? these are the islamic republic's missiles and other weapons
Iranian officials have sworn revenge against the United States' assassination of one of its top generals after a dramatic escalation in tensions that many fear sets the stage for war. Although the..
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Latest U.S. Combat Deaths In Afghanistan Make 2019 Death Toll Highest In 5 Years

latest u.s. combat deaths in afghanistan make 2019 death toll highest in 5 years
The Wednesday deaths of two U.S. service members in Afghanistan raise this year's number of Americans killed in combat there to the highest annual total since 2014, Newsweek reports. A U.S. official..
WorldNews - Published

German City Offers $1.1 Million Reward For Proof It Doesn't Exist

german city offers $1.1 million reward for proof it doesn't exist
A city in Germany is offering $1.1 million to the first person who can provide "incontrovertible evidence" that it is not a real place, Newsweek reports. Officials in Bielefeld, about 100 miles from..
WorldNews - Published

Forensics Student Reconstructs Face Of 2,000-Year Old Scottish Druid Woman

forensics student reconstructs face of 2,000-year old scottish druid woman
The face of one of Scotland's oldest druids has been revealed, Newsweek reports. The woman, who has been nicknamed Hilda, was about 60 when she died 2,000 years ago — almost double the average life..
WorldNews - Published

Wilbur Ross Says Hong Kong Protests Are 'Internal Matter' For China

wilbur ross says hong kong protests are 'internal matter' for china
President Donald Trump's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the United States should not become involved in the ongoing protests in Hong Kong since the dispute is between the Hong Kong citizens and..
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Majority Of Americans Believe Trump Administration Is Wrong On Immigration Issues

majority of americans believe trump administration is wrong on immigration issues
A new survey published by the Pew Research Center this week indicates a large majority of Americans want immigrants living in the United States to have a way to remain in the country legally, according..
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U.S. Draws Back Afghanistan Operations Against Taliban As Peace Talks Conclude

u.s. draws back afghanistan operations against taliban as peace talks conclude
On the same day peace talks concluded between United States and Taliban officials in Doha, Qatar, U.S.-led operations against the militant group in Afghanistan have significantly reduced or halted as..
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FBI Documents Term 'Black Identity Extremists' Bigger Threat Than Al Qaeda, White Supremacists

fbi documents term 'black identity extremists' bigger threat than al qaeda, white supremacists
Leaked FBI documents indicate "black identity extremists" and animal rights activists are among the agency's top counterterrorism priorities under President Donald Trump, Newsweek reports. The FBI's..
WorldNews - Published

Trump Says He 'Sold Thousands' Of Tickets To MAGA Rally, Even Though They're Free

trump says he 'sold thousands' of tickets to maga rally, even though they're free
President Donald Trump was met with cheers during his rally in Ohio on Thursday night when he assured the crowd that he keeps his ticket prices low. The only problem is that tickets to his events are..
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North Korea Reported Building What May Be Its Biggest Submarine Ever

north korea reported building what may be its biggest submarine ever
As North Korea tests new weapons on land, it's also building what may be its largest homemade submarine yet, potentially capable of carrying multiple missiles, Newsweek reports. North Korea's official..
WorldNews - Published

Mother Teresa's Former Assistant Killed In Brawl Outside Pub In Wales

mother teresa's former assistant killed in brawl outside pub in wales
Mother Teresa's former assistant died Saturday after being beaten in front of a pub in Swansea, Wales, Newsweek reported. Mark Bloomfield, 54, died in the hospital after an assault on July 18, at the..
WorldNews - Published

Area 51 Facebook Event Spurs Another Calling On Thousands To Visit The Bermuda Triangle Since 'It Can't Swallow Us All'

area 51 facebook event spurs another calling on thousands to visit the  bermuda triangle since 'it can't swallow us all'
After a popular Facebook event drew millions of people planning to "Storm Area 51," someone else created an event on the social media site for thousands of people to travel to the mysterious Bermuda..
WorldNews - Published

Russia Calls U.S. Accusations Of Nuke Treaty Breaches 'Cover-Up'

russia calls u.s. accusations of nuke treaty breaches 'cover-up'
In an era in which keystone foreign policy doctrines and alliances have been put to the test, the future of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CNTB) appears precarious, Newsweek reports...
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