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Saad Hariri: Lebanese politician
Saad El-Din Rafik Al-Hariri is a Lebanese politician who was the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 18 December 2016 to 21 January 2020. He was also the Prime Minister from 9 November 2009 to 13 June 2011. He is the second son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005. Hariri has also been the leader of the Future Movement party since 2005. He is seen as "the strongest figurehead" of the March 14 Alliance. After three years living overseas, he returned to Lebanon on 8 August 2014 and was designated Prime Minister on 3 November 2016. Hariri's surprise announcement of an intent to resign, broadcast on 4 November 2017 on Saudi state TV, has widely been seen as part of the Iran–Saudi Arabia proxy conflict in Lebanon, and triggered a dispute between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. The resignation was later suspended, following President Michel Aoun's request to "put it on hold ahead of further consultations". On October 29, 2019, amid the 2019 Lebanese protests, Hariri announced his resignation, and that of his cabinet.


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Lebanon ex-premier Hariri blames political rivals for crisis

Lebanon's ex-Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, in his first major address as an opposition figure after the formation of a new cabinet, charged his rivals with pushing the country to near-collapse and..
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Lebanese PM won't obstruct budget drafted by previous cabinet

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said on Monday his government would not obstruct the 2020 budget that was prepared by the government of Saad al-Hariri, who quit in October.
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Protesters in Lebanon mark 100-days of revolution with Beirut marches

protesters in lebanon mark 100-days of revolution with beirut marches
Thousands of Lebanese converged on Parliament to mark 100 days since the start of nation-wide anti-government protests that toppled Saad Hariri’s government but many vowed to continue after a cabinet..
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Lebanon forms new government

lebanon forms new government
Lebanon formed a new government on Tuesday under Prime Minister Hassan Diab after the Shi’ite group Hezbollah and its allies agreed on a cabinet that must urgently address an economic crisis. The..
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Lebanon urgently needs new government to avoid collapse: Hariri

Lebanon needs to quickly form a new government to stop a cycle of collapse and worsening economic and security conditions, caretaker prime minister Saad al-Hariri tweeted on Monday.
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Lebanon caretaker PM Hariri: new government needed urgently to avoid collapse

Lebanon needs to urgently form a new government to get out of a cycle of collapse that has repercussions for the country's economic and security situation, caretaker prime minister Saad al-Hariri..
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'Stop wasting time' in govt talks, economic solutions, says Lebanon's Hariri

Lebanon's Saad al-Hariri on Sunday urged politicians to urgently form a new government and find solutions for the country's economic crisis, after a night of violent clashes between security forces..
France 24 - Published

Lebanon's Hariri: 'stop wasting time' in government talks, economic solutions

Lebanon's Saad al-Hariri on Sunday urged politicians to urgently form a new government and find solutions for the country's economic crisis, after a night of violent clashes between security forces and..
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Lebanon must cooperate with IMF but needs a new government - Hariri

Lebanon must cooperate with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank over its economy, which is in deep crisis, but that should be overseen by a new government and not the current caretaker..
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New clashes erupt after Lebanon names new prime minister

Clashes erupted overnight after Lebanon's premier-designate, Hassan Diab, vowed Friday to form a government of experts to help resolve the country's worst economic crisis in decades. Protests began in..
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Lebanon’s last Hezbollah-backed Prime Minister was sworn in in 2011: what happened then?

lebanon’s last hezbollah-backed prime minister was sworn in in 2011: what happened then?
With the backing of Hezbollah and its allies, Lebanese academic Hassan Diab was named on Thursday as the next prime minister of Lebanon. His nomination came a day after caretaker prime minister Saad..
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Lebanon President Aoun names Hassan Diab as next prime minister

lebanon president aoun names hassan diab as next prime minister
Lebanon President Michel Aoun designated Hassan Diab, an academic and former education minister with close ties to Hezbollah, as the country's next prime minister. Mr Diab was named after formal..
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Lebanon's Hariri's party won't take part in next government

Saad al-Hariri's Future Movement will not be participating in the next government, a source close to Hariri and Lebanese media said on Thursday, as a candidate backed by Shi'ite Hezbollah and its..
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Lebanon's Hariri arrives at presidency as PM consultations begin

Outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri arrived at the presidential palace on Thursday as formal consultations began to designate a new premier, live television footage showed.
Reuters - Published

Hariri-led party will not nominate a candidate for Lebanon PM: al-Jadeed TV

Saad al-Hariri's Future Movement will not nominate any candidate for the post of prime minister in formal consultations at the presidency on Thursday, Lebanese television station al-Jadeed reported.
Reuters - Published

Lebanon's Hariri says he will not be PM again

Lebanon's Saad al-Hariri on Wednesday withdrew as a candidate to become prime minister of a new government, leaving no obvious alternative to head a cabinet that must tackle the worst economic crisis..
Reuters - Published Also reported by •France 24

Lebanon’s Hariri says no longer candidate for PM

Lebanon's Saad Hariri said Wednesday he would not seek to stay on as prime minister, ahead of much-delayed consultations to give the protest-wracked country a new government.
France 24 - Published Also reported by •WorldNewsReuters

Lebanon's Berri, Hariri call for calm after night of violence

Lebanon's parliament speaker and caretaker prime minister warned against strife on Tuesday after clashes between supporters of Shi'ite groups and security forces overnight stirred fears of further..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon's Hariri may be named PM but faces struggle to form government

Saad al-Hariri is expected to be named Lebanon's prime minister on Monday, but political rifts look set to hinder agreement on a new government badly needed to rescue the country from a dire economic..
Reuters - Published

Lebanese Christian party says it won't join government on Hariri's terms

Lebanon's largest Christian political party will not join a new government under the terms set by caretaker premier Saad al-Hariri, but will not obstruct the formation of a new cabinet, its leader said..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon's Hariri reemerges as PM candidate as Khatib withdraws

Lebanon's leading Sunni Muslim politician, Saad al-Hariri, re-emerged as a candidate for prime minister on Sunday when businessman Samir Khatib withdrew his candidacy to lead a government that must..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon's Khatib says Sunnis want Hariri to be PM again

Lebanese Sunnis want Saad al-Hariri to be prime minister of the next government, businessman Samir Khatib said on Sunday after meeting Lebanon's top Sunni cleric, spelling the end of his own candidacy..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon appeals to more states for help with imports

Lebanon appealed to more friendly states on Saturday to help it import essential goods as it wrestles with an acute economic crisis and hard currency shortages, the office of caretaker Prime Minister..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon requests aid from allies to secure imports: statement

Lebanon's caretaker prime minister Saad al-Hariri has requested aid from friendly countries to help it secure imports of food and raw materials amid an acute dollar shortage, a statement from Hariri's..
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Hariri's Future party to nominate Khatib as new Lebanese PM: source

Lawmakers with the Future Movement led by Sunni politician Saad al-Hariri will nominate Sunni businessman Samir Khatib to be Lebanon's new prime minister in formal consultations on Monday, a source..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon's protesters unimpressed by proposals for next prime minister

lebanon's protesters unimpressed by proposals for next prime minister
Riot police fired tear gas at demonstrators on one of Beirut's main roads on Tuesday evening as they protested the possible nomination of a wealthy businessman with close ties to the existing political..
WorldNews - Published

Lebanon's Hariri backs businessman Khatib for prime minister

Lebanon's Saad al-Hariri on Tuesday backed businessman Samir al-Khatib to head the next government, though he said some details still had to be discussed.
Reuters - Published Also reported by •France 24

Saad Hariri rules himself out as next Lebanese prime minister

saad hariri rules himself out as next lebanese prime minister
Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday again ruled himself out as Lebanon’s next head of government as the month-long protest movement faced threats of violence. Mr Hariri resigned on..
WorldNews - Published

Lebanon protests: Caretaker PM Saad Hariri withdraws candidacy

The caretaker PM hopes his decision will prompt parliamentary blocs to quickly agree a replacement.
BBC News - Published

Lebanon's Hariri says he does not want to be PM, says decision 'decisive'

Lebanon's Saad al-Hariri said on Tuesday he did not want to be prime minister of a new government, calling his decision "decisive" and saying he was confident President Michel Aoun would convene..
Reuters - Published

Lebanese clashes threaten to reopen sectarian divisions

Clashes between supporters of Lebanon's caretaker prime minister, Saad Hariri, and Shiite groups Hezbollah and Amal erupted into gunfire in Beirut late on Monday, state news agency NNA reported.
France 24 - Published

Clashes, gunfire in Lebanon in second night of violence: state news agency

Clashes between supporters of Lebanon's caretaker prime minister, Saad al-Hariri, and Shi'ite groups Hezbollah and Amal erupted into gunfire in Beirut late on Monday, state news agency NNA reported.
Reuters - Published

Lebanon protesters and Hezbollah, Amal supporters clash in Beirut

lebanon protesters and hezbollah, amal supporters clash in beirut
Hezbollah and Amal were represented in the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri who quit last month. ......
WorldNews - Published

Lebanon's Safadi withdraws candidacy to be PM, urges Hariri for the post

lebanon's safadi withdraws candidacy to be pm, urges hariri for the post
Former Lebanese finance minister Mohammad Safadi withdrew his candidacy to be the next prime minister on Saturday, saying that he saw that it would have been difficult to form a "harmonious" cabinet..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Lebanon's Hariri, other parties agree to nominate Mohammad Safadi as new PM

Several major Lebanese parties have agreed on nominating Mohammad Safadi, a former finance minister, as the prime minister of a new government, the Lebanese broadcasters LBCI and MTV reported on..
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Lebanese officials warn of 'dangerous' crisis as anger mounts

lebanese officials warn of 'dangerous' crisis as anger mounts
BEIRUT - Lebanon's Defence Minister said on Thursday the country was in a "very dangerous situation" and compared street unrest of recent days to the start of 1975-90 civil war. One month after the..
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Aoun says Lebanese government must include politicians, urges protesters to go home

President Michel Aoun said on Tuesday a government made up purely of technocrats would not be able to run Lebanon and so a it must include politicians, adding he had found Saad al-Hariri hesitant about..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon's Aoun says found Hariri hesitant about being PM

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Tuesday he had found outgoing Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri hesitant about taking the job again and he backed a cabinet mixing technocrats and politicians.
Reuters - Published

Lebanese banks face threats, Hariri said to want neutral government

Lebanese bank staff are facing abuse from customers angered by restrictions on access to their cash, the employees' union said on Friday, reflecting intensifying pressures in an economy gripped by its..
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Lebanon's Berri says insists on Hariri as PM of next government- NBN television

Lebanon's Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said he insisted on nominating Saad al-Hariri as prime minister of the country's next government, NBN television reported on Thursday.
Reuters - Published

No sign of new cabinet as Lebanese leaders meet, bank curbs continue

Lebanon's outgoing Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri met President Michel Aoun on Thursday without announcing progress toward forming a new government, as banking sources said most financial transfers out..
Reuters - Published

Lebanon President Aoun, Hariri meet to discuss way out of crisis

Lebanese President Michel Aoun and caretaker Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri held talks on Thursday on responding to three weeks of nationwide anti-government protests that have thrown the country into..
Reuters - Published

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