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*AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / *Facebook's reign as the world's go-to advertising platform came under scrutiny in early 2021. As the company faced new regulations and Apple's release of iOS14, it lost ground. And so did many of the organizations that advertised on the platform.

Though Facebook still retains a sense of popularity among many marketers, it's waning as the gold standard. This isn't unusual in the world of business and advertising. Consider that once upon a time, print newspapers were a major must-have in every marketing toolbox. That's hardly the case anymore, thanks to the digital age.

Of course, this brings up a big question: What platform has the muscle and clout to usurp Facebook? Google is a common competitor. But Google can be expensive to master and monitor. Plus, top keywords are tough to win in the battleground of Google's auctions. However, one advertising avenue still offers businesses of all sizes a level playing field: YouTube.

*The Still, Calm, Uncharted Waters of YouTube*

What's so inviting about YouTube as an advertising haven? Quite honestly, it's still an untapped landscape. Yes, it's popular among forward-thinking advertisers and agencies, many companies haven't harnessed it. In other words, it's what AdOutreach, a company dedicated to helping businesses with their YouTube ads, would call a "blue ocean."

AdOutreach has been a vocal supporter of YouTube as a secret online marketing portal since its inception in 2016. During many podcasts, interviews, and seminars, the CEO Aleric Heck constantly refers to YouTube as an ocean without sharks. Those "waters" still retain their authentic blue nature; as such, they're hardly the blood-red advertising waters of Facebook. And that's good for companies trying to expand their reach without overspending.

The problem, of course, is that many business owners and marketers aren't sure how to penetrate YouTube. (You might be one of them.) They have trouble seeing beyond the idea of setting up a business channel-and somehow populating it with content. That's where AdOutreach steps in. It regularly assists small, mid-sized, and larger companies sail the blue seas of YouTube alone or with it as navigational partner.

How is AdOutreach demystifying YouTube for clients and general consumers? It is following several key tactics.

*Share the secret sauce-or at least most of its ingredients.*

Each employee at AdOutreach is so passionate about what they do that the company as a whole is willing to give away tips and insights. This allows them to educate other business people on the ins and outs of YouTube. By giving away information, AdOutreach prepares others to scale their companies by leveraging YouTube's inherent opportunities.

*Help people understand the difference between Facebook and YouTube Ads.*

Plenty of marketers are well-versed in Facebook advertising. They understand that they're going to end up paying for each impression, regardless of whether readers care. As AdOutreach often explains, this drives up the cost of Facebook ads astronomically. By comparison, it points out that YouTube ads are charged on whether viewers opt-in or opt-out. If a viewer skips a 30-second ad at the 29-second mark, the advertiser pays nothing. That's supremely important to note for marketing teams on tight budgets.

*Consider the intent of visitors.*

Why do consumers head to YouTube? In addition to entertainment, many want to learn something. They want to figure out how to install a dishwasher. Build a swing set for their kids. Teach their cat to paint. They're engaged in a "learning mindset," according to AdOutreach, which makes them more open to well-considered advertisements. In comparison, Facebook users don't necessarily have any intent to buy. Consequently, they ignore ads, whereas YouTube users tend to watch them.

*Focus on being simple yet unique.*

A huge problem among marketers who generate YouTube ads is that they tend to go overboard. (That's not a good look, even in a blue ocean.) In essence, they try to get too fancy by hiring professional filmmakers or production companies. This isn't necessary. The average cell phone or tablet can capture an irresistible video that's perfect for YouTube advertising. More important than equipment is content. Building a strong branding message with a compelling hook and call-to-action doesn't require fancy or pricey filming.

*Exercise some patience.*

Like anything, getting good at YouTube ad creation takes time. It also requires self-discipline and data monitoring. AdOutreach recommends treading into the waters a little bit at a time before all-out surfing. Its philosophy is to wade first and get the feel of YouTube. Conduct a few A/B split tests and see what ad types connect with a target audience. Taking time to establish baseline ad styles, lengths, types, and placements will inform future campaigns.

No company can afford to completely skip digital advertising. It's too critical, and may be the only way to get noticed by some audiences. Nevertheless, it's essential to remember that no business needs to feel like it's locked into Facebook and without other alternatives. For less churn and more bang, most marketing teams need to head to YouTube for a second look. If AdOutreach is correct (and it has been so far according to its success) YouTube's a must-see destination for organizations in competitive industries.


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