'WeToo' Campaign Launches its First eBook on IWD 2022, Co-authored by 50 Global Corporate Women Leaders



50 Global Corporate Women Leaders coming from diverse backgrounds for the first time in corporate Indias history, have collaborated to co-author an eBook, bringing 1000 years of collective wisdom wrapped in empowering anecdotes to serve as a ready reckoner guiding light for the younger generation in shaping their careers ahead. Knowledge that is not available in b-schools or colleges. *WeToo* Campaign, community and now the eBook is the brainchild of the Founder Ms.**Poonam Vijay Thakkar, an award winning leading corporate leader. This eBook will be launched on International Women's Day 2022, via social media platforms. The eBook's first version is available in English and will be available to be downloaded by the campaign's official website, social media handles and subsequently will be released on *Kindle, Amazon*. The eBook will be made available in all regional languages in the time to come. The foreword of the eBook is given by *Mrs. Abha Singh,* a well know speaker on the issues related to women empowerment, an Advocate at the Bombay High Court, Human Rights Activist and a former Bureaucrat.
*The Corporate Women's Little Diary - Cover page*

Co-authors of the eBook are Poonam Vijay Thakkar, Somya Dwivedi-Burks, Shelly Tripathy, Indu Sharma, Anisa Kakroo, Sitara Suresh Naidu, Ankita Sharma, Manjeet Kaur, Gayatri Gandhi, Shravanti Sharma, Suruchi Khandelwal, Rakhi Sharma, Amita Karadkhedkar, Deepika Sandhu, Isha Malik, Megha Sen, Urmila Chauhan, Ruby Thapar, Rashmi Adukoorie, Vaishali Shah, Rachna Prasad, Meghna Peer, Neha Agrawal, Payal Nanjiani, Prachi Pratap, Priya Saini, Khushbu Behal, Bhavna Juneja, Surya Singh, Gauri Pandey, Ramma Cheema, Dr. Vrushali Rajeev Khedkar, Preeti Chopra, Aarti Kapoor, Dr. Saumya Badgayan, Rubeena Singh, Niyatii N Shah, Preeti Shroff, Priti Srivastava, Shivani Madan Bose, Janneke Parrish, Siji Varghese, Bharati Sharma, Pallavi Vyas, Vimpal Randhawa, Neha Mehta Kothari, Simrat Gahlot, Ritushree Panigrahi, Sienam Ahuja Lulla and Dr. Usha Roopnarain.

*The eBook - The Corporate Women's Little Diary - launch date March 8th 2022 (IWD)*

The *WeToo* Campaign was launched last year on International Women's Day with the tagline - Real Women - Real Stories. This was an opportunity for women to give them an unbiased independent platform to stand up speak to inspire and uplift other working women who are a part of the professional corporate world. We had strong women leaders who came forward and shared their stories in a Panel Discussion which had multiple episodes featuring over 50 women on hard-hitting topics related to the growth of workforce in India, challenges and struggles of women leaders.

Owing to the success of Season one of the *WeToo* Campaign, which was filled thought-provoking panel discussions that helped strengthen and build confidence in women giving them the power to overcome any adverse situation. To treasure and preserve these impactful stories and knowledge that was shared, the *WeToo* community with great excitement is thrilled to announce the launch of the *WeToo* Podcast along with their first E-book on the International Women's Day 2022. As a team, they hope to convert this E-book into a hard cover in the future and release it in multiple regional languages so that the wisdom can reaches the masses at large.

Co-authored by 50 global corporate women leaders, the aim of the E-book is to kickstart and boost the career of every young girl in India. Be the guiding light. To keep the main goal of spreading awareness untouched and to avoid any kind of bias, the community refrained from seeking out any financial sponsors. To make this endeavor a success, we need your help, support, time and encouragement.

Speaking about the eBook* Mrs. Abha Singh *said,**"I pay tribute to all the women of grit and gumption who face tough situations in life with their heads held high. When I flipped through the book, I could feel the positivity as every chapter ended on an empowering note. As someone who has worked for women's empowerment, fighting for justice without fear across, I am thrilled to write this foreword and be a part of this massive collaborative effort, which has taken the form of this book. It has emerged as a forerunner to the previously taboo topic of women's issues. I am confident that this eBook will benefit the younger generation of women because such topics are not taught in our schools or colleges, it will inspire future generations to believe in their own dreams and to move forward in life and careers without guilt."

*Poonam Vijay Thakkar, Founder & Author *said, "Ive been working in corporate India for over 21 years and have witnessed many ups and downs." I realised that when youre down, you need mentors more than when youre flying high. While success stories can motivate and inspire, it is when you read about failures and adversity that you learn. This book will point you in the right direction. Each chapter contains a variety of viewpoints on issues that are important to women and will culminate in a meaningful conclusion. The solution is based on the storys gist. We hope that this eBook will serve as a guide for the next generation of young female executives as they prepare for careers in the corporate world.

*For further information, *please visit our website www.WeToo.life.

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