'I'm not going to argue with you': Kanye hints his presidential bid is designed to hurt Biden

'I'm not going to argue with you': Kanye hints his presidential bid is designed to hurt Biden

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Rapper Kanye West is in the spotlight once again, after an interview seemed to indicate that he’s running for president only to decrease the vote tally of Joe Biden in key states.

In an interview done via text messages with Forbes , West said he’s not running but is instead “walking … to win” the presidency, hinting at a strategy to erode the numbers of the Democratic Party candidate and former vice president. When asked if he realized his can’t-win candidacy would in effect serve as a “spoiler” which could get President Donald Trump over the line, West said: “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”

West’s struggles with mental health have been well documented in recent weeks, with his wife Kim Kardashian previously asking for “compassion” over his ongoing bipolar condition.

The rapper has announced he will run as an independent candidate on Nov. 3, with a pro-Black religious platform. His chances of winning are nil, as he would not be able to win 270 electoral votes, given that he is not on the ballot in enough states, Forbes pointed out. West is, though, involved in a hurried effort to get himself on ballots in a number of key states — and critics say Republicans are doing the legwork in the background.

Although the rapper hasn’t categorically accepted any support from the GOP in his presidential campaign, he has long been an ally of Trump and has visited the president in the Oval Office. Trump has denied any involvement in West’s campaign, Forbes reported.

“I like Kanye very much. I have nothing to do with him being on the ballot. I am not involved,” he said Wednesday.

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But according to a report by CNN, Democrats in several states allege that West is being backed by Republicans in battlegrounds such as Wisconsin. As he rallies voters to his side, West is being manipulated by the GOP, Democrats say. State Rep. David Bowen said Trump’s team is “showing their cards” and called the rapper’s campaign “fake.”
“This is clearly targeted effort by Republican operatives to cause confusion and problems for typically Democratic voters on Election Day. It’s sad to see a popular music artist like Kanye [to] be used as a pawn to trick his own people and fans to vote for a fake campaign,” Bowen told CNN.
The billionaire West, who says he has never cast a vote, dodged questions about any support from the Republicans, and on whether he feels used by Trump. He did, however, speak of continuing links to the White House. He told Forbes he’s “designing a school within the next month” and is having meetings with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos “about the post-Covid curriculum.” DeVos did not offer comment to Forbes.
Forbes reporter Randall Lane, who conducted the recent interview with West, reported that the rapper had often signed off on texts between them earlier this summer with a raised fist and the slogan “Trump 2020.”

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