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WH defends Trump's white supremacy response [Video]

WH defends Trump's white supremacy response

[NFA] Days after the first presidential debate, and the White House is still on the defensive about the president’s comments, or the lack thereof, over white supremacy. This report produced by Jonah..

Credit: Reuters - Politics     Duration: 02:46Published
EPA Head Defends Trump Administration's Stance on Science [Video]

EPA Head Defends Trump Administration's Stance on Science

Andrew Wheeler, the administrator of the EPA, joined Cheddar to defend the Trump administration's stance on environmental regulations and whether or not science is taken into account when making..

Credit: Cheddar Inc.     Duration: 01:23Published

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Ice Cube Defends Trump Association During Interview With CNN's Chris Cuomo Then Calls Out Don Lemon

Senior campaign advisor Katrina Pierson thanked the N.W.A legend for "helping" the Trump campaign earlier this week.
HipHopDX - Published

White House defends Trump, says he is 'projecting an image of strength' amid battle with coronavirus

The White House is defending President Trump as he fights coronavirus, saying that he is “projecting an image of strength” and wants Americans to get back to “normal life safely.” - Published

Alec Baldwin defends Trump satire on 'SNL' while president hospitalized

Alec Baldwin defended his impersonation of Donald Trump on television's "Saturday Night Live" sketch show while the U.S. President was hospitalized with COVID-19, saying he wouldn't have done…
Japan Today - Published

Meadows Defends Trump’s Drive-By Greeting Of Supporters Outside Walter Reed

'We came here in Marine One...'
Daily Caller - Published

Azar defends Trump's decision not to wear a mask

Azar said the president is in a "different situation" due to "protocols around the first family."
CBS News - Published

Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump Telling Proud Boys to ‘Stand Back and Stand By’: Stand Back is a ‘Synonym’ For Stand Down

Kayleigh McEnany defended President Donald Trump's call to neo-fascist group Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by," explaining that "stand back is a synonym for stand down."
Mediaite - Published

Tim Scott defends Trump’s ‘stand by’ comments: ‘He misspoke’

tim scott defends trump’s ‘stand by’ comments: ‘he misspoke’
‘If he doesn’t correct it,’ he added about Trump’s edict to the white-supremacist Proud Boys, ‘I guess he didn’t misspeak.’ Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina defended..
WorldNews - Published

Ex-FBI Director Defends Trump-Russia Probe Amid Harsh Republican Criticism

ex-fbi director defends trump-russia probe amid harsh republican criticism
(RFE/RL) -- Former FBI Director James Comey *defended his leadership* of the bureau amid persistent criticism from Republican senators who attacked the bureau's Russia investigation into U.S...
Eurasia Review - Published

‘Disappointing’: Mueller Defends Trump Probe Against Criticism From One Of His Own Prosecutors

Andrew Weissmann accused Mueller team of going easy on Trump
Daily Caller - Published

Fox Contributor Defends Trump Over Tax Report Featuring $70K in Haircuts: He’s Doing Things ‘Probably All of Us Do’

The Federalist senior editor and Fox News regular *Mollie Hemingway* shrugged off the news of President *Donald Trump's* legally-questionable tax avoidance.
Mediaite - Published

Meadows defends Trump comments on mail-in voting: 'He is stating the facts'

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows defended President Trump's criticism of mail-in voting on Sunday, asserting that there is truth behind the president's concerns. - Published

Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel Defends Trump Drug Test Call by Speculating That Biden May Be Taking Adderall

On Fox News Monday night, Dr. *Marc Siegel* — who prefaced his remarks by saying "I haven't examined the former vice president, I don't have a clinical diagnosis to make" — wildly speculated that..
Mediaite - Published

Navarro: Defends Trump Coronavirus Response In Bitter CNN Exchange

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Sunday bitterly accused CNN of being dishonest to the American people during a heated defense of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus..
Newsmax - Published

‘If You’re A Leader, You Take Things On You’: Rudy Giuliani Defends Trump’s COVID-19 Response By Recalling 9/11

'You don't just spit everything out to people.'
Daily Caller - Published

Ari Fleischer defends Trump coronavirus remarks to Bob Woodward: 'No president should panic anyone'

Journalist Bob Woodward's claim that President Trump went to great lengths to downplay the coronavirus pandemic is "perfectly supportable," former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer argued.. - Published

McEnany defends Trump after Woodward book claims he said coronavirus 'deadly,' despite publicly downplaying it

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany defended President Trump on Wednesday after a book by journalist Bob Woodward claimed Trump said he knew the coronavirus was “deadly” but went to great.. - Published

News Brief: DOJ Defends Trump, Vaccine Is A Hot Button Issue, Rochester Police

The Justice Department makes an unprecedented move to protect President Trump. A COVID-19 vaccine is a key issue in the presidential race. And, the police chief in Rochester, N.Y., has resigned.
NPR - Published

Gov. DeWine Defends Trump As 'Extremely Respectful' Of Military

Ohio's GOP Gov. Mike DeWine said Sunday he's never heard President Donald Trump disparage U.S. service members, and chastised anonymous sources for not coming forward with allegations to the..
Newsmax - Published | US first lady defends Trump over alleged 'losers' quip

Melania Trump on Friday defended her husband against allegations that he referred to US Marines buried in a WWI cemetery in France as "losers" and "suckers".
News24 - Published Also reported by •SBS

White House defends Trump on Atlantic article

Two top advisers to President Donald Trump vigorously defended the US commander in chief Friday after the publication of an article in The Atlantic alleging that he mocked American war dead. (Sept... - Published

John McCain Son-in-Law Ben Domenech Defends Trump Over Bombshell Atlantic Story

Ben Domenech is John McCain's son-in-law and chose to defend the White House after The Atlantic published a bombshell report detailing how President Trump insulted McCain and others who served in the..
Mediaite - Published

EPA Chief Pledges More Cleanups, Less Focus on Climate

He defends Trump administration's record on protecting the nation's air and water
VOA News - Published

White House defends Trump's vote twice comments

The White House is denying that President Donald Trump's comments urging voters to vote by mail and then try to vote again in person to test the mail-in ballot system in the Nov. 3 election are aimed.. - Published

White House defends Trump's response to New Zealand shootings

President Trump said "a small group of people" was responsible for the rise of white nationalist attacks around the world. The White House is defending the president from critics who said he didn't..
CBS News - Published

Ivanka Trump Defends Trump as the 'People's President'

Ivanka Trump defended the record of President Donald Trump as the "people's president" who fights for the middle-class worker during the last night of the Republican National Convention. "Four years..
Newsmax - Published

UFC Chief Dana White Defends Trump Covid Response in RNC Speech: ‘No One Person and No One Place Could’ve Anticipated the Challenges’

UFC president *Dana White* spoke at the 2016 RNC convention for then-candidate *Donald Trump*, and he appeared again on the final night of the 2020 Republican National Convention Thursday to throw his..
Mediaite - Published

Chief of staff defends Trump addressing RNC from White House

Mark Meadows also took a shot at Joe Biden, saying Mr. Trump is "willing to travel everywhere and not just convey things from a basement in Delaware."
CBS News - Published

'He reads more than anyone else I know': White House defends Trump after damaging audio recording of sister

'He has no principles. None,' president's sister says of him
Independent - Published

WH Chief of Staff Meadows Defends Trump From Sister’s Claim He Cheated on SATs: ‘He Reads Probably More Than Anybody I Know’

White House Chief of Staff *Mark Meadows* went off on *Donald Trump’s* relatives on Sunday when pressed on their negative comments and revelations about the president.
Mediaite - Published

WH defends Trump's attack on Goodyear

The White House is defending President Donald Trump's call for the boycott of Goodyear. (Aug. 19) - Published

Lindsey Graham Defends Trump's TikTok Ban Threat

China critic Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says it's reasonable for President Donald Trump to be considering a ban on the popular social media app TikTok from operating in the United States....
Newsmax - Published

Christie Defends Trump Sending Federal Agents to Cities: He’s Stepping Up While Mayors Are ‘Too Politically Timid’ to Stop Violence

*Chris Christie* defended the Trump administration on ABC's This Week over the president's decision to send federal agents into cities like Portland in response to violent crime.
Mediaite - Published

Fox’s Dr. Marc Siegel Defends Trump After ‘Attacks,’ Mockery Over ‘Person Woman Man Camera TV’ Comments on Cognitive Test

Siegel thought what the president talked about was important and lamented the mockery and "political division" that followed.
Mediaite - Published

‘A Very Important Moment for Justice in This Country’: Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump Commuting Roger Stone Sentence in Fiery Rant

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended President Donald Trump's decision to grant commutation to Roger Stone last Friday, calling the decision a "very important for justice in this..
Mediaite - Published

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