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Turkey orders arrests over 2014 Kurdish protests [Video]

Turkey orders arrests over 2014 Kurdish protests

Turkish authorities have ordered the arrest of 82 people including members of a pro-Kurdish opposition party. The warrants are in relation to violent protests from 2014 against the siege by Islamic..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:37Published

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expiring arms embargo and the rise of security dilemma in west asia – analysis
As the United Nations (UN) arms embargo on the Islamic Republic of Iran expired on October 18, 2020, various questions are emerging related to peace and security in West Asia. Some of these issues are..
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Turkey Bans Kurdish Rendition of Italian Play, Saying It Promotes PKK

The director of the Kurdish adaptation of 'Trumpets and Raspberries' rejects the Turkish government's claims in an interview with VOA
VOA News - Published

Turkey bans Kurdish-language play in Istanbul

Bans on Kurdish cultural events or activities are not rare in Turkey. The outlawing of the Kurdish-language play "Beru" has been condemned as the latest attack on Kurdish culture.
Deutsche Welle - Published Also reported by •euronews

Turkey Punching Above Its Weight On World Stage – OpEd

turkey punching above its weight on world stage – oped
Current Turkish foreign policy may be best illustrated by former US President Theodore Roosevelt's big stick diplomacy proverb, only in reverse. That is, walk loudly and carry a small stick. Under the..
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Erdogan’s Turkey In Danger Of Imperial Overstretch – OpEd

erdogan’s turkey in danger of imperial overstretch – oped
By Dr. John C. Hulsman* Since 2003, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has towered over his country like a colossus, dominating its political discourse in every respect. To survive and thrive in..
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After Bin Laden’s Niece, Trump Gets Endorsement From Taliban – OpEd

after bin laden’s niece, trump gets endorsement from taliban – oped
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Can Russia Restore Peace In The Caucasus? – OpEd

can russia restore peace in the caucasus? – oped
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What Should Armenia Do To Stop The War In Nagorno-Karabakh? – OpEd

Azerbaijan is ready to stop the war if Armenia withdraws its troops from Azerbaijani territory and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan apologizes in front of the Azerbaijani people for his..
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Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan cracks down on pro-Kurdish politicians

The Turkish government is hoping to split the opposition and put off voters by cracking down on pro-Kurdish politicians. But critics say the strategy won't work this time.
Deutsche Welle - Published

US Indicts Two British Members Of Islamic State ‘Beatles’

us indicts two british members of islamic state ‘beatles’
By Masood Farivar Two alleged members of Islamic State's once notorious hostage-taking cell dubbed "The Beatles" are in the United States to stand trial, U.S. officials said Wednesday.  The two..
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Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Epitome Of Erdogan’s Neo-Ottomanism – OpEd

nagorno-karabakh conflict: epitome of erdogan’s neo-ottomanism – oped
On Thursday, October 1, French President Emmanuel Macron accused Turkey of sending "Syrian jihadists" to fight in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. One would least expect..
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German-Kurdish singer Hozan Cane released from prison in Turkey

Singer Hozan Cane has been released from a Turkish prison after two years. She and her daughter have been accused of terrorism and are banned from leaving the country.
Deutsche Welle - Published

Turkey orders 82 arrests, including Kurdish opposition members

turkey orders 82 arrests, including kurdish opposition members
Former HDP leaders Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag have been in jail since 2016 on charges related to the Kobani protests.
Jerusalem Post - Published Also reported by •Haaretz

Kurdish politicians arrested in Turkey over 'links' to 2014 unrest

Turkey's biggest Kurdish party says the government has committed a 'brazen revenge operation' after 19 people are detained in simultaneous police raids on Friday
euronews - Published

Turkey issues 82 warrants over 2014 pro-Kurdish riots

At least 18 of the suspects have already been detained, Anadolu Agency reported. It was not immediately clear why the warrants were issued six years after the demonstrations.
Deutsche Welle - Published

After U.N. Finds War Crimes Evidence in Syria, Turkey Points Finger of Blame at Kurds

after u.n. finds war crimes evidence in syria, turkey points finger of blame at kurds
The U.N.’s detailed report identifies specific Turkish-backed units for alleged atrocities. Contradicting Turkey, it also faults Kurdish forces. - Published

Islamic State’s New Caliph Snitched For US Military In Iraq – OpEd

islamic state’s new caliph snitched for us military in iraq – oped
Newly released US government documents allege [1] the Islamic State's new leader Muhammad Sa'id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla identified dozens of fellow militants as well as the structure of al-Qaeda in..
Eurasia Review - Published

Trump Administration Announces ‘Third Party’ Sanctions On Iran – OpEd

trump administration announces ‘third party’ sanctions on iran – oped
The Trump administration declared Saturday [1] that all UN sanctions against Iran had been restored, and that its triggering of the "snapback" mechanism in the UN Security Council resolution that..
Eurasia Review - Published

Erdogan: Sultan Of A New Ottoman Empire? – OpEd

erdogan: sultan of a new ottoman empire? – oped
What Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought first and foremost in his political career is the sort of absolute power enjoyed by the sultans of the old Ottoman empire.  By outwitting his..
Eurasia Review - Published

Khashoggi Murder And The Killing Of Al-Baghdadi – OpEd

khashoggi murder and the killing of al-baghdadi – oped
In his newly released book "Rage," American journalist Bob Woodward has corroborated what was long known to be an open secret: the existence of a Faustian pact between Donald Trump and President..
Eurasia Review - Published

Attack kills Turkish Red Crescent official in northern Syria

ISTANBUL (AP) — An attack in northern Syria on a Turkish Red Crescent vehicle killed a member of the aid agency and wounded another, the group said Monday. Armed masked men wearing camouflage.. - Published

Timing of Barzani’s visit to Turkey is telling, experts say

timing of barzani’s visit to turkey is telling, experts say
ANKARA: Turkey has sent a clear signal of its intentions to challenge France’s ambitions in the region by holding meetings with the Iraqi Kurdish leader Nechirvan Barzani on Sept. 4. The timing of..
WorldNews - Published

Will Trump Pardon Snowden And Assange If Re-Elected? – OpEd

will trump pardon snowden and assange if re-elected? – oped
Speculations about a presidential pardon for the whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked National Security Agency's classified information to the press in 2013, have grown since last month after..
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How Russia outplayed the US with Turkey in Syria

how russia outplayed the us with turkey in syria
In the last days of August a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council arrived in Moscow for meetings. The group is linked to the Kurdish leadership of eastern Syria. Russian officials and the SDC..
WorldNews - Published

‘Neo-Ottomanism’ In Turkish Foreign Policy – Analysis

‘neo-ottomanism’ in turkish foreign policy – analysis
Erdogan’s boisterous efforts to revivify Islamist Turkey, viewed in conjunction with his equally headstrong approach to foreign policy has been dubbed ‘neo-Ottomanism’ due to its resemblance to..
Eurasia Review - Published

Water supply to this small Syrian town is more than just another local power struggle

For Turkey, tensions over Syrian Kurdish town are part of a major diplomatic campaign, almost a war between great powers
Haaretz - Published

Ukraine is waiting for Turkish troops to have the Crimea back

Turkey will send its military men to participate in Cooperative Best Effort 2020 military exercises in Ukraine.The presidents of the two countries discussed this issue, having touched upon the prospect..
PRAVDA - Published

In northeast Syria town, families say Turkey cut their water

in northeast syria town, families say turkey cut their water
Hasakeh, Syria (AFP) Aug 25, 2020 Outside her home in northeast Syria, Sheikha Majid said her life had become an endless quest for fresh water, three weeks into the latest supply cut by Turkish..
Terra Daily - Published

Russia needs to learn serious lessons from Turkey-France conflict

The relations between two NATO members - Turkey and France - have never been worse. What does their crisis mean for Russia? Paris and Ankara spar over the spheres of influence in Africa, Syria, Iraq,..
PRAVDA - Published

Strain of Islamic State Prisoners, Families Gnaws at Key Alliances

US-backed Kurdish officials fret Washington is ignoring evidence Turkey is helping IS supporters escape from displaced persons camps – allegations Turkey rejects
VOA News - Published

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