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WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM 12/15/2018

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM 12/15/2018WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM 12/15/2018

WCBI NEWS AT 10 PM 12/15/2018

The missing child in oxford has been found.

Thank you for joining us.

I'm rylie livingston.

The oxford police department posted to social media the o'mariana "mary" brewton is safe and sound.

Brewton was reported missing earlier today after going missing from around the dollar general on old sardis rd around noon.

The president announced today -- interior secretary ryan zinke will step down by the end of the year.

Zinke is resigning in the crosshairs of multiple investigations.

The white house revolving door keeps spinning -- and errol barnett is there.

Pkg the first thing president trump tweeted this morning was that his interior secretary is moving on.

Writing, "ryan zinke will be leaving the administration at the end of the year."

"i think he's done a very good job."

Last month, the president refused to fire zinke and even defended him... despite mounting investigations into zinke's alleged misuse of power.

The interior department's inspector general is investigating several "abuse of position" complaints against zinke, referring at least one case to the justice department.

Last year, president trump asked zinke about one of the allegations against him.

"he did ask secretary zinke just for clarification purposes."

Press secretary sarah sanders said the president wanted to know more about a $300 million dollar contract awarded to whitefish energy.

The montana- based company was given a lucrative power restoration deal in puerto rico following hurricane maria, despite having only two employees.

"it will be a congress of transparency" democrats were planning on investigating zinke's actions once they take the house majority in january.

The outgoing secretary released this statement today saying, "after 30 years of public service, i cannot justify spending thousands of dollars defending myself and my family against false allegations."

"i don't want that job.

I love the job, jobs that i have now."

Meanwhile, despite budget director mick mulvaney telling cbs news in february he was not interested in being president trump's chief of staff - he has been tapped for the role.

With the president announcing last night, outgoing chief of staff john kelly would be replaced by mulvaney on an interim basis.

In natchez mississippi, an eighteen-year- old was shot and killed early this morning.

According to adams county coroner james e.

Lee, makailuis l.

Johnson received multiple gunshot wounds by what is believed to be a high powered rifle.

The shooting occurred near 617 east stiers lane.

Cororner lee said quote "i've been a coroner twenty years," "but this year has surpassed all of my years as it relates to homicide."

The shooting is under investigation.

3 people were transported to och regional medical center following a morning car accident.

The wreck happed at artesia and sessums road in east oktibbeha county around 10 am.

Both the sheriff's department and the east oktibbeha fire department responded to the scene.

The accident is under further investigation.

If holiday shopping has taken you out of town, you may have noticed a big difference in gas prices.

If so, you're not alone.

It's a question viewers ask the wcbi newsroom a lot.

That's why our jason hibbs looked into it.

"it's about .35 cents a gallon cheaper."

And that's enough for vicki powell to drive from columbus to west point.

"we made the trip up to this walmart and got gas while we were here."

She enjoys the savings.... "i've got an empty tank so about five dollars, i would say."

But wonders why, recently at least, áit seemsá a gallon of gas costs less here than most other places in the golden triangle.

So i called gas buddy-dot-com, the people who track gas prices, and spoke with senior petroleum analyst patrick dehaan.

"it looks live everyone's kind of in different places, these three towns are all kind of in a different phase of pulling prices.

" and in west point, dehaan says the lower prices probably started with one store.

"that murphy usa, uh, like i sa, is very aggressive and so they've brought prices down and competition imediately around them has had to match the price."

"that's why prices in west point are all low, because that murphy is pushing prices down."

He says one station, that purchased fuel for a lower price, or just wants to be competitive can start a price war.

"we have seen price wars where stations will lose money, and it's just about ego.

One station doesn't want to get beat by the other stations lower price."

Something powell admits, she doesn't mind.

"i like competition, it's always good for the consumer."

The analyst says the stations that temporarily lose money can make it up with conveinence store sales and by waiting until they purchase fuel at a lower price, and then keeping the price consumers pay the same.

Toss to first look with meteorologist jacob dickey first look saturday night: mostly cloudy with lows in the lower 40s and/or upper 30s.

By morning, we'll trend partly cloudy but stay dry.

Northwest winds 5-10 mph.

A celebrity made an appearance in columbus today.

Jaylon shelton is a local 18 year old who's battling multiple disabilities including a rare muscle condition in his legs.

The make-a-wish foundation is giving jaylon the trip of a lifetime and a sendoff party fit for a celebrity.

Our cash matlock attended the event this afternoon and has more on the story.

All his life jaylon shelton has dreamed of becoming a christian rap artist.

Today, he's one step closer to making that dream a reality thanks to a few members of the community.

Jaylon shelton made his way down the red carpet sunday evening at vibrant church as friends and family members gathered to send him on his way to atlanta to meet with christian rap artist la'crae and tour his music studio.

"this is an opportunity for him and his family to celebrate his wish because obviously his whole family is not able to go on the wish."

Jaylon has been waiting for his wish to come true for two years now, but he's been battling his own health for 18 years.

"he has multi-disabilities and t affected the muscles in his legs, so he goes to jackson about three or four times a year."

However, jaylon's issues with health haven't prevented him from developing a love for music.

"jaylon is a very loving child.

People love him.

He loves music, he goes to bed with music.

He's a worshiper, he loves the lord."

Students from columbus high school attended jaylon's party to perform some of his favorite songs.

"he's going to be so excited and so happy, i'm so thrilled for him.

He's going to have the greatest time ever."

Wish granters say they hope tonight has a positive impact on jaylon's life.

"it's more than just a nice thing.

Wishes are... it gives them joy, it gives them hope, it gives them a new strength.

It gives them something that they can look forward to.

It's not just a wish."

And everyone at the event seems to agree that tonight will be one to remember.

"for everything to come together in the last month has been extremely satisfying."

"he's gonna look back one day, even though he's 18 today, and he's gonna 'hey, i did that, i been there, and i have my own cd now.'" jaylon will be leaving for atlanta on january 3rd.

Florida law makers push for guns in classrooms. more on that after the break.

Family, friends and others gathered in ohio saturday night to remember five children killed in a house fire.

Last weekend's fire also left two firemen hurt.

The children's mother survived by jumping out a window.

Authorities say they do not believe the fire was intentionally set, but the cause remains under investigation.

The family of the victims released a statement on thursday, thanking the public for their prayers and support.

There's been a controversial new push to put guns in classrooms. advocates say it could help keep students safe in the event of a school shooting.

The marjory stoneman douglas high school public safety commission was formed after the parkland shooting.

It has voted to recommend a state law be passed allowing teachers be armed.

Polo sandoval has more: -nats- the marjory stoneman douglas high school public safety commission is recommending teachers to be allowed to carry guns on school campuses.

The controversial proposal -- part of a 407-page preliminary report.

It addresses failures by broward county law enforcement during the massacre, as well as recommendations on how to counter future school violence.

Chairing the commission - pinellas county sheriff bob gualtieri, who supports the measure.

Bob gualtieri/pinellas county sheriff: "we have to give people a fighting chance.

We've got to give them a chance to protect themselves, in my view.

We don't have enough to put cops in every school or multiple cops in every school and we're not maximizing use of the guardian program, and one good guy with a gun on campus is not adequate."

The proposal has yet to go before the governor or state lawmakers.

If approved, teachers who want to carry would be required to go through training and background checks before arming themselves.

Voice of lauren book/fl state commissioner: "here's the issue, districts and schools need to act now.

They need to act now.

They need to act now."

Currently, only some teachers and and school staff are allowed to carry firearms. since the parkland shooting, at least 14 other states have introduced similar measures.

The changes have been met with some support in states where rural communities lack funding and resources to respond to a school shooter.

Max schachter is the only person on the advisory commission opposing the arming of florida teachers.

Max schachter/father of teen killed in parkland shooting: "i don't think teachers should be carrying guns.

I think they have enough on their plate.

I think their priority is teaching.

It just creates a lot of host of more problems."

With the recommendations still tentative, more debate is likely about how to face a school's worst nightmare.

Bob gualtieri/pinellas county sheriff: "what we've got right now ain't working.

So we need to do something differently."

Wx tease saturday night: mostly cloudy with lows in the lower 40s and/or upper 30s.

By morning, we'll trend partly cloudy but stay dry.

Northwest winds 5-10 mph.

Sunday: morning clouds should give way to more in the way of sunshine as the day progresses.

Look for highs in mid to upper 50s, with a few of us skirting into the low 60s.

Northwest winds 3-7 mph.

Monday-tuesday: lots of sun with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s .

Overnight lows in the 30s.

Wednesday- friday: a few showers are possible later wednesday as yet another weather system approaches.

Look for highs near 60, with lows wednesday night near 40.

Showers and an occasional rumble of thunder are expected thursday, with highs generally in the 50s, with lows at night in the mid to upper 30s.

Friday, showers begin to end, but we'll have to watch to see if cold air can wrap around the back side.

As for now, we'll keep it the chance for a few remnant showers with highs in the upper 40s and low 50s.

No severe weather is anticipated at this time.

Next weekend: drying out with a mix of sun and clouds.

Look for highs generally in the 50s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat saturday night: mostly cloudy with lows in the lower 40s and/or upper 30s.

By morning, we'll trend partly cloudy but stay dry.

Northwest winds 5-10 mph.

Sunday: morning clouds should give way to more in the way of sunshine as the day progresses.

Look for highs in mid to upper 50s, with a few of us skirting into the coming up next in sports calhoun city held their annual curtis loggins classic earlier today.

We'll have more after the break.

Calhoun city hosted their annual curtis loggins classic earlier today where 10 teams came to compete..and when i say compete... these teams showed no mercy.

Starting things off are the nettleton tigers taking on the vardaman rams..

Early on for nettleton..

Dedrick johnson pulls up three..

He drains the triple..

Tigers with the early lead..

Vardaman's turn..

Tyras armstrong finds conner edmondson inside..

He'll give it a good head and shoulder fake and will score for two..

Later on for the rams..

Britton bailey with the ball..

He drives to the hoop and he scores for two..

And that's msu standout chris jones in attendance today..

Looking on..

Back comes nettleton..

Off the fastbreak..

By johnson..

He misses the lay up..

But graham gardner is there for the rebound and putback..

Nettleton cruises over vardaman today 61-32..

Making the tigers 13-0 on the season..

Continuing on with more games from this tournament..

Defending 1a champs..

Okolona facing eupora..

Early on for okolona..

Jacorrius standfield finds jammel moore inside..

He scores for two..

Chieftians with the early lead..

Eupora's turn..

Kaleb rush finds dj patterson inside for the easy lay in..

Later on for okolona..

Off the fastbreak... moore finds dontavis doss..

He drives inside and gets the shot to will force eupora to take a quick timeout.

Back comes eupora..

Rush finds patterson..

He drives baseline and scores..

But okalona's not done..

In fact they will answer..

Doss finds jalen mcfarland inside..

He will score for two..

Okolona boys roll today over eupora to get a 63-36 win..

In just 16 days the bulldogs and hawkeyes will head to the warmth of tampa florida for bowl season.....but don't expect warm feelings from each team.

Both teams are in a bowl in large part because of their defense....msu and iowa ranking in the top 10 nationally in almost every category.

Luckily for joe moorhead, he spent the past two years gameplanning against the hawkeyes while at penn state, and he hopes that experience will help.

"they have a very sound scheme.

They play with incredible physicality, and i think coach parker and his staff do a great job of knowing how you're going to attack and making in game adjustments.

And then on third down, they get a little more creative at the goal line and in the red zone.

More than anything it's going to be a physical game.

One where you have to be great with fundamentals and be ready for adjustments."

"just first off seeing them on film, they're a hard nosed, physical team.

They're going to line up and come right at you.

Big, got the size, it's going to be a hard mouth, hit them in the mouth football game."

"they're people that are not going to beat themselves.

As a whole team, they're stout.

Obviously, they're a top ten defense in the country in most categories.

Hats off to them, they had a great season, they've been able to keep people low scoring.

But, it's our job to go out there and find the weaknesses they do have and try to exploit them."

As mississippi state continues to prepare for their bowl game they're also bringing back a familiar face to the bulldog staff.

More on that after the break.

After two and half years at jackson state, tony hughes is back in the maroon and white... mississippi state made the hiring official this past week, and hughes will serve as an assistant coach through the bowl season head coach joe moorhead says it's a big bonus having a coach that can do it all.

"coach is like a swiss army knife.

He's coached both sides of the ball in multiple positions.

Great teacher and mentor, awesome with his fundamentals and techniques and certainly his recruiting ability speaks for itself.

I'm confident in terms of where we put him in terms of position, he'll exceed are expectations.

"man, i was excited.

He recruited me, and i got to know him well during that time and during my time here how great of a guy he is.

Every time i talk to him he asks about my mom and my grandparents.

They asked about him too while he was at jackson state.

They were excited too, i got a phone call from my grandma as soon as she saw so she was excited about it."

"well, i've always heard that's thats a very challenging and difficult situation to be in.

So this is day two, so i'm interested to see how big of a challenge that's going to be for me.

At the same time, my personality is such that, i'm used to taking order.

You have to remember i was an assistant coach for thirty years, before i was a head coach, so i probably know more about being an assistant than being a head coach."

It might be bowl season but its also basketball season in starkville with an ncaa tournament atmosphere in the hump ....bulldogs taking on cincinatti msu starts off hot from three....lamar peters nice dish to nick weatherspoon.... first of the game from deep peters dropping dimes early....he'll find q weatherspoon for the wing triple.... and one more the shot fake...peters to aric holman....nothing but nylon.... close game early on....but the bearcats still hanging around.....jarron cumberland takes it baseline all the way to the hoop for two....bulldogs up by 2 but they would finish the first half strong..holman skip pass to lamar peters....hottest sharp shooter in the sec keeps it rolling from three.

Somebody better guard the man.

But the bearcats would answer.....cane broome alley oop to keith williams.... and of course e the bulldogs always had an this missed jumper...reggie perry with the offensive board...finishes through the contact....and one.....that'll give a team some energy.

And just before halftime....holma n in the post....kicks it out to nick weatherspoon for threeeeee..... bulldogs up 5 at halftime and they'll go on to win it 70-59..this will keep their sec best 6 game winning streak alive.

That's all for sports at 10 we'll be right back with a last look at your forcast.

One of the last christmas parades in north mississippi was held tonight.

A redneck christmas was the theme of big creek's 19th annual christmas parade.

The mayor says everyone was invited to come down and take part.

He says if you could ride it, drag it, pull it, or push could have participated in tonight's parade.

The parade attracted a little bit of everything from traditional floats to decorated trucks and four- wheelers.

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