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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, March 23, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, March 23, 2019WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, March 23, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, March 23, 2019

More questions more questions than answers now that the special counsel concluded his investigation.

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

I'm rylie livingston robert mueller's final report on the russia investigation is now in the hands of attorney general bill barr.

Barr -- now has some big decisions to make, and members of congress are seeking answers, quickly.

Karin caifa is in washington with the very latest, and what happens now.


Ted lieu / -d- california: "americans should be proud of this day."

After nearly two years -- special counsel robert mueller's comprehensive report on the russia probe is in the hands of attorney general bill barr.

And it's up to barr how much lawmakers -- and the public -- see of mueller's work.


Chuck schumer / -d- new york: "the president himself has called without qualification for the report to be made public.

There is no reason on god's green earth why attorney general barr should do any less."

The investigation yielded - 199 criminal counts - 37 people and entities charged - 7 people pleading guilty - 5 people sentenced to prison - and 1 person convicted at trial under justice department regulations mueller must detail his prosecutions and his declinations -- who was charged, who wasn't charged and why.

According to a senior justice official -- the special counsel is ánotá recommending any further indictments.

The attorney general wrote to top members of the house and senate judiciary committees -- he "may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this weekend."

Democrats want to see -- everything.


Richard blumenthal / -d- connecticut: "we need to see the mueller report and not the barr report.

The american people paid for the mueller report and they deserve to know all the findings and evidence."

Senate majority leader, republican mitch mcconnell welcomed the news, in a statement, calling for "as much openness and transparency as possible."

In a statement -- white house press secretary sarah sanders wrote "the next steps are up to attorney general barr, and we look forward to the process taking its course."

The president -- spending the weekend in florida -- has not yet responded to the conclusion of the investigation.

In washington -- i'm karin caifa reporting.

High school students in oklahoma are fighting for gun reform at the state capitol this weekend.

It's part of the second annual "march for our lives" movement which started after a gunman killed 17 people at a high in florida last year.

The students say they want stricter background checks, the minimum age to carry a rifle changed to 21 and more funding for mental health studies.

In the middle of my freshman year i remember hearing an announcement come on the intercom lockdown lockdown immediately.

There is a possible intruder coming towards the building.

This is not a drill.

Our teacher screamed at us to get into the corner in the darkness and to be silent.

I wish i could describe to you the fear that i felt.

Over 4-thousand people participated in the "march for our lives" event last year in oklahoma city.

Some staggering numbers - from a new study on gun violence affecting school-age children in the u- s.

The study says close to 39- thousand american kids were killed by guns between 19- 99 and 20-17.

The research - conducted by florida atlantic university - accounted for children between five and 18-years old.

A senior author of the study says more school-age children die from guns than on-duty police officers or military members.

The study found that of the deaths - 86- percent involved boys.

Black children accounted for 41-percent of those killed.

The study will be published in the american journal of medicine.

A robbery...turned into a knife- slash-machete fight.... at a gas station in alabama.

And by the looks of it - the clerk wasn't going down easy.

Lindsey connell reports.

Surveillance cameras show how a daring robbery played out at a north huntsville gas station and the clerk made for a surprising turn of events.

It happened early saturday at a conoco on pulaski pike.

According to police seth holcomb walked up to the counter to make a purchase.

He leaves the store then comes back in as if to make a second purchase.

That's when he pulled out a knife at the counter.

What he didn't expect was that the clerk would pull out a machete of his own.

Holcomb tries to run away at that point.

But the clerk remotely locks the door.

That's when a full on knife fight broke out tearing up the store.

Holcomb eventually escaped the store by throwing something through the window but the clerk chased him outside.

That's when the second suspect comes into play.

Lady nicholson was waiting outside the store near the suspect's car.

She allegedly also pulled out a knife.

When the clerk chased the first suspect out and also started fighting with the clerk holcomb ran back inside the store and took the cash drawer out of the register.

But the clerk didn't make the suspect's getaway easy.

Pounding on their car with his machete he told police that he wanted to leave enough marks on the vehicle so that they could easily recognize it a dangerous chain of events.

Cameras documenting the whole thing.

A clerk who did what he could to defend the business and himself.

The suspects were able to get away, but they were arrested by police a short time later near a burger king.

They're charged with robbery and other offenses.

The clerk was not injured.

Police video from bellevue, nebraska shows the magnitude of flooding in the area.

Nebraska and iowa suffered from severe floods when an area of low pressure underwent a process called explosive cyclogenisis.

That resulted in storms spawning heavy rain across much of the great plains and upper midwest.

That -- coupled with melting ice and snow that was already on the ground -- caused many bodies of water to breach their banks.

Bellevue is in suburban omaha... and some rural areas suffered even worse flooding.

Nebraska's governor calls i "the most widespread disaster we have had in our state's history."

Officials estimate farmers lost 400 million dollars worth of crops and 400 million worth of livestock.

Animal rescuers tried to help -- but water rose too quickly for many pigs and other animals to make it to higher ground.

The flooding continues today.

110 miles of interstate 29 are closed between kansas city and omaha as the water moves downstream.

Flooding has been a problem for much of the country in recent weeks, including right here in mississippi and alabama.

On thursday, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration released their spring flood outlook.

This spring, over two-thirds of the country is likely to continue to see moderate to major flooding.

To help explain this more, meteorologist jacob dickey is here with a first look at spring flooding.

Jacob, what does the outlook say for our region?

First look tonight: clouds fill in a bit and that should keep temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s.

Look for light southeast winds between 0-5 mph.

Sporting clay shoot and ducks unlimited is back again with another shoot competition.

Rules were teams consisting of four and ranged around four-hundred per team.

All members were required to attend and successfully complete the double h safety course.

Following the shoot, a sponsorship dinner will take place at the lion hills.

A dozen tupelo businesses gave folks the chance to dust off winter and head downtown for some great shopping.

Wcbi's chad groening has more.

Main street was merchants took part in the 2019 downtown tupelo spring open house.

There were a variety of stores offering specials, as the warm spring weather helped bring people to town.

One of the newest bussinesses participating in the open house was raw furniture company.

And name is fitting.

Owner michael gibson and his staff make custom hand made furniture.

And gibson loves having his store downtown.

"we feel like each city the heart of the city seems always to be downtown.

So for us to get the opportunity to come downtown has been super special for us.

It's a place we've always wanted to be.

We're kind of the new kids on the block.

We've only been here since september, but we've been brought in with open arms. all the other stores have been very welcoming.

And we've just really enjoyed it.

It just a special thing about dowtown."

And just a short distance from gibson's store was mississippi made.

It is what is known as a pop-up store.

Gabriel cooper is one of the owners.

"a pop up store is just where you open for one day.

You're usually local and you just come in and invite shoppers in for the day to come by and see your wares."

And cooper says an open house is really good for business.

"this event helps us.

It gets our name out there.

We are all originally from tupelo so we see a lot of old friends, new friends and people learn about our jewelry."

And a block away blairhaus took the term open house litterally as the front of the interior design studio was open to let the nice warm weather in.

Owner traci lewis says this open house is a great way to kick off the new season.

"and it's finally spring.

The weather down here today is beautiful.

It's not raining which is great.

And we're just excited for the new season and moving forward."

And one of the oldest businesses to participate in the spring open house was tupelo hardware, the iconic store where elvis purchased his first guitar.

"spring open house is a good opportunity for folks to come and shop local and get out on a nice warm sunny day which it is thankfully and to just get out and part of the community and support downtown merchants."

The participants in the 2019 tupelo spring open house want to stress the fact that there are advantages to shopping at local businesses owned by folks who live right here in the community.

"it's important because all the businesses in downtown tupelo are owned by real people that live in the community.

So all of the money that's spent here goes directly back into the community."

Booth says it doesn't matter where you live in northeast mississippi.

"getting downtown whether it's in tupelo, new albany or columbus or whereever you live and shopping locally is important for all of those reasons."

Chad groening, wcbi news, tupelo.

And one lucky shopper won a spring open house gift basket with donated merchandise from the downtown retailers.

The sun is shining and that means it's time to enjoy the outdoors.

More on that after the break.

Springtime is officially here and the sam d.

Hamilton noxubee national wildlife refuge hosted an open house along with some cool incentives.

Our stephanie poole went to the refuge to get in on the fun.

When you see the hiking trails, wildlife, and adventure you know you're at the refuge.

And this year the refuge is celebrating their first place wins from the recent inaturalist bioblitz challenge to kick off the new season and victory, visitors were welcomed to meet staff and hit the water with free canoeing and kayaking.

"it's really a chance for the public the come ask us questions as they re-discover the refuge in the spring and just to say hello really.

They just get the chance to come and talk to me and ask me questions why do you do that why don't you do that and understand what the refuge is."

Canoes, kayaks, life jackets and paddles were provided for all participants.

Visitor mary redman says having this experience gives her a relief from school work and allows her and mom to take on kayaking together.

" i went kayaking about a year ago and this will be my first time doing it again so i'm realy excited.

I look forward to seeing all the wildlife hopefully i don't bump into any alligators and don't tip over.

" with temperatures heating up, this event was focused on being on the water with friends and family.

Regan says regardless where you go here, you'll be at peace.

"you'll see it every place you go on the refuge, people just come here to unwind and kind of forget about the stresses that they deal with every day and see nature and see wildlife."

Reporting in noxubee county, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

The two categories they won were "most species" with 540 species identified and "most unique contributors" with 51.

People providing at least five research grade records.

Some area students are getting a jump start on their futures.

Earlier this week a group of freshman from starkville high school took a break from studying to see how a local business runs.

The freshman focus class visited dogpound printing to learn all the ends and outs.

They had the chance to see the t-shirt printing process as well as the business aspects.

Camelia robinson hopes the trip inspires students as they move forward.

Tonight: clouds fill in a bit and that should keep temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s.

Look for light southeast winds between 0-5 mph.

Sunday: look for more clouds than sun with the chance for a few showers at any point during the day.

The highest odds look to be along and north of us 278, but don't be surprised elsewhere if you get a quick downpour.

A few rumbles of thunder are possible, but no severe weather is expected.

Look for highs to climb into the low 70s with south winds 5-10 mph.

Sunday night: lows fall into the 50s with a mostly cloudy sky and south winds continuing.

A few showers are expected, although the bulk of the showers and storms loo to miss us to the north and the south.

Monday: look for a few scattered showers out a trip to portland for the sweet 16 is in msu's sight.

More on how they plan to get there next in sports.

Win or go home.

That's the situation at hand for mississippi state as they're in postseason play.

The bulldogs took care of business against southern friday night advancing them to the round of 32.

Now with a spot in the sweet 16 and a trip to portland oregon in front of them, the bulldogs know what's at stake.

And that's exactly why the team played with that energy and tenacity and plan to continue playing that same way against clemson.

"i think our energy was put up a little bit at a different notch cause we know it's the postseason.

We came out ready to play really hard and we did that."

"it's all or nothing at this tie of the year so you lose you go home and i'm not ready to be done playing."

"i've got 4 seniors and i'm sure they're looking at them going they're really good at this and they may not be so good at this.

That's what you do at film.

That's what you do in the scouting report.

I think for our kids it's gonna be real important to pay attention to detail.

We just went through some film.

We talked about tendencies.

I think if we take care of the tendencies the rest will take care of itself."

The bulldogs will take on clemson tomorrow night at 8pm.

You can catch that game on espn.

From being projected to finish last in the sec to having a 20 win season.

At the start of the season, the ole miss rebels weren't projected to make the ncaa tournament.

But ole miss gave head coach kermit davis a chance to "drive the boat" and he was able to change the ship for the rebels quickly with the talent that was already on the team.

Despite the rebs making an early exit in the tournament, the players feel this season was an overall success and are excited about what the future has in store.

"i want to see us bounce back and learn from mistakes.

Be able to comeback next season and prove people wrong that we are not a last place team and that we can really compete in the national stage."

"that's what we're trying to build for this program.

The more experience we get inside this tournament.

We're trying to win it, i'm trying to win ths tournament so that's what we doing for this program."

"i think every team that made it to the tournament had a successful season all in all.

A lot of good came out of this season.

Didn't end the way i wanted it to so it's back to the drawing board."

"i didn't expect for us to go to march madness with us getting a new coach and for me to change my role to play point guard.

It just showed that we have a lot in us that can be proven and shown.

The next step is for us to get back to march madness and win the first round and keep going."

The rebels finish the season with a 20-13 record.

Mississippi state and ole miss both played today.

Find out if they were able to get victories after the break.

Welcome back!

Sec baseball continues as mississippi state tries to bounce back from a one run loss yesterday to auburn the #4 ranked diamond dogs playing in game 2 of the weekend series.

Carson skipper pitching.

Bottom 1st no outs, 1 on.

Jordan westburg batting and he doubles to left center field.

That's gonna bring home leadoff batter jake mangum and the dogs take an early 1-0 lead.

Still in the 1st, 1 out, runners at first and second, justin foscue at bat, he knocks one through the left side.

That's gonna score tanner allen and elijah macnamee goes to 2nd base.

State takes a quick 2-0 lead.

Dustin skelton knocks one to left center field.

That will bring home macnamee.

Skelton will get a single and the diamond dawgs pouring it on early against auburn taking a 3-0 lead.

2 outs now.

Rowdy jordan at bat and he hits one to left that goes by the outfielder.

That scores foscue.

Skelton comes around 3rd and scores as well.

Then cause of another error rowdy jordan goes to 3rd base.

Everything clicking for the msu and they go on to put a shalaking on auburn.

The final in this one msu 15 auburn 2.

Now to columbia missouri.

As the rebels look to bounce back from a game 1 loss to the tigers.

Top of the 3rd, 2 on for ryan olynek, and the man does what he's been doing all season, doubles this one to left field.

That's gonna bring home tyler keenan.

Ole miss goes up 1-0 now top of the 4th, 1 on, and knox loposer hits one to the left side but it goes under the outfielder's glove.

Cooper johnson says "say less" and he puts on the jets and scores.

Loposer says "you're not the only one with jets" and makes his way to 3rd.

Rebels go up 2-0 next batter, tim elko hits one up the middle that gives the shortstop fits bringing home loposer.

Ole miss goes up 3-0.

Now in the 8th inning, 2 outs, cooper johnson hits one deep to left but josh holt says no sir!!

No more runs for you and robs cooper of a homerun!!

But the rebels go onto hold the tigers scoreless.

They get a much needed win against missouri the final in this one ole miss 3 missouri 0.

We're going tonight: clouds fill in a bit and that should keep temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s.

Look for light

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